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  1. While I'm trying to avoid using guides for Catherine's hard mode, I did succumb to look at a run of 6-2. I still didn't copy it, but watching the spike trap section made me realise one of my earlier moves was messing up the drop pattern... all I had to adjust was wait for the next bit of wall before pushing something to make the rest fairly simple. From there getting to 7-3 has mostly straightforward - I'm actually having a much better time on these stages than I did on normal which is a good sign that I've improved.


    But so far 7-3 really is a nightmare 😂 

    1. Dzware


      Yea, that's one thing to always keep in mind. If you're getting stuck somewhere, it might be because of a mistake you made earlier. This can also be due to mistakes made just before a checkpoint, I actually had a few occasions where I was completely stuck after a checkpoint, but found out later it was actually impossible to progress without restarting the whole area 😂

  2. It's a shame you didn't really enjoy it, but I'm glad you played through to the end at least! Vesperia is my favourite Tales of game, but it absolutely has a lot of flaws - and I can't say I'm surprised that someone who first played more modern games from the series wouldn't get along with the battle system, every game since Graces has been much more fluid imo so experiencing them in reverse probably feels pretty bad. Vesperia also has a major downside with how long it takes to properly unlock combat abilities making the early 1/3 of the game feel worse than it needs to.
  3. I actually played some of it way back on the Wii, I really enjoyed it but didn't complete it since I didn't have a Wii myself. It's definitely one I'm looking forward to revisiting!
  4. I'm signing up again for Summer, the spring one really helped me focus on clearing some backlog! Final Fantasy XIII - 0% Mass Effect: Legendary Edition - 0% Mass Effect 2: Legendary Edition - 0% Mass Effect 3: Legendary Edition - 0% Octodad (Vita) - 0% Okami - 0% Soul Sacrifice - 10% Tropico 5 - 15% I think that's it - I have a couple of higher completion games I plan to wrap up that aren't eligible, and a couple that I doubt I'll finish off before September (super long stuff). Otherwise, I'll make any changes before the end of the month if needed.
  5. Week 10 Update A little late this week, but I have a decent update to give thanks to my swap! I finished Seasons After Fall over the last couple of days, it's a nice and short puzzle-platformer (with a metroivania-flair in terms of exploration, ability advancement and backtracking). It's pretty simple, I completed the 100% without any kind of guide in around 7 hours, but very enjoyable overall and definitely worth picking up if you see it on sale. I also made a little bit more progress on Catherine, managing the clear all of Stage 5 and part 1 of stage 6 on hard mode - I picked up 2 miscellaneous trophies on the way too. I might try and clear up Rapunzel this week assuming I can clear stage 6 and make it back to the bar... I'm on track to get all the non-Babel trophies when I finish this play through, even if I don't complete it before the end of the event I expect I can get up to 80-90% at least! Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China - 100% BlazBlue Calamity Trigger - 0% Catherine - 40% > 42% Dragon Age: Inquisition (PS3) - 100% Seasons After Fall - 0% > 100% Final Fantasy Type-0 - 13% htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary - 100% Outland - 100% Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight - 100% Tales of Monkey Island Ch1-5 - 100% (Swaps Used: 1/2)
  6. I'll post a proper update tomorrow, but for now I'd like to swap out Final Fantasy XIII for Seasons After Fall please! Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China - 100% BlazBlue Calamity Trigger - 0% Catherine - 40% Dragon Age: Inquisition (PS3) - 100% Final Fantasy XIII - 0% > Seasons After Fall - 0% Final Fantasy Type-0 - 13% htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary - 100% Outland - 100% Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight - 100% Tales of Monkey Island Ch1-5 - 100% (Swaps Used: 1/2)
  7. Let's see if I can actually finish it this time - I'd like to sign up!
  8. Have an Ice Day Slide an Ice Block 5 or more blocks. (Golden Playhouse) I took a bit of a break from Catherine for a few weeks but ended up getting this while struggling my way through Stage 5 on hard. I did manage to clear 5-1 shortly after so I'm feeling motivated to push on (though I'm not finding 5-2 any easier, I hate ice)!
  9. PS2 was a fantastic time for JRPGs so that sums up my list nicely, my top 5 in no particular order Final Fantasy X Persona 4 Kingdom Hearts II Disgaea Hour of Darkness Atelier Iris
