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  1. I've heard a few people share similar stories with no explanation. My GUESS would be that since most of the DNA sequences end with a battle and an assassination, maybe if the target gets killed by an NPC in the battle and not directly by you then you'll finish the sequence but not get the trophy..? Or the game's just glitchy.
  2. Lufia and The Fortress of Doom for SNES. I'm gonna guess it's about 80% through this RPG that you come to 3 towers: green, blue and red. I figured out the puzzles and the order but it wouldn't work to open the path to the next part of the story. I started exploring trying to figure out what I was missing. I basically backtracked the whole game, searching through dungeons and talking to everyone in every little village--nothing!!! After a few weeks I gave up. Eventually my friend borrowed (and beat) the game, so I gave it another try. There was a little old lady in the village right next to the 3 towers that I had somehow missed talking to every time. Found her, passed the towers, beat the game with like a 4 month chunk of wasted time in the middle. x_x
  3. I just downloaded the demo then paid the $10 for the full game, plus another $5 when I found out "the full game" doesn't include the jaeger customization option. I haven't tried online matches, but this game is not really worth it. It's all poor execution of some really cool ideas.
  4. Yeah, I count us lucky to have gotten both these games and definitely don't expect anything as good to come out of the Transformers franchise until long after michael bay is dead and forgotten. UNLESS IDW could get something rolling now that the Combiner Wars toys are presumably upping comic sales. You never know.
  5. I've never played any of them but don't really want to because they look like commercials for joining the army, which I have no interest in.
  6. I've played Deus Ex a lot more and I like it. It's definitely very similar except the supernatural element is switched to sci-fi. I got Tomb Raider and Dishonored at the same time and just plat'd Tomb Raider so I'll go back to Dishonored. My only real complaint is the first person (Deus Ex is too). I don't know why but I just can't stand first person. If you don't mind that then definitely check them both out. Both good games, similar upgrading systems for skills, similar choices of stealth/fight through missions.
  7. As far as I can tell PSN level shows how much time you spend playing games, nothing more. If there was a formula to calculate Worth As A Human Being Level I doubt PSN trophies would factor into it. I like looking at the trophy lists for games I play just so I have more to do in the game, otherwise I'd never bother going back to collect those last few Riddler trophies in Batman, or spend weeks leveling up in the Tomb Raider MP. On the whole though I have plenty of other things to do besides video games, so I don't spend all my time worrying about PSN.
  8. Dreamcast - Crazy Taxi (Only remembered this system from reading other posts. Sorry Sega. There was a rad Japanese Spawn game though.) PS3 - Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. I still find the trailers pretty amazing. PS4 - Arkham Knight. I must have this.... All the Nintendo's I had as a kid were just cause I was a kid and Nintendo was it. Oh and I did get a Sega Genesis for Toe Jam & Earl... a very long time ago
  9. I am definitely enjoying it
  10. Yeah I don't trust refurbished consoles. I think the PS3's huge library and continued relevance has as much to do with slowing down PS4 sales as the price does. I'm dying to get one, but I already have several PS3 games that I haven't even touched yet. And PS4 sales are still killing Xbox One anyway. **uhh but yes Sony, bring on a price drop
  11. Just found this today; it looks great. Fan-created Mega Man game featuring lots of old Robot Masters in all new levels. I like programming 8-bit style games myself, so I really appreciate all the work these 2 guys put in. -Kit
  12. It could've hit shield(?) but it stuck on my foot and stayed with me a few steps so I don't think it did.
  13. Actually I got hit with the slime once and still got the Hard Rock trophy. Playing with Proto Man. I wasn't expecting the trophy to pop but kept going anyway, still got it.
  14. If you're on this website then you'll eventually wanna look at the trophy list and go for the plat, but yeah Minecraft is really just about surviving and/or seeing what kinda big, impressive stuff you can build. When you first start you'll wanna get some wood to build a house. Very soon you'll wanna mine some stone to make a wall around the house, plant a garden for a dependable food source, and maybe build a pen to keep some animals. Most everything else is just elaborating on these ideas. Eventually you'll have a nice village/fort/whatever, with fancy brick walls and redstone lights you can turn on and off (or that work on a daylight sensor to turn on automatically at night). And eventually you'll get bored and wander off a day's journey away, through jungle and desert. If you don't die you'll start a new settlement--or find a preexisting village or temple to work with--then build a big path back to the first, maybe with a huge bridge over a big lake. Maybe you'll be so impressed you'll put a video on youtube to show it off. It can be kind of addictive at times; there's definitely a lot more replayability than most games. Like everything though, it's all about what you put into it. Also, unlike most games half of Minecraft's profits come from t-shirt and toy sales, so they just keep providing free updates for the game. Horses were a recent big edition, and the PC version just got a new end boss that will eventually get added to PlayStation as well.
  15. Haha, wow you pissed that dude off huh? I am pretty middle of the road, haven't kicked enough ass consistently to make anybody that mad.