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  1. I already said thank you on your YouTube videos, but you definitely deserve another big thanks in this forum. Your explanations + blue orbs make the S on mercenary mode achievable with some effort but absolutely doable
  2. When you quit the session your ghost is gone.
  3. yes, a huge difference. Rear-wheel drive handling is definetely easier now. can't say if it wasn't realistic before the patch or now, but for sure the biggest challenges of the game are way less harder (you still need some skills to complete some of them)
  4. with the latest update on car handiling, most difficult circuit experiences and licenses are now pretty easy to gold. FR cars now have plenty of grip and you can safely push on most corners without losing the car
  5. That's because you're still missing one 😂
  6. Update is out, but nothing related to the trophy, just brand central invitation and a fix on world circuits
  7. I was wondering if anyone has tried to contact PD or someone related to the game with a direct question on the trophy. Like a ticket or something similar
  8. Go for circuit experiences. Hard but fun and ~1.000.000 credits per circuit/layout
  9. amazing patch. clearing all the circuit experiences will net ~50.000.000 credits. not bad at all. i'm 40 out of 43 circuits/layouts
  10. great payout increase. I add that I completed 39 of 43 circuit experiences and today i received a total of 37milion credits! Many circuit experiences are harder then S license race, but it is the funniest way to achieve credits instead of grinding the same race over and over. Of course you need a lot of practice to achieve gold and a wheel is highlyyyyyyyy suggested!
  11. I agree with you. The trophy description says "acquired" while it uses the word "bought" when you have to buy a truck or other stuff. "acquire" is also used for "acquired rain license" and again is not something you can buy but is a reward for completing challenges. My opinion.
  12. are you playing IA10 with Traction control? if yes, it is doable without it and you might gain more than 0.1s. on S10, Puohon (the double left) and Blanchimont (the fast left before last chicane) are the keys to have a good time lap. Stick to the dry line, go gentle on the throttle and if using the dualsense feel the grip of the car with the feedback. I used traction control to 2. you can be easily ahead of the ghost car after Les Combes chicane; in general gold lap time is pretty generous on S10, there's no room for line mistake due to wet surface but you can afford 1 or 2 corners to be taken at a safe speed and still getting gold.
  13. licenses are really tough for average players (<B), are a good challenge for B/A players, and pretty easy for top players >A. Also playing with a wheel instead of a controller helps a lot imho (also if the dualsense feedback is often useful to understand when you are losing the car). My suggestion is to watch online videos for each challenge to understand breaking points and suggested car settings, this helps a lot. For me (B/A player playing with dualsense), the most difficult were IA10 and S7, followed by S10. as a suggestion, don't use assists when not needed, the will slow you a lot; also, when needed, reduce the traction control to the minimum to avoid car spinning at low speed (I saw lots of video using TC 5 in S7 and S10 but I found way faster to use TC 1 or 2 on that challenges). focus on a challenge per time, learn how that car works, how the weight moves around corners and if you have to just let the car roll or not. to me completing each of the hardest challenges was tough but really satisfyng! good luck everyone
  14. The game is funny and enjoyable, it doesn't deserve to be deleted! The only problem is that trophies are soooo glitched. Anyway I got the weekly challenge trophy on my 3rd completition without any problem
  15. A new 12GB update is out, let's hope it will fix some trophies...