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My Name is Razza123- or more commonly known as Razza, I am a huge fan of videogames and have enjoyed playing them from a young age varying from games such as Sonic The Hedgehog, Streets Of Rage And Crash Bandicoot. 


As I have grown older my taste in video games has expanded and I now am a fan of a huge variety of games, this being said one video game series will always hold a special place in my heart ... Metal Gear Solid. 






As many of you have probably realised I have become addicted over the years to collecting platinum trophies so below I shall share with you some of my most treasured and favourite platinums in no particular order. 




I have recently started collecting video game memorabilia and statues as well although there is a serious lacking of Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid from this collection so far :P 












And with that being said this brings our tour about me, my journey through video games and my *slight* obsession with Metal Gear to a close. If you still have any more questions feel free to ask away and I will answer as best I can :D



Farewell for now comrades,