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  1. Consoles are more successful for a reason and its not money
  2. A $500 xboxonex destroys any pc of the same price.
  3. I was skeptical about this game at first. I saw the anime theme, cartoony graphics and childish characters, however because of the good reviews it was receiving, I decided to give it a shot. I have to say this game was woeful. Where do I start. The mechanics are really limited and basic, therefore gameplay is really poor. Really out of date, reminded me of ps1 days. The script writing is also lazy and boring. Endless conversations which are mainly just text and no voice overs. They were fully aware of this themselves, thus adding a fast forward command, however even with fast forward on, it still takes years just for one sequence of discussion to end. Not one character was interesting. A true RPG gives users the option to not interact with people you dont want to. This game however is linear and you have to see certain morons faces constantly. Only positive is that the game worked well with no bugs/glitches and there is none of this DLC/Microtransaction/Lootbox horseshite. After the first few hours, I lost interest however decided to carry on playing since I bought it and was hoping that something would re-ignite my interest. Did this ever happen? Never again. There are much better JRPG’s than this out there. Stay well away.
  4. Cyborg raiden is better in every sense vs any snake. Sorry if your offended.
  5. Me top 10: Red Dead 2 AC Origins Forza 7 Anthem Cuphead COD WW2 Crackdown 3 Cyberpunk 2077 Dragon Ball Fighter Z Player Unknown Battlegrounds
  6. For $300 you cannot build a gaming pc for shit
  7. Yeh but higher numbers are achieved through way higher prices, so i dont get the boners they have.
  8. Why does this pc master race thingy even exist. If you spend more you get more. No shit sherlock. Comparing to console is retarded because you cannot compare a $400 device to one which has unlimited potential with upgrades. Im looking to get into this pc bollox, but when I see the price to performance ratio, no thanks.
  9. Its not happening. Take your hands out of your pants.
  10. Eu version is superior
  11. Nerd?Β  Haha, this coming from the person who's posted 3 separate threads about the same subject in just 2 weeks? πŸ˜‚

    1. ilikebig


      Why are you on my feed πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. #salty #triggered

  12. Transfer all my purchases and ill leave. And why are you still here? Dont like it? Go away you nerd.
  13. Those are the rumours. I think its all wishful thinking. Who announces name changing at e3?!, great new tech yeh. At the same time when I think about it, it suits sony to do something like that?
  14. Seriously doubt so. Sony i incapable and admitted it already. Forget your rumours.