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  1. Played a TON of this on PC, probably the best tank game out there in my opinion. Most of the trophies are super easy to get without problems with a bit of grind. The only super grindy ones are the win x amount of times. I almost hit max level on steam and never even got the 500 wins achievement. I was also winning most of my games....
  2. Update: After posting that games came pretty quickly with a couple issues still but I managed to get the trophy in like 2 hours.
  3. I've been playing the game for about a week now and this method will help me a lot but I'm having a small problem... I'm spending more time looking for games and for people to join then I am actually playing...
  4. You gotta look at it like this too. Xbox has a solid streaming service which tons of people signed up to use cause it's cheap and can be used on PC. While PS is still working on everything they are killing it when it comes to exclusive games. People like my brother don't care for the online since they only play singleplayer games.
  5. Thanks for sharing this. I'm almost done my first playthrough and plan on doing a lot of prep before attempting my hard playthrough. Tons of people have beaten it and it doesn't seem like its too tough but I feel pretty nervous giving it a try considering I got my ass kicked a couple times (ahem Eligor).
  6. This cod is one of the easier ones to complete on veteran legit.
  7. You have to get I believe 19.7 seconds or better so you'll have to score a bunch of double kills. I managed to finish with 18.7 seconds and had a 133% accuracy cause I never missed a shot and got a bunch of double kills. I used the M9 and USP. Trophies tend to pop late in this game so give it a few seconds if you get under 19.7
  8. is the trophy list available somewhere yet? I wouldn't mind checking it out
  9. To anyone wondering about the double tap trophy, obviously it's fixed and you can do it from the last chapter but I did the trophy just now with a buddy and we set the amount of zombies to 1 player and still got the trophy to pop. Personally I thought that would void the trophy but it doesn't.
  10. I'm sorry but I'm 100% sure with all the replies and answers. So what I'm understanding here is that you can start each level on the last checkpoint on hard with 4 people and get both trophies for hard completion and with 4 people?
  11. When I went to the ps store via the browser it says I have to pay for it but I ended up loading the game up and on sanctuary there was a poster talking about the new DLC and provided a direct option to the store which I then proceeded to go to through the game and it came up as free for me.
  12. I have the season pass and it says its free for me
  13. there's videos on youtube already of people on ps4 playing it. I own the deluxe edition so it should appear for me. I read that you don't own the deluxe edition you need to log in with your bethesda account to get it? I tried doing that too and on my console is says my login info is invalid but on the web browser it works. This is such poor design.
  14. I've been wondering this too! I got home from work only to see there was so DLC anywhere. I loaded up the game and it's not on the store and I can clearly see a new area on the map which I cannot access.
  15. sure, just shoot me a friend request