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  1. Will the majority of PS4 titles become ‘multi platform’ titles now that they will work on both PS4 and ps5?
  2. If you disliked Farcry 4 don’t even attempt number 5 it was absolutely DIRE. Farcry2 (in its day) and 3 were so great but it’s been a slippery slope since. It’s all on you 6..
  3. Beyond Two Souls. It’s been a year, time to go back and finish it for good.
  4. How active is this game a year after release? I’m very tempted by this offer. I wasn’t keen on Wildlands but I understand Breakpoint has a lot of similarities to The Division which I’m a massive fan of. Say for example in a couple of months time I wanted to try the raids or online pvp would that be easily done in matchmaking or have people moved on?
  5. This is a tough one you have a lot of really good games to play. I say go back to Killzone Shadow Fall released right at the start of the PS4 generation what a time to finish it just before the start of the PS5 generation.
  6. You are right but it’s a shame because it’s a pretty enjoyable game so far.
  7. I gotta pick Splatterhouse. I almost bought it years and years ago and completely forgot about it’s existence until recently. Was it a good game /10? Also I gotta ask is the 100% still obtainable in that ninja gaiden game?
  8. Until Dawn or Detroit Become Human. Both look mint but not started either yet.
  9. We have a similar taste in games Also your profile tells me your a HUGE fan of the FarCry series.
  10. Gran Turismo 5. Great game but two trophies are unobtainable so save yourself a long grind.
  11. The Forest because I’ve just purchased it 🙂
  12. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
  13. No
  14. Starting on my PS4 I noticed some friends were updated whilst other were not (myself included). I logged into my ps3 and my entire friend list was already updated on there. Then when I went back onto my PS4 it had updated my account. However some of my friends were still not updated.
  15. Yeah I’m pretty sure the EU and NA versions of the trophy lists are back to front on this site. I’ve never changed the region of my account before from EU and it’s saying I played the NA stack.