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  1. And it's at exactly this moment I found out the US version of Axiom Verge is a UR plat. Huh. Anyway, I'm finally getting around to the Tropico 5 DLC so hopefully I'll get to tier 3 soon (and if anyone had the DLC and wants to do the online trophy together let me know!). A lot of fun reading everyone's updates as always, even if it makes me feel like I'm not putting enough effort into this ๐Ÿ˜…
  2. Oh damn, I forgot to buy the things in my cart before the last sale ended.... looks like those DLCs will have to wait until next time

  3. My slow crawl through the ME trilogy is finally complete! Honestly had a blast replaying these, I did way more than was needed for the plats which was part of the slowness (there's a lot more side content than the trophy lists require). IIRC the Legendary Edition extra list is being scored as a DLC, but eligible for a series stacker bonus so scoring comes to - Mass Effect 3 (PS4): 100 + 66 - 46.81 + 50(series stacker) = 169.19 Mass Effect: Legendary Edition: 21 + 75(series stacker) = 96 = 265.19 Total
  4. @MidnightDragon So it turns out when Control was PS+ I managed to not claim the PS5 version (I was very confused when I tried to download it...). Can I change this swap to be for Bugsnax instead of using another swap up for it? Update 3 - These are getting later in the week! I will resume my normal Monday updates next week hopefully! Anyway, only one thing to talk about here, I have now finished ME3! It took longer than expected but I had a lot of fun replaying the series. Thankfully it was only a handful of missions that really gave me trouble, so my full play on insanity wasn't as painful as I'd feared early on. I ended up not managing to hijack a mech in the play as typically there was too much ally and power damage to not just destroy them.... in fact the only time I broke the glass was in the Omega DLC section, but I ran out of ammo to kill the pilot and Aria killed it by the time I got some more! Since you can do the Eden Prime mission before Palaven it didn't take long to get it alongside the gunsmith trophy. Next up I think I'll started either TLOU2 or NeoTWEWY (and some Tropico DLC) - got to really pick up the pace for this challenge! Mass Effect 3: Legendary Edition - 68% โ†’ 100% Full List Swaps used: 1/5
  5. Update 2 - My slow start continues! Things have been kind of busy for me (in fact, I was away Mon&Tue which is why my update's later in the week than normal) but I think it'll begin to settle down now. I'm going to be working in the office 1 day a week now so I'll be getting some commuter time to play the vita, silver linings and all that. Anyway, as for my list, once again I've only been playing ME3 (and some irrelevant things on the side), I've managed to clear a number of the main missions since last Monday - Priority: Tuchanka, Citadel and Rannoch are done, as well as most of the missions involving the ME2 crew, the last thing I did was the whole of Leviathan, and honestly I forgot how long it was! Trophies I'm still missing are basically finish the missions, Citadel DLC, Omega DLC and a small amount of miscellaneous - playing insanity I'm not sure I'll be able to steal an Atlus since they tend to die before the glass breaks, I'll keep trying but that might have to go onto the partial play 2 with the level 10 weapon upgrades. Alienation - 1% Bloodborne - 0% Deus Ex: Human Revolution - 0% DJMax Technika Tune - 24% Final Fantasy Type-0 - 13% God of War (2018) - 0% Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3 - 17% Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories (PS3) - 0% Maneater (PS5) - 0% โ†’ Control (PS5) - 0% Mass Effect 3: Legendary Edition - 34% โ†’ 68% Mirror's Edge - 0% Natural Doctrine - 5% NEO: The World Ends with You - 0% Pyre - 0% Remember Me - 8% Sonic Mania - 0% Surgeon Simulator - 38% The Last of Us: Part II - 0% Thumper - 0% Uncharted: Golden Abyss - 2% Valkyria Chronicles - 0% Zone of the Enders HD - 0% Swaps used: 1/5
  6. So with the LBP servers being officially shut on PS3, LBP2 is added to my unobtainables... I'm not really upset though, when the news of the server outage earlier this year hit (due to DDoS and hacking) I decided I would get the game cleared up when it came back online. It's a shame to not get that opportunity, but it's also a game I played once for maybe 2 hours total a decade ago, hardly a great loss for me when I've got so manyย games to play.ย 


    Like I've done with TLOU and Burnout I'll get around to earning all the trophies still possible at some point, but it's just dropped itself back down the priority list.

