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  1. It's a small thing, but I hit my 7000th trophy yesterday and marked it with my very first PS5 trophy! 

    :bronze: In Mint Condition


    The trophy isn't that impressive of course, but the timing was good to do this and I'm pretty pleased to have this marked on my profile. :D Here's to another 7000 this generation!

  2. I'd like to sign up! I might have to shuffle around my gaming plans a little...
  3. My HDMI switcher gave up in the heat last week but thankfully nothing else.... got to be careful with this sort of stuff! I hear almost nothing but good things about the Witcher.... maybe I should actually try it one day Week 8 Hope everyone had a good week - I certainly did! I was fortunate to place an order for a PS5 early last week which arrived over the weekend, so for the first part of my update I'm going to be using my first swap to change out Octodad for Astro's Playroom! While I'm excited to play it I'm planning to get a few more trophies in Okami first as I have something in mind... but I think I'll talk about that next week Speaking of Okami, I've been progressing well so far and really enjoying the game - more than anything it reminds me of LoZ OoT in just how it feels which is certainly not a bad thing! I haven't had any trouble so far, the only time I've kind of died was in one of the Gate trials (I used an astral pouch, so still officially at 0 deaths), but otherwise it's pretty easy. The exploration is fun and the puzzles are generally straightforward, overall an excellent game that I'm looking forward to finishing! I also got another trophy in Soul Sacrifice, nothing much to say on it as I barely played it this week. I'm planning to order the Complete Collection of Tropico later this week so I will be able to finish off that with the DLC, and then start ME after finishing Okami (and Astro). The main thing that's likely to mess with my plans is the release of Neo TWEWY, but I'll see if that's realistic to get through when it's out. Final Fantasy XIII - 100% Mass Effect: Legendary Edition - 0% Mass Effect 2: Legendary Edition - 0% Mass Effect 3: Legendary Edition - 0% Octodad (Vita) - 0% → Astro's Playroom - 0% Okami - 4% → 48% Soul Sacrifice - 37% → 38% Tropico 5 - 72% Swaps: 1/2
  4. So Tropico 5 game + DLC bundle is on sale but not the DLCs (individually or the DLC bundle) - And I can't buy it because I have the base game from PS+... What the hell 😕 Anyway, the full list of stuff here I'm interested in on sale is pretty long, but for now I'm thinking about picking up Shady Part of Me, Metronomicon, Curse of the Dead Gods and Wuppo.... FF Crystal Chronicles is kinda tempting too, maybe dip into the Mana series as well.
  5. Order placed for a PS5! I won't believe it until it's in my hands but managed to order a disc console with Miles Morales and an extra controller 😄

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    2. The Arizona Ranger

      The Arizona Ranger

      Congrats on finally getting one! When you do get it, make sure to put some time into Astro's Playroom to experience all of the neat things your DualSense controller is able to do!

    3. AK-1138


      I hate you. Congrats 😎

    4. Hisuiryu


      Thanks all! :D


      @The Arizona Ranger I'm really looking forward to giving it a go from everything I've heard!

