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  1. Well my friends, after spending almost 40 hours on criminal mastermind 3 alone, me and my team have overcome the odds and finally completed it. After 3 tries of glitching and bullshit disconnecting.
  2. Me and my team completed the khanjali setup and when loading back into freemode a message popped up on the bottom of my screen saying "Saving failed - unable to connect to the Rockstar game services." I check my cm3 progress which is as it should at 26/29 and so is my teammates which don't have that message either. As I'm looking online for a solution to fix this problem I get disconnected and loaded into story mode. I reload GTA online and see a message above my minimap saying "SAVE SUCCESSFUL". I check my progress which is now at 25/29, I go into the planning room of the facility and see that the khanjali setup has not been completed even though I did five minutes ago. My teammates progress though is how it should be at 26/29 and now mine is at 25/29 which means we can't continue otherwise they get reset. This would be a third time of having to restart because of a problem on Rockstar's end. I submitted a ticket and this was their exact response. Hello MAlegend_1, Thank you for contacting Rockstar support! We appreciate your patience while we reviewed your request. We understand that during your game play the mission you were playing did not save. Unfortunately, we can recover the information for you, as it was never save to our system. Also, when crashes or certain errors occur this is similar to connection issues or disconnecting from the server. We will be unable to compensate or restore any of the requested information at this time. We hope you understand this decision. Please do not hesitate to contact us in the future regarding any issue related to our titles. Best regards, Brittonni S. Rockstar Support Obviously I'm going to try and appeal further because I just can't go through the stress of starting again for a third time.
  3. Also is there a difference between normal and hard on the doomsday heists other than the lives you get?
  4. Assassin's Creed
  5. Name the Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies that you've really wanted. Here are mine: - Julius Caesar (Assassin's Creed Brotherhood) and I have earned this trophy. - There's no place like Home (PlayStation Home) and I haven't earned this trophy with 17 more days left . - Endangered Species (Grand Theft Auto IV) and I have earned this trophy with over 15 hours of gameplay. - Abstergo Employee of the Month (Assassin's Creed Brotherhood) and I have earned this trophy. Have finally gotten the PS Home Gold trophy
  6. I will be getting the PS4 version of AC4 in the next month or so and I was wondering if you just need one other player to help you with this trophy or does it have to be done with four players because on most gaming sessions people have stated that they're are earning the trophy by creating two clans and joining each other through a clan match. Just want to no if anyone has earned the trophy by getting one other player to help you in a private session of domination, if it's possible.
  7. I wanted to grind this game on both PS3 and PS4. But it's not worth buying it twice but on different systems. I was wondering if someone has got this game for free with PS Plus as a I have not used it before.
  8. AC Brotherhood Platinum