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  1. Nope. Shenmue
  2. Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed (PS3/PS4) Assassin's Creed II Beyond: Two Souls Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut Heavy Rain Horizon: Zero Dawn Life is Strange Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Remember Me Saints Row: The Third Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments The Walking Dead: Season 1 Until Dawn
  3. No Dead Nation
  4. Yes. Onrush
  5. #92: Bayonetta Acquire all Trophies Acquire all Trophies First platinum of the year for me, and really, I couldn't've asked for a better game for the spot than this one. There's just no other way of putting it: this game is awesome! Admittedly, it's one of the most ridiculous and over-the-top titles I've played in a while. But it relishes in all of that, and rounds out as a whole, into a captivating hack 'n' slash. If you're open to all of the light-hearted humor and innuendo, then what is there not to like with this? From the soundtrack, among them the different renditions of Fly Me to the Moon, to well-done enemy and level design, and on to the gigantic, epic boss battles. On top of that, there's the sassy, badass protagonist the game is centered around. And then, as expected of a Platinum title, the combat's both incredibly entertaining. Especially when you start flowing Bayonetta's more stylish combos together, as that's when the real fun with the game's combat really begins. The torture attacks and Climax kills shown at the end of boss fights, whether they be brutal, awesome, or simply amusing, couldn't be more satisfying to end a battle or boss fight with either. These culminate into the many hectic, action-packed battles throughout the game. And I enjoyed pretty much every second of them. Because of the ∞ Climax difficulty, and some of the trickier Alfheim Portals, the platinum trophy itself took more time than I'd expected it to take. Luckily, with the right accessories equipped, some item management, and a bit of planning, the both of them become easier to deal with. Once again, this was quite the wonderful and memorable thrill ride from Platinum Games. I really couldn't recommend it enough to anyone who hasn't gotten around to playing it yet.
  6. No Transistor
  7. Nope LittleBigPlanet 3
  8. Nope Saints Row IV
  9. Would it be too late to join? The clock won't strike 12 for another eight hours over here, but this sounds like fun. Would be nice motivation for me to look at some of my older backlog games. As some others have already challenged themselves to, none of my games will count until their trophies are completed.
  10. Correct L.A. Noire
  11. How much of the challenges have you tried? You could surprise yourself, if you give it some time. Yes, they'll be hard at first (with either the Jungle, or electric floor making or breaking the platinum), but you'll find that Batman's moves give you more than a couple of different ways to approach the combat challenges if you practice with them. Although it's much harder to master, Asylum also has the easiest gameplay to pick back up out of the rest of the series, too.
  12. Nope Tomb Raider
  13. This makes you two things: you're halfway toward achieving the Beyond Gotham special rank for completing 1 of 2 of the LEGO Batman games required here. In the main leaderboard, you also qualify as a Civilian in Danger, which is this Project Platinum's beginning rank for simply signing up. With only the Challenge Mode from Asylum left to do, you aren't very far from the next rank, though.
  14. This must be one of the most polarizing months of Plus I've seen, though it seems like too many people are overlooking Amplitude and Zone of the Enders. While they're not for everyone understandably, if you don't own either one or both of those PS3 selections, at least give them a decent look before immediately writing them off. I still have to get to two of the games from this month's lineup. But after those, these two titles alone makes this a worthwhile month of gaming personally.