  6. Camera-wise it was made worse by the fact I tend to play inverted vertical too - and apparently setting it before starting the game didn't carry over into the gameplay! The damn thing just went the opposite to where I wanted it and I don't think there's a way to change it in-game, only from the main menu! 🙃 Quirks aside, I'm definitely looking forward to sinking my teeth into it. I've skimmed a guide for a couple things to look out for, but I'm happy to do a second run if I miss anything important
  7. Week 7 Another week, another update - this time a bit more than previously! Firstly a small amount of progress on Soul Sacrifice - I cleared a couple more of the side-story chapters so there's only one more of them left, though I need to up my life stat before I can start it. I'm also making slow progress on the main story, but I think levelling some more is my best bet right now as being 1-shot by the cyclops kind of hampers my progress! So I'll likely work on some more of the other side missions this week to get some more exp and spells before I continue on. Next up, Tropico! I earned the plat this week, most of the remaining miscellaneous stuff was finished off in a normal sandbox, by the time I was done I had an extremely profitable island and an 80% approval rating - it was pretty fun. Then I used a couple of unlimited money quick islands for the US invasion and the faction happiness, in the end I did that one using the method in the guide as I couldn't manage it myself. Online was quick and easy self-boosting, it took around 30 mins to do which is about as long as it took to setup and update the other console to make it possible! I still thoroughly enjoy the game and look forward to the DLC later on Finally, I started Okami last night. Not too much to say about it yet as I only played about an hour, so far the aesthetic is wonderful (but I knew that already), the story seems interesting and the camera is annoying 😄 Final Fantasy XIII - 100% Mass Effect: Legendary Edition - 0% Mass Effect 2: Legendary Edition - 0% Mass Effect 3: Legendary Edition - 0% Octodad (Vita) - 0% Okami - 0% → 4% Soul Sacrifice - 34% → 37% Tropico 5 - 47% → 72%
  8. So posting update last week was a good motivator to push on with my list, I managed to finish up Unravel Two! Trophy hunting aside this game is a delight to play, and unlike the first game this one provided a challenge. I will say that the rarity of the trophies in general is definitely inflated (I guess by the popularity and relative ease of the first game), everything other than the gold medal times and "Hard and Fast" is pretty quick to get, and only 2 of the stages took any real amount of practice to clear without dying. Most of the times are fairly lenient as long as you don't die much, this particularly applies to the stages with more hazards as it seems they extended the target time to account for the occasional death. There is one exception though, the stage Hideaway took me a LOT of attempts. I was trying this for some time back in January and the best time I could muster was 13:13 against a target time of 13:00, and at the time that felt like a pretty optimum run which I then didn't come close to again. Returning to it this month took a short time to adjust to the controls and remember the level and begin really pushing for it - but still not beating that record for some time until yesterday, where a mediocre run (several small mistakes early and one later that wasted 5-6 seconds as I briefly forgot how to play) ended with a time of 13:03 which was that real breakthrough "I can do this" moment. The very next go I had a nigh-on perfect run and cleared it easily with a time of 12:43... Not sure what all the fuss was about! 😂 After that, the Hard and Fast trophy (beating all 20 challenge stages in 45 minutes) didn't take too much - I got it on my second full run through of the stages... And considering was only the 2nd time I had played some of them, it's really not that bad. There's only maybe 3 of them I would suggest running through multiple times to practise, then as long as you have puzzle-y ones memorised for quick clears you can afford a good number of deaths. There's no in game clock for this one, but my timer said 44:40 when I finished so I cut it fairly close but it can definitely be done a lot faster. Overall, great game and a tricky and satisfying plat! Aside from that, I also wrapped up the base game in Tropico so I will look to get the DLC at some point and finish that up to 100% Tier 2 Catherine (1.27%) - 100% Downwell (2.00%) - 91% Outland (3.81%) - 100% Tropico 5 (2.25%, 0.42%) - 47% → 72% Unravel Two (1.66%) - 88% → 100%
  9. My 4th game is done - Tropico is a fun series if you like city-builders with some comedy and Tropico 5 plays surprisingly well on console, looking forward to picking up the DLC when it's on sale next time. The plat is pretty easy as well despite it's rarity 0. 1. 2. LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 (1372) 3. 4. 5. Tropico 5 (3515) 6. Final Fantasy XIII (226) 7. Catherine (1247) 8. 9. Now, just 1 more and I'll get the badge!
  10. Congrats! As Meso said, if you need any support on the thread & updates just shout, I'd be more than happy to help out
  11. It's been a while since I calculated it, but I think my actual ceiling was around 98% in terms of unobtainables - with games that I'm unlikely to complete for other reasons I think it's realistic for me to hit 97% one day.... but it's a long way to go yet! Though because I tend to play fairly erratically, I set myself short term goals to slowly build up to rather than focussing on the end point so my estimate might be well off in the end. Either way, as long as I keep playing games I like I don't really mind. Completionism is a nice aim for me but not something I expect to ever be strict on despite some lofty goals!
