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  1. You don't have to feel bad about it, but the flag exists to make it fair to the people that did manage to earn them properly - otherwise it becomes more common than it really is, or the best times that people work hard to achieve get overtaken by autopopping from hacked lobbies. It sucks to be caught in the cross-fire, but sometimes that's just how it goes. You can hide the game if you want to be on the leaderboards though.
  2. There's still a few games I might pick up from the current sales, but either way Feb is over so it's time to update. Total = £99.01 Jan 2021 = £56.18 - Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year (PS4, Digital) £11.99 - DJMax Technika Tune (Vita, Physical, JP) £17.71 - Bleach: Soul Ressureccion (PS3, Physical) £26.48 Feb 2021 = £42.83 - Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late (PS3, Physical) £18.10 - Kingdom Hearts III: Re:Mind (PS4, DLC) £16.74 - Sonic Mania (PS4, Digital) £7.99
  3. Yeah, the top is the PS4 to PS5 upgrade since they aren't getting it free. I'm guessing there's some reason they can't give it free in JP which is why they're charging a nominal amount.... The bottom is the Yuffie Episode DLC for anyone upgrading from the PS4 version.
  4. Looking at this thread, the Dry Land level was patched and is now beatable (see the second video) which allows the other 2 to be earned as well.
  5. Dragon Age Inquisition The Brightest of Their Age [33.7%] Recruit all possible companions in a single playthrough. Nothing too exciting, though it is technically missable, I have made it to Skyhold!
  6. Considering all you have left on Horizon is the NG+ and Ultra Hard, it's definitely doable - with carried over gear from the DLC Ultra Hard isn't too much of a challenge to get through. Plus it's a good excuse to replay a great game in my opinion! As for Shadow of Mordor, I did that recently and those trials are a huge pain - if you want any advice for the Hunt one in particular I'm happy to share my experience! ------ Now for my regularly scheduled update! I finished up Zestiria which wasn't particularly difficult by the time I had worked out how to play again, but nice to have it ticked off the backlog. Then I spent most of my Sunday playing Telltale's Batman, I enjoyed it despite it's glitches and I'm looking forward to playing the second season some time in the future. More importantly, this put me to 99 plats so I finally finished up on Disgaea 4 for #100! I clocked 168 hours in the end and I'm extremely proud to have this one done and to have reached this milestone! Overview Platinums: 100 (+3) 100% Completion: 124/211 (+3/+1) Average Completion: 71.37% (+0.40) Unearned trophies: 2444 (-22) (74 unobtainable) New Completions Tales of Zestiria - 56/56 (+17) Batman: The Telltale Series - 31/31 (+31) Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited - 51/51 (+2) Currently Working on Dragon Age Inquisition [PS3] - 14/55 (+3) - The final game on my UR cleanup tier 1 list and it's another long one. I started this to stack with the PS4 version simply because I love the series and had a blast with the game - unfortunately the rumours are true and the PS3 version performs terribly and really hampers the experience. Regardless, I'll push on through, after a difficult time in Champions of the Just to get back into the game, I reached Skyhold last night. I'm playing through on nightmare so some battles are rough, but as I've done it before I don't expect too many issues. For the curious, I'm playing a Female Elf-Mage (will be Knight Enchanter), I think I was planning to romance Solas, but I feel that would be better off on a version with the Tresspasser DLC, so I'll probably go with Cullen or Josephine Borderlands: Game of the Year - 67/81 (+0) - Not played this week Unravel Two - 26/29 (+0) - Best time: 13:13. No progress. Surge Deluxe - 11/12 (+0) - Grinder Man: 8,928/100,000. No progress once more, but I'll be picking this up again in earnest now Disgaea's done.
