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  1. Vampire attacks on settlements due to the Dawnguard questline were disabled in the Special Edition, it was just causing too many problems for people. There are other random attacks that still need to be dealt with swiftly, which is just one of many reasons you should have a couple of back up save files. The werewolf skill line was added with the Dawnguard addon, which is why the trophy is in there.
  2. There is a small chance of redemption. You'll need to use the exploit with whirlwind sprint shout and a bucket to get into the cell, then try to resurrect him with conjuration. One resurrected kill him again, and hopefully the stag will appear and give you the reward.
  3. The game is currently 79p in the UK store.
  4. Both games are in the under (UK) £16 and the link to under £9 games. You can also just search for them. Crash Dummy is 79p and Gem Smashers is 39p in the UK store. PS, Aces of the Luftwaffe is also 79p
  5. Hi.  Regarding playing the JP version of Dragon Age: Origins, how is it?  Are you able to play with English text, or are you perhaps fluent in Japanese?

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    2. MidnightDragon


      If you had two TVs and two PS3s, you could play both at once and use it for dialogue. xD

    3. IntroPhenom
    4. ElyssarArFeiniel


      @IntroPhenom Sorry for the late reply. I don't read Japanese so it's a hard play. I was using a platinum walkthrough youtube series to get the right dialogue that I wanted. I don't have much time for PlayStation gaming lately so I set it aside for a time when I could dedicate more time to platinum it.

  6. It was missable in early versions of the game, but one of the updates added in respawning replacements by your bunk and in the training room.
  7. Here's a little tip, turn up the difficulty to increase the odds of one spawning, turn down the difficulty once it spawns. You shouldn't need the exploit to get enough levels now, just legendary something you use a lot and/or can quickly level. Where's the fun in using "god-mode" to remove the peril? Killing a legendary dragon on legendary difficulty is something you will remember.
  8. You don't need to bother with uploading/downloading save files, just quit the game after you buy the pictures/voice files without exiting the menu, it doesn't save. You might want to make sure you save a copy to the cloud in case of a mistake.
  9. A bit late, but it sounds like you missed the part to pick the mammoth up from the train. The guide I was using had me place it in the trophy room on the train before leaving the toy factory. I knew I needed it as I had prechecked missable trophies so I took it as soon as we arrived at the Uni.
  10. The actual requirement is for Skald to be your friend (but Bulfrek will sell it), but you must complete Kill the Giant in order for the game to allow that to happen, and the quest should add 2 to his disposition (+2 = friend). If you've done anything to lower that you may have blocked your chance of obtaining the land. If you can become Thane then you should be ok (same requirements), but another route is through Season Unending to replace him, then buy the land, if you can't get them to talk.
  11. I've taken a break from trophy hunting for the last month just to enjoy gaming for a while (mostly Fallout 4 with mods). I let the hunting part take over too much and wasn't enjoying playing anymore. It started in January after I finally got my 20th platinum, and I resolved to complete my backlog of games on my "new" account which was now 3 years old.


    These stats are a small record for myself, before they disappear into the stats ether and I resume shortly, having increased my backlog again. 9 months to double what 3 years took and triple my plats.

    Feb 1st, 1546, 447, 101, 20

    Nov 4th, 3166, 960, 229, 56

    Total      1620, 513, 128, 36

    In this time I've also added about 100 games played (a few accidental 0 additions), and about 40 to my 100% games.

    1. Squirlruler


      Sometimes a break is good! Getting burned out is never fun. Just so you know, on PS4, you can delete games that don't have any trophies earned if you wanted to remove those 0 additions. And those are some great stats! 

  12. Finish Dawnguard. The attacks won't stop after that but they will drop in frequency to the same as other settlement attacks. Try to avoid the cities until then as they will more than likely kill a merchant or quest giver who will not come back to life.
  13. Rather than worry about something that may or may not happen, just keep a few save files in case it happens. If you are going for trophies then be extra prepared for the Civil War and Oblivion artifacts, as you can lock yourself out of those legitimately. Cidhna Mine and Bugs on the Ice Blood on the Ice are the two buggiest quests in the game, but have no part in trophies so you can avoid them, but you need to do BotI for a house. Also, buy the Falkreath plot of land asap. A few well placed save files are worth more than the hassle and time spent trying to anticipate problems that mostly won't occur.
  14. There are a number of ways to level up fast, most of them covered here. Pickpocketing is by far the most reliable, as it only takes 2-3000 gold to make it. It also happens to be one of the least useful, so its a handy one to legendary over and over without losing any significant perks. Combining it with a Pickpocket trainer and then robbing them makes it an even faster exercise. The best ones to use for leveling are the non-combat ones, including Smithing and Enchanting, as well as Alteration, but by far the best is the fortify restoration glitch and just making super-powered potions that level your skill in one potion. The rather obvious reason you should not use your primary weapon skill for leveling is that you will lose the effectiveness of it, and they are not that easy to re-level even with exploits. Smithing and Enchanting require abundant resources, though the possible riches through iron daggers enchanted with banishment can soften the blow. Alteration requires magicka, but enough items that reduce its cost to zero mean it can be done much faster, though it still requires large crowds that are only available during the day to move quickly. Level 50 should not be hard, as long as you use most of your skills. All magic except Destruction is easy to level up once you have some spells. Wear some light and some heavy armour, or one and then the other. Use sneak, and try to use two damage skills, one ranged (archery or destruction), and one melee (one or two-handed), and use a sword and shield rather than dual-wielding. Dabble in all the crafting; alchemy, enchanting, smithing. A bit of everything will see you reach level 50 in no time, it isn't a hard thing to achieve.
  15. If you don't have gambits on for attacking then its easy enough so long as you only target one type of enemy (wolves, cacti, cockatice, etc). Lhusu mines is by far the easiest as there is only one type of enemy in that area and the start of the next. If 50 do not appear and they stop spawning, run back two areas holding the Flee button (R2), then run back and more will spawn to continue the chain. Entering any "rest" zone, towns, cities, layovers (eg Estersand 2nd zone), or touching a crystal, all seem to reset a chain, so avoid them.