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  1. Made mine and wtf are they talking about? Why is it showing gameplay for the 2 dlc's? I've never even played them
  2. Persona 5 won't touch the other games m8...
  3. I can see a lot of lonely, desperate people buying this.
  4. What is the gameplay like in this?
  5. I think i'll wait for the PS4 port. I need Barbie to be in 1080p 60fps or else.
  6. Hey, thanks for the add :D. You are the first person I've seen with a favourite languages list btw

  7. Are you still using XP in fear that Microsoft is listening in on your conversations, spying on you and giving away your data?
  8. Should I wait for the Star Wars PS4 to release or just get a normal one late september? I want to have one by the time BO3 releases so I can play day 1 with my buddies but the Star Wars PS4 looks sxy

    1. MortalRikku


      If your a MGS fan get that one :) if you opted for the plain black at least you have the option to get 1tb :)

    2. Hemiak


      Wait till the Star Wars one comes out, and then go but one of the used ones people trade in for half the price.

  9. Can someone look at my trophy list and predict how long it will take to get all online trophies for games that might shut down online services in the next year or so?

    1. Kubanga


      AC Brotherhood would take at least 50 hours.

    2. Rowdi


      Borderlands, RDR, Brotherhood and [email protected] would be the ones that I'd worry about. I guesstimate about 80-100 hours total. Maybe more if you want the zombie trophies for [email protected] and DLC for RDR.

  10. You guys think I can get 3277 unearned trophies before September?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. GoldenWolfHunter
    3. Vivify-Queen


      I believe in you! :'D

    4. ShadowStar83x


      Seems like a major stretch when looking at your unearned list. Plus, I wouldn't recommend it. It'd likely be bad for your health.

  11. I'm back! Shoutout to the 5 or so people that actually know who I am and the rest that say welcome back for the sake of it! <3

    1. usrmd


      welcome back!

    2. Ruliya


      Welcome back dood ^^

    3. N7-Kitsune


      Welcome back gorgeous ;)

  12. m7's If there is not fedora dlc in AC Syndicate, i'm not buying the game.

    1. damon8r351


      Fun fact: The fedora was originally an item of women's fashion.

    2. BlueFireReaper


      That hat though :3

  13. Saving up some money to move to Florida sometime in a few years (hopefully).

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. ZeroXOF


      Is Florida the state that uses two different languages (Spanish and American English)?

    3. damon8r351


      That's New Mexico

    4. Sigma999


      And Louisiana also has two official languages, if i'm not mistaken. French and English

  14. Go for Assassins Creed II first. Its the easiest out of the bunch and quite enjoyable. I highly recommend you buy AC Rouge after that. It is very easy to platinum and has a great story.