    1. AJ_Radio


      I didn't get around to the multiplayer in the original TLOU. You can't always accomplish what you want, especially when it comes to trophy hunting.

  7. You're showing as premium on both the forum and you profile - what makes you say it's gone?
  8. This is the reason I'm really glad I played the PS3 version, you only need to get the golds on Hard so it's way less of a grind.... on the downside, it's harder (no item in Babel, no rewind on hard), and you don't get the extra content (RIN). Either way, grats on getting through it Yuber!
  9. Just a quick one to make a swap - itching to play something PS5-y but not sure I'm still interested in Maneater... and with the Alan Wake remaster announced seems like a good time to give Control a go! Maneater (PS5) - 0% โ†’ Control (PS5) - 0% Swaps used: 1/5
  10. Catherine - Obelisk Conquered!: Complete Stage 3 of Babel. Clearing Babel is probably the hardest thing I've done on my account, unlike a lot of the other difficult trophies I've earned, this one required much more learning the game rather than repetition and muscle memory (a la I Am Bread). The Obelisk in particular took a great many goes because of the combination of puzzle difficulty and the RNG of the block types that appear - compared to that even stage 4 wasn't so bad.
  11. Update 1 - So off to a slow start this time around - I've played a fair bit of games that are nothing to do with this event though, so that's something... ๐Ÿ˜… A little progress was made on ME3, while the previous entry is the hardest on Insanity, I had forgotten how rough parts of 3 are as well! It's slowing my progress a fair bit (so many deaths), but hopefully I'll get into the swing of it soon. Next up is a few side-missions and Priority: Tuchanka which is possibly one of my favourite missions (mostly for the narrative) so I'm looking forward to that. Alienation - 1% Bloodborne - 0% Deus Ex: Human Revolution - 0% DJMax Technika Tune - 24% Final Fantasy Type-0 - 13% God of War (2018) - 0% Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3 - 17% Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories (PS3) - 0% Maneater (PS5) - 0% Mass Effect 3: Legendary Edition - 28% โ†’ 34% Mirror's Edge - 0% Natural Doctrine - 5% NEO: The World Ends with You - 0% Pyre - 0% Remember Me - 8% Sonic Mania - 0% Surgeon Simulator - 38% The Last of Us: Part II - 0% Thumper - 0% Uncharted: Golden Abyss - 2% Valkyria Chronicles - 0% Zone of the Enders HD - 0%
  12. This sounds like fun (even if it messes with my existing game plans...)! Here are my 3 to lock in if they sound good enough Mass Effect 3 - Lots of sci-fi-horror elements; husks being very zombie-like, the Leviathan DLC being particularly lovecraftian, various missions being creepy as fuck (can you say monastery), Banshees in general Soul Sacrifice - Grotesque and creepy beasties all around, body-horror and some pretty dark implications and story beats The Last of Us: Part II - Zombies, and if anything like part I implications of torture and other dark themes And thoughts on some others for now... The Walking Dead Michonne - More zombies Bloodborne - Gothic-horror vibe (I've not played it before, but I'm pretty sure it'll fit...) Alien Isolation - Survival-horror game, unnerving & scary Vampyr - Er, vampires Hollow Knight - Spooky and dark world Thumper - Rhythm game with a very creepy kind of vibe? More abstract than other suggestions but just feels halloweeny Bioshock Remastered - Horror themes, creepy setting, various jump scares
  13. A couple people mentioned the Overwatch changes, these are the old description of the ones I know are different, all tied with changes to character abilities which would make the requirements impossible Simple Geometry: Get 2 killing blows with a single use of Hanzo's Scatter Arrow in Quick or Competitive Play. Armor Up!: Have one of Torbjรถrn's Armor Packs on 5 allies at the same time in Quick or Competitive Play. Huge Rez: Resurrect 4 players at once with Mercy in Quick or Competitive Play. The Car Wash: Hit an enemy with 7 beams simultaneously as Symmetra in Quick or Competitive Play. The first 2 also had their trophy icons changed to the icons of the new abilities in game (Old version of the list) The plat for Lumo was originally the default plat icon before being changed to the current one (Discussed here)
  14. Mine looks correct! A shame my timing for August went awry and I didn't get through ME3 (meaning I missed out on 2 numbers), but I'm still excited to see how my badge ends up Thanks for the hard work with the event and badges @eigen-space, @Jens & @Spacey Dweeb!