  7. Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited (1.71%) Where to start with this - Disgaea is a great series of tactical turn-based JRPGs, and I consider this entry (and by extension the PS4 version) the best entry all round. It's silly, funny, emotional at times and it's grindy as fuck, basically everything I want from this sort of game. The series has always been very good at building on the foundations of the previous instalments, and to me this one has the best balance between a great story, great QoL features added to the gameplay and really satisfying progression and endgame. And of course, a hell of a time sink. Trophywise, it's great for the most part, it basically requires clearing all the core content, as well as everything was DLC in the original release of D4 - and most of the rest will naturally be achievable as part of that. Getting the epilogues was a weird choice for the trophies as the structure of the game doesn't really encourage extra playthroughs to get them naturally, but it's easily resolved by reloading an endgame save file. The only real gripe I have with the list is collecting all the items - even the pirate ship parts weren't so bad to me - the amount of luck needed to get hold of some was annoying, and with the additional R40-2 items in this version, there's just way too many item world runs with nothing but the next item god to steal from and eviscerate... But it's a pretty minor gripe as perhaps 10 hours out of 170 was spent exclusively on that, the rest of the time I was happy enough progressing in different things together which kept it feeling good. I'd absolutely recommend this game, with one caveat - it's a great example of the kind of game it is, but this kind of game is absolutely not for everyone. If you like a grind though, it's a very satisfying one. ----- It's also worth me saying, that this is my 100th Platinum! While I know these days 100 isn't exactly an impressive number, it's been a goal for my years of active trophy hunting and I'm extremely proud to have made it to triple figures. I picked this particular game for my milestone - of course a weeb game is inevitable, but the series has brought me a lot of joy back since I picked up the first game around 2005 right around the time I was finding my love of RPGs. It's the rarest plat in the series, which falls in line with the reason why I like trophy hunting, to challenge myself and see everything a game has to offer - and also matches with my more recent journey to get some more rare plats. And finally, it's trophy-based proof that I'm a Hardcore Gamer! Now onward to the next 100!
  8. So I ended up playing Disgaea for a few more hours last night to get the plat! This is a bit special to me, as well as being the rarest trophy on my tier 1 list, it's also my #100 milestone. Long and grindy as they may be, I love the Disgaea series but this is the first time I've pushed myself to actually go for all the end/post-game bosses since the PS2 days and it was super satisfying. D4 has the best story since the first game, and the Vita version including the cheat shop is a massive boon to it, this is probably my favourite overall entry in the series. Completion took just under 170 hours and I consider it time well spent. I've also started back on DAI already - the downside is I now remember why my enthusiasm to complete the PS3 stack disappeared, the performance is terrible, it looks rough, and glitches out constantly! As much as I liked DAI on PS4, playing this version is kind of painful.... oh well Tier 1: Dragon Age: Inquisition [PS3] (4.24%, 1.31%) - 14% → 18% Thief (3.84%) - 100% Tales of Zestiria (3.63%, 2.30%) - 100% Titan Souls (1.86%) - 100% Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited (1.71%) - 91% → 100%
  9. Not that I mind it, but I'm really feeling like I put my target too low and I might end up hitting it half way through the year - maybe I should have aimed for 80%..... February was a good month for progress though - I finished a few older backlog games that I've been meaning to go back to, Thief and Tales of Zestiria are up to 100%, Disgaea 4 will be very soon as well so I've gotten a good bit of additional % from that. I also finished the only new game I started in Feb (Telltale's Batman), while it's not a difficult one it all adds to the completion!
  10. I meant to log in yesterday and make some last minute changes to my list, but I guess I'll go ahead with what I've got! I mostly was just going to add FFVII remake since the PS+ announcement but maybe I'll get through my 10 games and be able to add it in at the end. Either way, good luck everyone!
  11. Another game down as I finished Tales of Zestiria over the weekend! The fact that this plat is so much rarer than Vesperia astounds because it's so much easier - both in the game itself and the amount of effort & time it takes to plat. There's nothing truly difficult in the game though, anything that would be you can abuse the mechanics to make it pretty straight-forward (though I guess that's true for a lot of RPGs). My next target is Disgaea 4 which I should wrap up in the next day or so. I'm at the point where I just need to run the item world for another 500 floors and I'm done, nothing I have left relies on RNG or anything difficult so it's as good as finished. I already have my Tier 2 list decided as well, but I might be getting ahead of myself since Dragon Age will be a bit of a time sink. Tier 1: Dragon Age: Inquisition [PS3] (4.24%, 1.31%) - 14% Thief (3.84%) - 100% Tales of Zestiria (3.63%, 2.30%) - 55% → 100% Titan Souls (1.86%) - 100% Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited (1.71%) - 88% → 91%
  12. Batman: The Telltale Series (62.23%) A small break from grindier games, and something to give me the +1 to plat #99 - I finally played Telltale's Batman! Nothing too exciting to talk about here it's a pretty typical Telltale experience with an entertaining enough story and a bunch of bugs big enough to be distracting, but not enough put me off playing. And in typical Tt fashion, I'm not interested in playing the game again just to see how the story branches go, because it only serves to ruin the illusion of choice I kind of enjoyed Tt's interpretation of Batman, not retreading too much old ground with typical character variants and playing with relationships and histories to make something a bit different. I liked that Bruce Wayne got a lot of interaction with different villains rather than the typical Batman experience, and the option to deal with some situations as either Batman or Bruce seemed pretty well done. It's certainly not the best Batman story ever told, but it's enough to keep me interested in seeing where the sequel goes. Without going into spoiler territory, I enjoyed watching Harvey's arc play out, and I'm looking forward to the pay off with John Doe. I felt the relationship with Selena/Catwoman was very awkward, but knowing how Tt developed their games they likely pushed it that far due to the amount of players who picked that option after the bar fight... I'm not a fan though.
