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  7. #68 - Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Perfect Assassin Unlock all trophies Unlike Contracts, I had never played this one before so this was a new experience. I realized only after playing Contracts that this should have been played first, but I'm glad I did it the way I did as I definitely feel like I would've had more trouble with this otherwise. This game was longer, just as enjoyable, and even had a better story than that of Contracts, but it was also more challenging. Several of the missions in this game were harder to complete, and even more difficult to complete stealthily. One mission, for example, required you to snipe a motorcade (Agent 47 is not the best at sniping), and another had you shoot your way through a church and take down the boss at the end of it. More missions like these made you really consider and think about how you were going to approach the level. There were also annoying parts of the missions as well. Civilians and guards alike were at times terrible. While guards in this game have one route that they stick with, civilians' routes are completely random. Guards can see through walls and hear from hallways away. It doesn't help that they follow you at times either. These blew my cover several times and wasted otherwise good runs. A lot of things could've been better, but I hear Blood Money does exactly that, so I'm looking forward to playing it next.
  8. #68 - Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. And that makes one more assignment for me to complete. 

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