  15. Mentioning this right after it comes off of discount is kind of annoying.... Hopefully it will go again before it's delisted, I'm interested in the title but not enough to pay full price for it.
  16. Thanks as always for the update! So this is the month I broke the 5% progress mark! I've played a lot more new games over the past few months (that is to say added them to my profile, not necessarily recent releases), and even been buying more... but I'm still keeping up completions! The games I completed last month were Mass Effect 2, Miles Morales, Downwell and Crash Bandicoot: Warped - Actually half of those completions are down to getting a PS5. Miles for obvious reasons, but Crash 3 wasn't done because I haven't had a copy since the DLC dropped, but the PS+ collection gave me access to finish it up. This month I plan to wrap up ME3 and by extension the Legendary Edition extra list, do the DLC on Tropico 5 and (maybe) finally complete Soul Sacrifice. I'll likely start NEO TWEWY as well, but beyond that is anyone's guess!
  17. Oh I will! I played the PS3 version excessively so it'll be nice to play again and get some trophies this time!
  18. I've been having a hard time coming up with a list for this, since it crosses over to next year and I don't stick to long-term plans.... But now I'm out of time so here we go! Alienation - 1% Bloodborne - 0% Deus Ex: Human Revolution - 0% DJMax Technika Tune - 24% Final Fantasy Type-0 - 13% God of War (2018) - 0% Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3 - 17% Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories (PS3) - 0% Maneater (PS5) - 0% Mass Effect 3: Legendary Edition - 28% Mirror's Edge - 0% Natural Doctrine - 5% NEO: The World Ends with You - 0% Pyre - 0% Remember Me - 8% Sonic Mania - 0% Surgeon Simulator - 38% The Last of Us: Part II - 0% Thumper - 0% Uncharted: Golden Abyss - 2% Valkyria Chronicles - 0% Zone of the Enders HD - 0%
  19. Final update: So I was away for a bit (which is why I didn't update last week) and my plans to finish up ME2 & 3 before the month ended went down in flames! None the less, I finished up ME2 over the weekend and made a good start in 3, which I'll be getting through in the coming weeks - I'll likely get a few more trophies before the day is out but this is pretty much where I'm finishing this event. All in all had fun this time around, finally playing FF13 and Okami, games I've been meaning to play for years, was fantastic despite the plat grind involved in the former. Tropico is a lot of fun and I'll be playing the DLC in the near future to finish it up, and continue chipping away at Soul Sacrifice, both games being long-standing entries on my profile that I never got around to playing enough. Although not part of my original plans, getting a PS5 and having the opportunity to drop Astro into my list was a lot of fun! And finally revisiting the new release of one of my favourite game series is always going to be a positive to me - and the remasters are definitely worthwhile Final Fantasy XIII - 100% Mass Effect: Legendary Edition - 100% Mass Effect 2: Legendary Edition - 43% โ†’ 100% Mass Effect 3: Legendary Edition - 0% โ†’ 24% Astro's Playroom - 100% Okami - 100% Soul Sacrifice - 51% โ†’ 52% Tropico 5 - 72% Swaps: 1/2 In the end 5/8 games completed, and one other platted but not 100% - pretty good all in all with the other things I've been playing as well. Now to put together my list for the next event ๐Ÿ˜…
  20. Took longer than I intended to get this done, but some more points on the board for me! Mass Effect 2 (PS4): 100 + 66 - 49.63 = 116.37 And congratulations @Psy-Tychist!
  21. PS1 - Crash Bandicoot 2 PS2 - Final Fantasy X PS3 - Mass Effect 2 PS4 - Horizon Zero Dawn PSP - Persona 3 Portable PS Vita - Muramasa Rebirth I think... there's definitely some answers that would change depending on my mood, but they're all definitely up there!
