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  1. Especially TimeSplitters2 I’d play it just for Siberia... ... or behead the undead ... ... or because it was a split screen multiplayer masterpiece ... ... or because ya no The Handyman ... ... or that soundtrack ... Right why has this taken nearly 20 years 😳
  2. Oh you are so not alone. It’s a nightmare. I’ve always found the best method is to feed the OCD. The only way I’m ever at peace is when I do what needs to be done. Otherwise it eats away at me and it makes me very edgy and moody. If your incomplete games are still possible I’d say go for it. I’ve pushed myself to heights I never thought I could achieve in pursuit of completion and I’m not saying it’s worth it but I certainly was at peace with myself after. Your other option is to speak to someone but I feel it would have to be someone who’s experienced it first hand as it’s not an easy thing to understand for someone who doesn’t know what it’s like. In relation to trophies I’ve battled this since 2009. I’ve never held 100% but I’ve always pursued it. I am on the brink of finally achieving it for the first time in over 12 years and I’m considering using it as an opportunity to get out. I do enjoy the challenge but I think I’m at the point now that if something went wrong I worry about how it would make me feel. It’s a very bizarre thing OCD how some more blatant every day situations don’t bother us in the slightest but then other random objectives can become an obsession despite often being more irrelevant or unrelated in day to day life.
  3. I have always preferred to wait and play a game once all content is available (with a few exceptions) and it really makes the dlc more enjoyable as it just blends in with the original game. I also always save the platinum till the end and I’ve found it does help with the desire to go back to a game even if it’s been a long time since you last played it. All I need to do on Ghosts of Tsushima is buy something from the dye merchants and the platinum is complete... a two minute task, but I also need to complete new game plus and I will also now be rewarded with the platinum for doing so. As a trophy hunter especially it just provides that extra oomph for a game where the dlc is not very appealing. Tsushima is a bad example because it’s a mint game regardless it’s just one of my incomplete ones that I can use as an example. I personally think making the platinum unobtainable until ALL other trophies are done would be the better option, although I get that it would cause uproar.. forcing people to pay for extra content in order to obtain the platinum.
  4. Resistance 2. A truly great game in its day but with the online trophies now unobtainable give the platinum a miss.
  5. This was a right hidden gem of a game. I’d gladly pay the fee for an upgrade and I can strongly recommend it to anyone who has yet to give it a go.
  6. I am currently having this debate with myself. I have never achieved 100% on my profile after over 12 years despite considering myself a completionist. I’d like to do it just once even if it’s only for a day but despite being the closest I have ever been i’m finding it hard to play with such a limited choice of games currently installed. In the past I’ve always had at least 10 to 20 games on the go at once and I think a lot of completionists prefer to play games one at a time and complete before moving onto the next although I might be wrong on that. It’s not something I could do. But I do just want to complete my profile one time so I can say I did it!!
  7. This was the point of the thread the question I was asking to everyone really and I’ve had my answer off a few people who have been or are in the same situation so thanks I will lock the thread up now. When you get to the very end of your attempt and your not that far off really, I would be interested to see how you are feeling about it. I certainly have not rushed to achieve this goal is been over 12 years that’s a huge portion of my entire life. I have a 20 game backlog on PS4 all games i’m very excited to get on and my usual method would be to do just that it’s how I’ve done it since the beginning. I just reached a point last year where I felt I want to even if only for ONE SINGLE DAY have that complete account. Then I’ll get back to how it’s always been. Sounds like I am not alone it’s just that most players just freed themselves of the choice at the beginning.