  10. Week 9 Update So Type-0 has been abandoned again - I'm finding it very hard to get into, just as I did first time around, not sure if I'll play it more this week or try something else.... However, I did manage to get through HtoL#NiQ (Hotaru no Nikki)! It was a lot of fun, and working out the plot from the environment, short scenes and collectables was interesting - no matter how you slice it there's some pretty messed up things in there though (one puzzle involves feeding corpses to carnivorous plants so you can pass by). The puzzles themselves where pretty tricky in places, the controls were strange and the main character moved annoyingly slow, but overall I enjoyed my time with the game. With 4 weeks left and 4 medium length games to go I'm not sure if I'll get them all done, I might use my swaps to move a couple out for shorter games in the next week or so. I recently bought Seasons After Fall so that will probably be one of them, maybe an older PS+ game for the other? Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China - 100% BlazBlue Calamity Trigger - 0% Catherine - 40% Dragon Age: Inquisition (PS3) - 100% Final Fantasy XIII - 0% Final Fantasy Type-0 - 13% htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary - 100% Outland - 100% Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight - 100% Tales of Monkey Island Ch1-5 - 100%
  11. Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight (47.36%) There's not much to say about this, other than it's more or less the same game as Persona 3: Dancing in Starlight. I still feel these games are better suited the the small screen of the vita, but enjoyed it none the less. I would say the music selection in P5 is better than the P3 version, and just like in that one the plot character conversations are simple and entertaining, but don't expect much depth. I completed it just under 9 hours and played mostly on hard. The down side to the trophy list (mostly the social ranks) is that you need to clear a lot of songs with a good ranking, which discourages from pushing yourself onto a harder difficulty as it will require more songs before you unlock everything, which is a shame. Once again, I would have liked a more difficult list (which involved playing All Night mode), but still enjoyed the game and revisiting the Persona cast.
  12. Tales of Monkey Island: Chapters 1-5 (32.41-62.97%) This is a game series I've had on my account to play for a long time - a TellTale sequel to the classic point and click adventure Monkey Island games. Unlike more modern TT games, these are much more in line with the classic point and click style - solving puzzles by picking up items and talking to people, much like the MI games themselves. While the gameplay and story is basic, the writing is entertaining and the characters are funny, and I enjoyed the references and easter eggs that appeared across the chapters. It's a shame they never did a "season 2" as I would have been interested in what they would have done next time! It is fairly dated however, it wasn't off putting to me personally - but the 3D is definitely inferior to the classic 2D style for the series. Trophy wise it's not overly taxing, though a lot of the trophies are very easy to miss or are things you wouldn't do playing normally (like interacting with the same items 10+ times) so using a guide is probably best. That said, each chapter is only about 1 hr 30 long, so partial replays to get whatever was missed playing blind wouldn't be too much of a hardship either. If you enjoy classic point and click games, and don't mind the lack of plat, Tales of Monkey Island is worth a go if you have it kicking around.
  13. I might be picking up P5 Strikers in the near future, but it's hard to say when I'll get around to it for that sweet rank up... In the meanwhile, now you've given me another reason to get back onto the Catherine wagon
  14. This is correct - 0% are not used in the calculation.... though on that note, I suggest removing the PS3 version of TLOU simply because the online is gone and so it the DLC on the EU store, plus you have remastered version anyway. As others have said, Horizon is a very good game, a lot of fun, and straight forward to plat so it's a big recommendation. The Crash Bandicoot games and Unravel are also ones I suggest doing, moderately challenging platformers that are very enjoyable (if a little frustrating at certain points), plus none of them are overly long. Stick of Truth looks like it would need another playthrough, but I don't imagine you'd have any issues with it since you've done most of it already. And on the subject of RPGs, Persona 5 is a great one and worth playing, but it is a pretty long time commitment (I finished it in around 150 hours)
  15. Unbreakable Resolve Died 100 times Well, technically my 2nd to last trophy, but it's more interesting than clear chapter 3. A pretty slow-paced and challenging puzzle game, I'll probably use guides for the trophies and collectables once I've cleared it, but I'm enjoying working my way through for now. It's the sort of game I can only play in short bursts though, but that's not a problem for a vita game.