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  1. I think it is a good list. Having insane amounts of grind in order to unlock a Trophy simply isn't fun, if it's something that comes alone during normal gameplay or you have something else to look foward for like in Monster Hunter World then is not that bad, but when the only thing you have left is the grind itself then is really boring and a pain in the ass, those who like the game will stick with it even if it has easy trophies,
  2. So is this game bad? Reviews are being harsh with it and currently it has a score below of 60 as an average in Metacritic.
  3. I know EDF isn't a very popular series and if it wasn't for psnprofiles posting up the trophy list I wouldn't even know the game is releasing in a week, but what are your opinions on the trophies? I think they look less grindy than past EDF games.
  4. Is sad this game didn't really revive with the PS4 version, is a damn good game.
  5. Does introducing the code in games like X5 to get the Ultimate armor prevent you from getting any trophies?
  6. About people being suprised the OP played over 700 hours, isn't that the point of Monster Hunter? Playing lots and lots of hours to farm and other stuff. I got over 3000 hours on some PC online games tbh.
  7. Both Tearaway and Tearaway Unfolded are great and unique games, though Tearaway Unfolded a bit less since the lack of PS4's camera and back touch screen among other things. But I really recommend this game to everyone, it may not be the hardest platformer and there are no bosses, but is still a good and fun game.
  8. So if I kill the monsters I need and leave the quest I can still get the crown? Im only missing a Big Gold crown for Pukei-Pukei and a Mini Gold Crown for Rathalos, and its kinda annoying to go killing the rest of monsters each time since I don't want their materials either, specially the Great Jagras
  9. 115 hours 8 Big Gold Crowns Great Jagras Tobi-Kadachi Anjanath Rathalos Barroth Great Girros Radobaan Kushala Daora 4 Mini Gold Crowns Barroth Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Bazelgeuse Lavasioth
  10. If you exclusively want that kind of games then... The Surge (It's not that bad) Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen Wild ARMs 3 (PS2 Classic) Dark Cloud 1 and 2 And if you already have all the mainstream ones I cant really think of many more, since this gen had some really mediocre JRPG and RPG games like Star Ocean 5 and The Technomancer/Bound by Flame
  11. Modnation Racers with online included, PS4 doesn't have anything similar to that Demon's Souls Dead Space Trilogy Tokyo Jungle and GTA IV
  12. Better question is, is it worth the full price? I don't consider getting into Project Cars 2 since it has less players on PS4 than Driveclub even if it was released last month
  13. Is the game good at all? Or should I stick to Driveclub?
  14. The total value of the game is good, I understand why some people prefer to have a huge trophy list but having a short one doesn't mean is less valuable.
  15. The way to get to PVP I mean, the bell system isn't the best one for me at least, It's a same since the actual PVP is fun as hell, way more than in Dark Souls series.