  8. I actually have less ultra rares than you by a mere 8 so can we call it a tie?? Loan me 4 of yours 🤣😇🤝
  9. For me it was the TimeSplitters franchise on Ps2. It’s crazy how we used to play these games rage free despite the checkpoints and challenges being 50 times harder than today’s. Now you see full on communities raging over a single challenge that takes half a day or less to complete and that’s pretty standard these days. Ive seen enough about Super Meat Boy to know games like that show that you have the ability and persistence to do anything if you really want to. Also vanquish challenge 6 although that’s one small segment of a game by comparison but still took some graft to do. A lot of respect also has to go to the players who have resisted the urge to pile these easy games onto their account for easy platinums whilst also maintaining a high completion rate and level. They are equally as rare these days such a shame they don’t offer a leaderboard to accommodate these players. Yeah I guess that is weird. It was actually my 100th platinum and at that point it had taken me 11 years to reach 100 platinums. There were accounts that had more in under a year and sadly I took a ‘if you can’t beat them join them approach’ Now just over a year later I’ve quadrupled the amount yet the account is actually less respectable because I fell into that trap. I had the same completion then as I do now just with a load of junk mixed in. That’s why you gotta respect the players who stuck to their roots. All of them 😎
  10. I always find it bizarre how much people despise online trophies as long as your organised they are easily obtainable before any server closures a few years is plenty of time. On top of that often they are some of the most fun experiences.. in a group on mic meeting new people having a laugh. I always just tell myself it can’t be worse than FEAR 2 was back in the day and it never has been.. they don’t make trophies like they used to. Mostly on a plate these days. I also think skill and ability are secondary to persistence and patience. Anyone has the skill to achieve a goal on a game and it’s actually the ability to persist, be patient, learn and adapt to a challenge that stops people from doing something. Trophy lists have changed a lot from the ps3 generation and a lot of expectation rests on an easy experience now. If gamers expect an easy ride they are already on the path to defeat and it’s not because they couldn’t do it but because they didn’t want to try. You said maintaining 100% is stressful and you’ve made peace with it but would it be fair to say there is no challenge you could not do if you really set your mind to it?
  11. It may be easy to sabotage your completion now but what if it was in a few years time would it be so easy. The longer it takes the harder it will become. It’s bad your right. I think for most people it started as a harmless hobby and developed into more as time progressed. I have always enjoyed gaming I could not do it if I did not. This is a taste of the other side of the coin and it isn’t pretty.
  12. I think your right the time is now. I would probably rather complete the account and retire it making a new one for a more relaxed play style than install a crossroad game as you called it but the whole point of the post is that I can’t seem to do the last few games in order to do that even though they are relatively easy. Seems like the answer is to rid myself of the possibility burden and then it just won’t matter. Great account by the way. A decade of respect.
  13. You made this sensible decision about 18 months into your accounts life i see. Like you I have no other account and have never avoided a game because of challenge although I did have to really force myself to complete a couple that I found very very hard. Let me ask you this then.. If you had yet to install a game that tainted your completion and had maintained that since the day you made your account which was a similar time to me by the look of it. Would you install that crossroad game today? After 12 years? Honestly..! Would you?
  14. Totally how it should be enjoyment over obsession. But you had the burden of possibility removed and it was out of your hands now you are free. How did you feel when you first found out it was no longer possible and how old was your account at the time?Would you choose to keep it this way if you had a choice? If this was a 5 minute goal it would be easy to walk away from but 12 years is a long time to have a background goal and fail to achieve it deliberately when finally so close if that makes sense. Great games release at a faster rate than we can play them. Backlogs gradually build up and in the end overwhelm completion rate. 😅
  15. I’ve always considered myself a completionist. However since I got my first trophy over 12 years ago I have never actually managed to get every installed game on my account to 100% simultaneously consistently hovering around the 300-500 unearned trophies mark. I prefer to have a large variety of games on the go like most people so I can dive into whatever I fancy at the time and that’s the way it should be. Enjoyment over obsession any day. Last year after I obliterated the respectability of my account by installing a load of garbage on there for easy platinums I decided even if just for a day to make myself feel better I’d like to finally get that completion to 100% and so I’ve held off installing any of my backlog (talking about the more serious games only here) with a couple of big release exceptions as you do but still with the target in mind. As it’s always been since the beginning though as the number of available installed games dwindle I’m suddenly lacking interest. I know I’m a completionist and that eventually I will always complete a game when I want to but I just can’t seem to ever be a ‘complete’ completionist without it becoming a chore which is a big no no. Do any other completionists out there find this to be a problem or am I just a space cadet? 🥲