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  1. not like that but i got the trophy on my ps5 version, but since the data is cloudbased there is no way of getting the trophy in the ps4 version as well now? i have tried to buy something else for those crystals in hopes this triggers the trophy check. but no luck.
  2. got mine at 79 (WW:13, TCP: 26, TCZ:22, MS:18)
  3. yes!. no online trophies. 👍
  4. The easy way is to do "Single Event"- > "Sprint" -> "Scotland" -> "The Kyle (Reverse)" (2nd one). It has no real corners and is only little over 30 seconds long.
  5. that was it it popped after next ranked quali. thanks
  6. Does anyone got the same problem. I got a green A in my profile card but no trophy. is there any other hidden requirement or did it just glitch on me?
  7. just got it. both teams need to earn 0€
  8. No. They seem to be the same as they were in the real show to me. But since the trophies are glitched, you have to be very lucky to get those.
  9. it's buggy
  10. i actually couldn't connect at all. only played offline for now. no reset there
  11. quality is actually good. it depicts the show very well. but a lot of trophies dont pop. platinum is unattainable currently. game crashes after each show so that you have to restart the game. we ll see how fast they can fix that with a patch. I like the game.
  12. unplayable
  13. totally agree
  14. no i think all other trophies will pop
  15. talked to the dev. patch is already on the way. it will retro trigger once the patch is installed by opening the "lavatory".