  22. It doesn't bother me what the trophy spread is, as long as the game and list are interesting and fun... so neither!
  23. Week 11 With 2 weeks left I'm inching closer to completion... but as I'm away for a week of that it's probably not happening again! I hoped to have ME2 completed by now but got wrapped up on some other things and I'm having a rough time with Insanity which slows it down too. I'll definitely be done by next week, and hopefully complete ME3 as well, but I doubt I'll finish up Soul Sacrifice or the Tropico DLC as well. As for what I have done - I mentioned above ME2 is a little slow going, I've died a lot so far, more than I remember ever doing on previous plays... I put this partially down to playing Vanguard for the first time, I've read that it's a lot of fun and quite powerful, but I'm really not finding it either of these things... I very much regret not sticking with my usual Infiltrator or Adept. Still, I'm powering through, all squad is now recruited except the last one and I've just done the Collector Ship mission, so now it'll be bouncing around to get everyone's loyalty (except Kasumi's who I have, because I'm not playing longer than I need to without the Locust SMG) I also put some more time into Soul Sacrifice. I've come to a conclusion on this - I don't enjoy the gameplay, but the story is compelling and I want to see how the ending goes... and I might as well stick with it for the plat. When I'm working through the story or side missions I'm quite happy to deal with the battles in between to see where it goes, but the Avalon pacts are dull as dull can be. Still, I've cleared all the story missions within Librom now, so I just need to power up enough to defeat Magusar to see the ending which I'm looking forward to. Also the guide on this website is not very helpful which makes things harder - thankfully there are other guides elsewhere. Final Fantasy XIII - 100% Mass Effect: Legendary Edition - 70% โ†’ 100% Mass Effect 2: Legendary Edition - 0% โ†’ 43% Mass Effect 3: Legendary Edition - 0% Astro's Playroom - 0% โ†’ 100% Okami - 48% โ†’ 100% Soul Sacrifice - 38% โ†’ 51% Tropico 5 - 72% Swaps: 1/2
  24. Predictably I'm behind on this thread once again! Tropico 5 (2.21%) Total Time: 20 hours Fun: 8/10 Difficulty: 3/10 Notes: 2 trophy-DLC packs, Quick and easy to boost online Tropico 5 is the first entry in the popular city-builder series to grace PS, and as a genre that rarely leaves the PC-verse I was pleasantly surprised how well it played on console. The game revolves around building up tropical islands from colonisation by the British, declaring independence and navigating world politics through various era's while balancing happiness, faction support, the economy and whatever hare-brained ideas your adviser comes up with. Like many of these kinds of games, it has a bit of a learning curve to get used the balance and how to deal with your islanders without losing support of spiralling too far into nation debt. However a bit of trial and error getting used to it, and the game is relatively easy (despite what the rarity might make you believe... it suffers major PS+ syndrome), a few mission requirements in the campaign can cause trouble if your island is not set up in a good way ready for them, but I never found any point where it wasn't salvageable. I very much appreciate that the game doesn't overstay it's welcome, the campaign is a great length for the type of game and pushes you to do a few things without really feeling repetitive or like you're only going through the motions to tick the boxes. Some of the miscellaneous trophies would be a bit of a pain but the availability of unlimited money sandbox mode means anything you don't achieve playing normally can be cleaned up pretty fast. The online on this sort of game is something that's never appealed to me and Tropico 5 is no different, thankfully the trophy requirement can be completed in about 30 mins with a partner so it doesn't detract from the overall experience. Overall this game is a lot of fun and most people will have access to it from PS+ so I recommend giving it a go if city builders appeal to you! My only warning is the DLC packs are a little pricey and I have found it's cheaper to buy the complete collection on disc (which includes to game and all DLC) than just trying to get the trophy-DLC...
  25. Welcome to my little trophy corner I trophy hunt on and off so I have periods with some 100%s followed by a bunch of unfinished titles or inactivity as I play other consoles too.... but I'll keep going! I started trophy hunting back in 2014 shortly after I got my PS4, before that I was on Xbox where I was also achievement hunting. Since then I've worked to replay games I love on Playstation and pad out my profile with games I enjoy, or at least think I will! When I started trophy hunting in 2014 I think my completion rate at the time was around 30% and I was determined to get that up. I'd like to get to 90%+ eventually. Trophy hunting goals for 2021: For games with cross play or cross platform, it has been included with whichever system I primarily played on. - Completed Games - PS5 PS4 PS3 PS Vita - The Backlog - Wishlist Games I want to get at some point, mostly just for me to keep track of, but recommendations are always welcome! - Project Platinum & Community Events -