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  1. Thanks for clarifying this got the trophy now after finally losing on match number 8
  2. Sweet I have 6 wins now but one life remaining so I'm assuming it will pop after I'm done with this current arena run
  3. Does anyone know if the apple of his eye trophy is bugged, I have just completed my 6th match in a row on the arena but no trophy. Does it usually pop after getting knocked out of the arena?
  4. Well damn that Zombie DLC on Far Cry 5 was actually challenging to get all gold medals on, but luckily had an awesome co-op partner to help carry me through the challenges and even show me the way on some of the levels I hadn't even got to playing through yet :) cheers @LoneAnt

  5. Getting to the stage when I will be glad to see the back of Red dead online, way too many griefers who will continually chase you with varmint rifles :(

    1. Harley Quinn

      Harley Quinn

      Meh, beats being chased all over the map by a crazy in a jet in GTA V.  xD

  6. This is mine although if I remember correctly that time spent on WWE 2K17 is incorrect as a lot of that was spent being AFK
  7. Only just realised the last time I updated the 100th platinum archive was the 31st of August.... Guess I've got some catching up to do :(

    1. kingdrake2


      it's never too late to reach that goal. long as there's games to play. i see you're just about 7 plats away from 200. i wish you good luck.

  8. Absolutely nothing missable have a blast playing this excellent game
  9. A couple of funny moments that I have stumbled across in the game so far
  10. Well this is bloody hilarious :P Warning! story spoilers for Red Dead Redemption 2!



  11. ohhh snap I never have any luck at winning these Thank you so much
  12. Spiderman platinum ready to pop just saving it for trophy number 9000 :D time to give God of war a try next :D

    1. PooPooBlast


      Have a feeling that GoW will steal that spot :P

  13. So I got the trophy for purchasing all suits in spiderman before even unlocking the last one or even finishing act 3..... Is this normal? 

    1. PooPooBlast


      I'm sorry I had to :P

    2. Razza


      Actually scrap this status, just re read the trophy and it does state purchase every suit so I'm guessing the ones that unlock e.g. Finish story/100% every District don't count as they are unlocks and not purchased suits. Seeing as almost everyone who has unlocked this trophy has got this one before getting the one for 100% every district :)

  14. Favourite character from a recent game has got to be Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn Overall though I absolutely love Big Boss from the Metal Gear Series
  15. Well that's the 100th platinum archive all updated again :D