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  1. Oh damn, I forgot to buy the things in my cart before the last sale ended.... looks like those DLCs will have to wait until next time

  2. So with the LBP servers being officially shut on PS3, LBP2 is added to my unobtainables... I'm not really upset though, when the news of the server outage earlier this year hit (due to DDoS and hacking) I decided I would get the game cleared up when it came back online. It's a shame to not get that opportunity, but it's also a game I played once for maybe 2 hours total a decade ago, hardly a great loss for me when I've got so many games to play. 


    Like I've done with TLOU and Burnout I'll get around to earning all the trophies still possible at some point, but it's just dropped itself back down the priority list.

    1. AJ_Radio


      I didn't get around to the multiplayer in the original TLOU. You can't always accomplish what you want, especially when it comes to trophy hunting.

  3. Got to the last phase of the boss fight in Downwell hard mode and choked... I'll manage it soon!

  4. It's a small thing, but I hit my 7000th trophy yesterday and marked it with my very first PS5 trophy! 

    :bronze: In Mint Condition


    The trophy isn't that impressive of course, but the timing was good to do this and I'm pretty pleased to have this marked on my profile. :D Here's to another 7000 this generation!

  5. Order placed for a PS5! I won't believe it until it's in my hands but managed to order a disc console with Miles Morales and an extra controller 😄

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    2. The Arizona Ranger

      The Arizona Ranger

      Congrats on finally getting one! When you do get it, make sure to put some time into Astro's Playroom to experience all of the neat things your DualSense controller is able to do!

    3. AK-1138


      I hate you. Congrats 😎

    4. Hisuiryu


      Thanks all! :D


      @The Arizona Ranger I'm really looking forward to giving it a go from everything I've heard!

  6. I wonder if I can finish Tropico and play Mass Effect 1-3 to completion before NeoTWEWY comes out.... I had forgotten it was this month until my brother mentioned it and now I've played the demo I'm really excited for it all over again!

  7. [Final Fantasy XIII] I'm so close to finishing it now - I forgot to sync my trophies but I'm only missing Treasure Hunter, and for that I think I just need to get 1 more Dark Matter and I'll be golden. I have enough cash to buy the Perovskite I need for the rest of the accessories, weapons are all done except ultimates where I'm 1 Trapezehedron short but I should be able to make do with dismantling to get one back to avoid grinding for an extra.


    Just got to cross my fingers I haven't screwed up the item tracking!

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    2. Hisuiryu


      @DrBloodmoney It's definitely a game that the trophies spoil the experience somewhat rather than enhance it - thankfully I don't mind a grind too much even if RNG is the worst kind. 


      When FF fans complain about 13 and how linear it is for most the game, I like to remind them that 10 isn't much different and people love it... 13 has it's problems, but it's fun and the battle system is great imo

    3. DrBloodmoney


      Yup - I did my review of it in my rankings thread a little bit back, and I pretty much agree - slightly weaker story and characters than others, but linearity is not a big problem, and the battle system is one of the best!

    4. eigen-space


      And people LOVE FF7R and it's even MORE linear than FFXIII. At least XIII opens up at some point.

  8. Covid vaccine #1 booked for the end of the month and #2 for September! I'll definitely forget by then so hopefully they'll send a reminder lol

    1. Doomed_Gary


      If you live in a state that does a card don't forget to  bring it back for the second dose.. It happened to somebody I know <.<

    2. MidnightDragon



    3. Hisuiryu


      @nyarLOLhotepI'm sure that caused some trouble for them lol. I'm in the UK so that's not a thing for me, but good reminder to anyone state-side reading this! 

  9. While I'm trying to avoid using guides for Catherine's hard mode, I did succumb to look at a run of 6-2. I still didn't copy it, but watching the spike trap section made me realise one of my earlier moves was messing up the drop pattern... all I had to adjust was wait for the next bit of wall before pushing something to make the rest fairly simple. From there getting to 7-3 has mostly straightforward - I'm actually having a much better time on these stages than I did on normal which is a good sign that I've improved.


    But so far 7-3 really is a nightmare 😂 

    1. Dzware


      Yea, that's one thing to always keep in mind. If you're getting stuck somewhere, it might be because of a mistake you made earlier. This can also be due to mistakes made just before a checkpoint, I actually had a few occasions where I was completely stuck after a checkpoint, but found out later it was actually impossible to progress without restarting the whole area 😂

  10. Trying to put together a list of all the digital content I want from the PS3 and Vita stores before they close and it's a lot... In the end my priorities will be DLC for games on my profile > DLC for other games I own > DLC for games I want and can buy physically > digital only games not available on any other platforms > digital only games not available on other PS platforms (ie, on Steam but not on PS4/5).


    There's also titles that exist physically but are prohibitively expensive, or ones that are available physically in another region that I might be able to get a reasonably priced copy of... I guess in the end I'll end up doing a whole bunch of research then still miss a lot of things that interest me....

  11. I had missed exactly 1 monolith in Tales of Zestiria - who knew cleaning up collectables could be so easy!

    1. Doomed_Gary


      I blocked out how my monolith hunting went. Pretty sure I missed more than one.

  12. So I just launched Tales of Zestiria for the first time since 2018 - I genuinely have no idea what I was doing (I'm in the final dungeon on NG+), how far my progress towards different trophies is and how the mechanics work. This is going to take some time....

  13. I was surprised how easy I found the Test of the Ring trophy in Shadow of Mordor after some of the things I've read, didn't even follow any kind of guide a cleared it with 11 minutes to spare. The only thing left is Test of the Wild which is apparently harder so we'll see what happens.


    And in Disgaea news, I found the Meowkins pirates, so next up is farming captives for the rest of the ship parts so I can access the Land of Carnage. I'm actually progressing pretty quickly so far - hopefully when I'm item worlding for the high rank items I'll actually find Kurtis at some point.... 