  12. Week 6 We'll be hitting the halfway point this week and my list is still looking a little bit sorry for itself 😂 I did however play a decent amount of Tropico this week (and as a biproduct, partner played it as well) - I completed the campaign without too much trouble, having played through on PC before made it easy because I knew roughly what to expect on each mission. I made sure to take care of a few things while playing through, then cleaned up a few of the silly one in an unlimited-money sandbox (who would build 20 guard towers?!). Today I started a new, proper, sandbox to clean up the rest of the miscellaneous which will take me a few hours but I don't see it being too bad, I suppose the happiness will be the hardest to do, but once I hit modern era I'll get to 77 eventually. I also made a little more progress in Soul Sacrifice clearing some more side-missions this week, which allowed me to defeat the boss I was stuck on as well. I'm beginning to appreciate the importance of exploiting weaknesses and status ailments even if it means using some weaker abilities which will hopefully help me as I continue on. Final Fantasy XIII - 100% Mass Effect: Legendary Edition - 0% Mass Effect 2: Legendary Edition - 0% Mass Effect 3: Legendary Edition - 0% Octodad (Vita) - 0% Okami - 0% Soul Sacrifice - 25% -> 34% Tropico 5 - 15% -> 47%
  13. Final Fantasy XIII (7.97%) Total Time: 93 hours Fun: 7/10 (Story), 4/10 (Trophies) Difficulty: 4/10 Other: No DLC, No Online With my love of JRPGs, including the FF series, playing this one has been a long time coming. FFXIII is a game that has a lot of mixed feelings around I know many people that love it as one of their favourite entries in the series, but there is also a very vocal set of FF fans who detest it for a variety of reasons. All in all, my opinion is definitely closer the first bunch! While it is by no means a game without issues, I genuinely enjoyed my time with it and am looking forward to playing the sequels in future. Plus for a decade+ old game, it looks really good. The main criticism I see of FFXIII is it's linearity - and while I agree to the extent of the party limitations for a large portion of the game were for the worse, for progression I didn't find it a problem. To me, it's not that far off the way FFX progresses, with very few options but to run forwards until you hit around 70% of the way through the game (Calm Lands or Gran Pulse), at which point you get an open area and access to some side content. I suppose some of the difference comes from the fact that eventually in X you can revisit all of the previous areas for side-quests which isn't an option in XIII, but given the context of the story and nature of the areas you pass through it makes sense an I don't begrudge it. In terms of the story and characters, I would say it wasn't anything amazing, but interesting enough to hold my interest and keep me curious how things would progress, though I thought the ending was lackluster. The lack of explanation of some things (in-universe jargon) is kind of annoying at times, but at least the explanations exist in the game if you want to spend some time reading the datalog. As for the characters, they were kind of hit and miss, like most FF games some got more development than others, and some just felt like they were there as an excuse to pad out the party... but I suppose the nature of becoming L'Cie means they don't need strong personal motivations to complete their journey, even if it feels a little weak. I really enjoyed Fang and Vanille's story at least. But by far the games best feature is the battle system! The ATB has always been a nice balance between turn-based and action gameplay, and FFXIII's variant of it is fantastic. The ability to change classes on the fly mid-battle really gave a good tactical depth (even more so with the limited paradigm setups), and the unique abilities available to each character, plus the differences between how each class role progresses per character actually kept the feeling of uniqueness between each party member intact through to the end - unlike many RPGs where at some point they just become a small variance in stats until maxxed out, when they lose even that... Probably the biggest downside to the game is actually the trophy list! For the most part it just wants you to grind for the sake of grinding, at least for money and materials needed for treasure hunter and between drop rates, few worthwhile targets and sheer quantity it is not enjoyable. Achieving the 5* ratings on the missions was a nice challenge though, and the fact the time limit was adjusted based on your party strength is actually very interesting. That's actually about the extent of the list; finish the story, 5* all the side missions and get all the items - focusing on those 3 things and pretty much everything else just happens... not the most exciting list. All in all, I would actually recommend Final Fantasy XIII if you like linear, story-drive RPGs - but not necessarily for the plat. It's not ground breaking but it's enjoyable to play, however the trophies just detract from the overall experience.
  14. I would start with Furi, imo when it comes to tough games it's better to go for the ones you're excited to play - makes it feel easier to push through the more challenging parts! In other news, I might as well give a bit of an update while I'm here, I've made some progress on my next UR for my tier 2 this week by playing Tropico! It's definitely the easiest game on this tier so it's pretty relaxing and I enjoy this kind of game so I doubt it'll take too long to finish... except for the fact I don't have the DLC (I actually thought I did because I have it on PC)! I'm hoping it will go on sale again soon, but at least I'll aim for the plat for now. I've also begun to invest time into Unravel 2 again and it's pretty rough; the last level I need has a target time of 13 mins, my best time is 13:13, but I don't think I've come close to that again! I don't mind it being difficult, but the lack of in-game clock or telling you what time you achieved on any given attempt is frustrating... that, and sitting through the opening over and over lol. If I don't do it this week I might try and aim for the bonus levels trophy instead and come back to this one afterwards. Tier 2 Catherine (1.27%) -100% Downwell (2.00%) - 91% Outland (3.81%) 100% ✅ Tropico 5 (2.25%, 0.42%) - 15% → 47% Unravel Two (1.66%) - 88%
  15. That's it, competition over - there's no beating that!