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  1. I have had a similar trophy glitch happen to me, I've managed to not have the Dog Trainer trophy unlock for me but somehow managed to have the dogs of war trophy unlock for me, does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. I am planning on starting this game next and am wondering is there any missable trophies I need to be aware of before starting this game?
  3. There is a special place in hell for the lost archive DLC from Assassin's Creed Revelations  :( 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Caju_94


      Thinking about doing it soon... It is that hard?

    3. BB-BakkerJ


      You can glitch through the level making that trophy really easy. The DLC is one of the worst DLCs I’ve ever played though.

    4. Martain2


      I've got the PS4 version, haven't started it yet but looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about.

  4. As nice as it would be to be able to get trophies for assassin's creed 1 it's extremely outdated now compared to the rest of the series and would be a chore to play through it again in my opinion
  5. I have very recently played through this game and everything is still possible to be obtained in this game and the servers still seem populated enough to join a co-op/infiltration game without any problems
  6. That's platinum number 5 ready and waiting to be popped now :) 

    So far I have the following platinums waiting to collected :D


    Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

    Spyro 1 

    Far Cry New Dawn 

    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 

    Watch_Dogs 2 

    1. DamagingRob


      Nice. Saving up for a Platinum Rain Day?

    2. Razza


      Well it first started of that I couldn't decide what platinum to have as my 200th platinum, but now I want to have a platinum rain day with as many platinums as I can :D 

  7. Question for anyone who has got the platinum for sleeping dogs definitive edition, does the DLC outfits count towards the fashion trophy? 

    1. lordguwa


      i would buy them anyway just to be safe. make a backup before getting the final outfits someone on this site didn't get the fashion trophy and plat.

    2. PooPooBlast


      Yep you need all outfits including the dlc according to pst.org

  8. Well sleeping dogs definitive edition decided it was going to glitch the fashion trophy on me today, guess I'd better replay the whole game again :(

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    2. xZoneHunter


      I'd just move to another game then lol. I had that happen to me with Trine 3, one of the last trophies glitched on me. Couldn't be bothered replaying that game again, and it's a 5 hour game :P 


      But Sleeping Dogs was a very fun game though so there's that at least.

    3. skateak


      How did it end up glitching? I don't remember having an issue with Sleeping Dogs or the DE. It was a long time ago I had platted them though.

    4. Razza


      The problem with sleeping dogs is that if you open a lockbox whilst in a mission but manage to fail the mission without reaching the next checkpoint then it recognises that the box has been opened but the piece of clothing that was located inside it isn't given to you. Managed to get locked out of the trophy due to the lockbox at two chins house :(

  9. Thanks for clarifying this got the trophy now after finally losing on match number 8
  10. Sweet I have 6 wins now but one life remaining so I'm assuming it will pop after I'm done with this current arena run
  11. Does anyone know if the apple of his eye trophy is bugged, I have just completed my 6th match in a row on the arena but no trophy. Does it usually pop after getting knocked out of the arena?
  12. Well damn that Zombie DLC on Far Cry 5 was actually challenging to get all gold medals on, but luckily had an awesome co-op partner to help carry me through the challenges and even show me the way on some of the levels I hadn't even got to playing through yet :) cheers @LoneAnt

  13. Getting to the stage when I will be glad to see the back of Red dead online, way too many griefers who will continually chase you with varmint rifles :(

    1. PermaFox


      Meh, beats being chased all over the map by a crazy in a jet in GTA V.  xD

  14. This is mine although if I remember correctly that time spent on WWE 2K17 is incorrect as a lot of that was spent being AFK
  15. Only just realised the last time I updated the 100th platinum archive was the 31st of August.... Guess I've got some catching up to do :(

    1. lordguwa


      it's never too late to reach that goal. long as there's games to play. i see you're just about 7 plats away from 200. i wish you good luck.