    1. DrBloodmoney


      Nice work on Test of the Ring 👏🏼 👏🏼 👍  - I did these recently, and -like you- did Test of the Ring first, and got it on the first try (I only had 4 minutes to spare I think though, so kudos!)


      Test of the Wild took me 7 or 8 full tries to get (including one absolutely gutting one, where I finished 4seconds over the time limit!), but if you get some luck, it will go your way.


      Good luck to you :) - it’s tough but do-able, and I must say, even after all that struggling to get it done, I was still hungry enough for more that I played the entirety of Shadow of War right afterwards! 



    2. Hisuiryu


      @DrBloodmoney The first thing I did was jump on a graug and munch any captains  Isaw on my way to the first warchief, so I was down 4 captains and 1 chief within 6 or 7 minutes.... it seemed to work alright from there! 


      4 seconds... that must have felt awful! But thanks, I may need that luck! :D

      Honestly I might do the same - I'm surprised how much I enjoyed it in the end, I'm glad the online shutdown made me finally start it

    3. DrBloodmoney


      For info - on the run I managed to do it, the trick was to ONLY go after warchiefs, and always ‘advance time’ rather than just quick travelling, and have a map on your lap, of where the graug baits are.


      My method was: 

      Go after a warchief, and dominate.

      Send him to attack another warchief.

      check map - if a graug bait is near, where the mission is use Graug to kill as many bodyguards as you can, then help your warchief kill the warchief.

      Send your living dominated warchief to kill next one.

      ADVANCE TIME - this will promote a new warchief to replace the previous one, and assign him bodyguards.





      that way, you never have to spend time finding captains, and the Graug Baits are often close to the nemesis mission locations, so you should get all the graug kills pretty easily.


      at the end, just blow up your first warchief’s head, and Bob’s your Mother’s Brother 😎



  14. Long grinds without any in-game tracking really is just awful...

  15. I got a -Str, -Luk MURAMASA in Operation Abyss.... I'll reroll it when I have some more cash, but it's my first max lv equip! I didn't have an ordinary Muramasa when I got it, but I was farming gamble codes and one dropped so I got that trophy at least. Interestingly on the 300k money trophy, it looks like if you sell items to reach the amount, the trophy doesn't pop. I'm going to try some things to see what actually triggers it later (if I'm over 300k+ then get some more from battle does it pop? If I spend money to bring myself under the amount then earn it in battle? am I just bugged out of the trophy now?)


    I might try my hand at a guide for this game - it's kind of old now and very niche but it's hard to find a lot of good collected information about it, and the game being filled with jargon just makes it worse.

  16. I'm inching closer to my 100th plat, but I still don't know what to play for the milestone! I should probably stop being so picky about it...



    1. Sir_Bee


      I recommend The Sexy Brutale.  Fantastic, relatively short mystery game.

  17. Although I am enjoying Ghost of Tsushima, I'm honestly surprised it's received as much praise as it has. It's by no means a bad game, but I wouldn't call it as amazing as many other people do - maybe it's just because of high expectations after the amount of praise I've seen?

    1. Dreakon13


      I think it's less that it's consistently amazing or anything, but moreso that it's such a solid package that seems to do all the little things right.  Not to mention it's beautiful aesthetic and emphasis on authenticity (as much as a game can anyways).

  18. Kingdom Hearts 2 (Critical Mode) - So after struggling against Xigbar for over an hour, I beat Luxord first time, Saix 3rd go and Xemnas in one. Isn't he meant to be the easy one?! Just waiting for the ending to play and I'll have my plat though, #75 milestone too!

  19. Playing the start of KH2 again makes me want to play 358/2 Days as well... I'm still disappointed that they didn't actually do the game as part of the remasters.

    1. JaM


      I'd say it is good that they didn't. I love those 2 but the gameplay becomes repetitive fast. My least favorite in the series gameplay-wise - and yes, I've played re;coded.

    2. Hisuiryu


      @JaMI mean, I get it, I can't argue it's probably one of the weakest gameplay-wise. I still thoroughly enjoyed it though and would have loved to see the whole thing remastered, there are certainly worse games around! That said, if the urge to play it get's too strong, I still have it on DS, so nothing's actually stopping me haha

  20. Damn, I just realised I'm 13 trophies from 5500, but have 14 left in KH2.... that would have been nice! Oh well, this is what happens if you don't even notice your trophy count being close to a milestone!

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    2. DamagingRob


      If it makes you feel any better, it's not an official milestone as far as the site's concerned. The 500th ones cutoff after 4,500.

    3. Hisuiryu


      @DamagingRob ohh, I didn't realise that, so I guess it's just the thousands from now... Thanks for letting me know! 

    4. DamagingRob


      No problem. And yeah, until you hit 10,000. Then it spaces out to every 5,000th trophy. The higher you get, the less milestones you receive. :/

  21. Both Time and Eternity and Journey are now complete, after 7 and 3 years respectively! I was surprised there's still a decent amount of people wondering around on Journey, so managed it with no issues.


    Got to decide on my 75th plat soon, but I really don't know what I want to play for the milestone...

    1. charxsetsuna


      I can only play journey when I'm in the correct mood for it, because of that I play it rarely.  I do want to 100%, it though.

  22. The Last of Us is now done! A shame I'll never get the plat because of the online, but happy to say I've done everything that's still possible on this (without buying a US copy to play Grounded mode at least). for my next PS3 game I've gone back to Journey!

  23. Apparently I missed a shiv door in TLOU of us even though I was following a guide and got all the other collectables.... Guess I'll run through on Easy+ for it since I still need one more weapon upgrade as well.


    Nice to not be at 3% on it anymore!