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  1. If you ever come back you better make damn sure I heard about it.

  2. I got the speedrun trophy and the crushing trophy (and the accuracy trophy) at the same time. So yeah. Check my timestamps if you want. It must be a glitch to you only. Oh and yes I kept the stats from my other run.
  3. I'm not sure if I'm late to the party, but after finding out I'd need the NG+ and NG++ rings aswell, I went like fuck it, I'll just get someone to trade them to me. Is there anyone that is willing to help me out with this? I'm currently SL 107 on NG+. Cleaning up the endings and gestures etc. If someone is so kind as to help me with this, they will have an official GIM Favor owed to them. (Will basicly help boost whichever game they like).
  4. All I have to say is what the fuck. This could be something.
  5. I did another playthrough. The developers replied to me on twitter that they would look into this glitch but no changes thus far. I also found out there are many other game breaking glitches.
  6. I've encountered many glitches in this game, including that one. I fixed it by replaying what counted as the last of each categories rifts again. You should try this.
  7. I have encountered a game breaking glitch in the otherwise enjoyable game that is Lords of the Fallen. Just watch this video and you will see what's wrong. I advise to not buy until this is fixed. I keep dying instantly upon respawning, right before the final bossfight, which is all I needed for my platinum. I have tried reloading my save over and over, even closing the game and restarting it AND rebooting the PS4 itself, nothing works. The worst part is it seems like this could happen to ANYONE at ANYTIME as all I did to trigger it was die, in no special way, on a boss fight. The game is broken as it is.
  8. The Final Episode (Let's Change The Channel) - Asking Alexandria The normal lyrics at 1:00; You said the nights were far too long! Misheard lyrics at 1:00; Your sister likes my farts alot! ------------------------------------------------------------------- The normal lyrics at 2:21; I wear them proudly! Misheard lyrics at 2:21; I want a brownie!
  9. He was warning about gamesharing and shit... So he probably gameshared with someone and he pissed someone off who reported him for it. That's what I think happened. Regardless, must suck for him.
  10. This newly released DLC trophy for The Playroom is gonna cost you the price of 4 controllers. - Mask Quartet - Give yourself and 3 other people a mask to wear, all at the same time. I've been playing the new DLC just now and got the other 2 trophies... Damn am I pissed that I'll have to buy 2 more controllers if I ever want this single bronze trophy. And on a free game even, thanks alot sony. The only other solution would be borrowing 2 controllers from a friend but it remains shitty. Any thoughts about this? I don't make threads often, just came to let my frustration out. F&%K.
  11. The glitch still works. So you can play Easy and then move on to grounded +.
  12. I don't quite agree with this part. If the system changes then so does the way every game is recieved, so it is no longer inaccurate. If the system were to actually change it would be accurate. I think exclusive avatars/titles/colors/etc are a good thing and I'd have no trouble setting goals like achieving 100 platinums to unlock one I think looks sweet. How do you think microsoft does it? Sony can easily do it the way they do. Only count approved synched trophies through the network and not local system trophies. And any hack gets a console ban. (As in no more accounts can play online through that console)
  13. Sign me up princess
  14. Bioshock for sure. Grab a vid guide and do that last trophy for under 15:00. Get a sweetass 100% on der.
  15. RDR mang, that game is a masterpiece.