  13. Tales of Zestiria (3.65%, 2.30%) This is kind of a difficult one to write up for me, I generally enjoy the Tales series and in general enjoyed my time with this game (despite it's bad reputation), however I played the bulk of the game 2 years ago with primarily cleaning up post game, grinds and collectables recently and I honestly don't remember too much about it.... I suppose that means it's at best pretty forgettable. I liked the characters in general, though none of the core group were my favourites and the plot was kind of weak which is disappointing for the series. It had a few interesting notes though, I thought the side-quests dealing with Edna's brother were some of the best and I felt more playing that than the tragedy that was core to the plot. Gameplay is generally... fine I guess? I didn't like the forced party make-up where you had no choice but to use Sorey and Alisha/Rose, and while being able to freely switch the others in combat was interesting it pretty much just worked as a rotation based on what elements you wanted to be using in any given fight more than preferred fighting styles or anything like that. The other huge weakness is the armatization which is far too powerful and allows you to spend 90% of the time spamming a handful of abilities to great and boring effect. The equipment/fusing/bonus system felt convoluted and poorly explained, this is possibly why it was balanced so you don't really have to engage in it at all to clear the game, which then results in using it extensively also being over-powered... all in all the game balance wasn't great. In terms of trophies, it's a okay list - nothing particularly missable, and only having to beat the final boss on the hardest difficulties in addition to them stacking made that pretty straight forward. The various trophies for equipment bonuses were just kind of grindy as you can take advantage of the normin/lotl setup so it just means grinding until you get the right equipment drops which is easy but not interesting. One of my last trophies was for collecting most of the items - this is a tales standard so I don't mind it in principle, but the removal of any kind of item log made it a pain, especially as the # of items listed in the records is pretty much useless since NG+ messes with it, and it doesn't actually correlate to the trophy requirement. The snack making trophy was also just bullshit, anything that requires running in circles for 4+ hours without any actual gameplay after everything else is finished AND is dependant on RNG is a bad trophy. Overall, unfortunately this is another game I wouldn't recommend, though in this case pretty much any other entry in the series will be a better alternative if the game seems appealing! Though if you're a fan of the series and don't want to skip an entry, it's not some kind of broken mess or anything, it could just have been a lot better. Another Story: Alisha DLC Additional story DLC in my Tales game? It's more likely than you'd think. I don't have much to say about this DLC, it's a short sequel story where Alisha gets an opportunity to deal with the main game's ending. Gameplay is more of the same, the story itself is fine I guess, though Rose and Alisha's characterisations kind of annoyed me. Alisha's inability to armatize just means you're encouraged to play as Rose if you don't want to have a bad time. The dungeon was boring as fuck and clearly just there to pad it out to a reasonable length for the amount they wanted to charge. It's the kind of DLC you're better off just watching on youtube if you're interested in it. Trophy-wise it's underwhelming as well, effectively, you clear the story and halfway through you stop to beat the crucible (arena) 11 times for god knows what reason. Oh, and you need to be significantly powerful from post-game so Rose is strong enough to carry the battle quick enough. Thankfully, the DLC is short enough that even if you're not strong enough when you first play it doesn't take too long to get back there after powering up a bit in the core game.
  14. Ah yes, Farpoint, the game that singlehandedly ruined a whole convention day and almost turned me off trying PSVR ever again... Pretty stoked about FFVIIR though, I've been waiting to cut down a bit more backlog before picking it up so that works perfectly for me. Remnant's pretty fun from what little I've played on PC as well, I'm more than happy to get it for console.
  15. I'm interested in Returnal, Solar Ash and Kena, they all look pretty good so far. Otherwise depending on timings and price I might grab the PS5 versions of Crash 4 and FFVIIR when I get the console, definitely nothing that's making me to want one sooner though. I was low-key hoping for a "Hades is coming to PS4/5!" announcement in this, but I'll just keep dreaming.