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  1. Enjoys RPGs anime and Japan
  2. Eu Store won’t let me get the free version, it keeps saying I am not eligible even though I bought the PS4 version a while ago. it also keeps changing from a price to free, I’m guessing the store is broken at the moment
  3. Finally got this today! on my third city the date was 31/03/2328 with a 0 population
  4. Third city, 0 population, year 2319 still no 1001 nights trophy for me. I see people earning this trophy all the time so I don’t understand why mine hasn’t popped. First city 2348 with a huge population, no trophy. Day and night cycle is enabled so that’s not an issue. Anyone else had this problem?
  5. I havnt had the save bug or freezing issue but I have a weird one where I get floating info boxes in the bottom right hand corner of the screen that I can’t get rid of because the cursor is behind them, the cursor also gets stuck in the select mode instead of being able to freely move it around it just jumps from icon to icon, the only way Iv been able to fix it is by quitting out of the game completely and reloading but after about 30mins it happens again. I’m glad the sims has came to console and it is a great full version compared to the older console sim games, but with all games these days the bugs should be fixed before release.
  6. Deepens games have announced the ps4 version will be patched with the switch release, fingers crossed
  7. I sent them a tweet on 30th August 2017 asking if there was a patch coming, they said yes and that there was just a few tweaks remaining, but since then they have released the game on switch so I think they have probably given up on their ps4 version. But hopefully it will be fixed or it will go in to my collection of forever broken games
  8. Yeah I have the Day/Night Cycle switched on, I think it is bugged, Iv read loads about the Steam version with people getting it in different years, but I didn't think it would be the case for Ps4. I'd love to know what year others got it in to see if it is the case though. I have started a brand new city too that I might just leave as 0 population and let it run while rubber banded and hopefully it will pop, im just not ready to leave my PS4 on idle for almost two weeks yet.
  9. I am on year 2328 and it still hasn't popped on my main City, I also have about 50 years between two other cities, I'm not sure if my game is bugged or something else. I read on a steam forum the night cycle is slowed down by a higher populated city but I'm not sure if it works the same for ps4 version, but I have had around 80k - 140k city consistently on my main city and I have seen so many nights 😢
  10. The loading times seem quicker especially the start up, but the crashes have happened to me a lot more mostly while going to another world it and corrupts my save which is very annoying since the update. I miss stud multipliers like in all the other Lego games! I think they will add them at a later date since the game is getting regular free dlc and updates. Fingers crossed!
  11. Nope still tedious lol, I'm currently at 64,000,000 and it's taken a long time to do. Since the update the chests are no longer dropping purple and blue studs but instead duplicating weapons (which is good when it's an expensive weapon to sell to the night trader) but Iv been getting a lot of items worth 500 studs some quests do give weapons that are worth quite a lot to sell but getting the items to complete the quests can be a task. my main grinding method is planting a group of Gem Rocks - saving them to my Brick builds then planting them on top of each other, each time you do this the Gem rocks break and leave behind gems which are worth 9000 studs if you sell to the night trader. The current update has capped these items at a quantity of 99 though so it's just a little more tedious. Oh and you can only sell one of each item at a time so you have to mash the X button before he flies away for the day. I also sometimes load up a legendary brick world and smash the chests around the legendary brick which gives around 60,000 each time then delete the world and search for it again using the coordinates. but it's just annoying finding the legendary brick each time (I don't understand the co ordinates very well myself)
  12. The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition Legendary Hundred Knight!! My 100th platinum, I chose it partly because of the name being quite fitting for number 100, the story of the game is wonderful and I really enjoyed playing, the end was a little grindy but worth every second! I may have to play this again one day on the PS3.
  13. Not really trophy related but if you would like to add some free dlc vehicles there is codes in some Lego sets instruction books. All codes can be used more than once. To to use them you have to enter them on the main menu area before you go in to your world. Please feel free to add others if you have found one! 😃 Here are a few that are known: LY9C8M – Lock & Roller – NEXO KNIGHTS XP3BN2 – Lance’s Driller – NEXO KNIGHTS P42FJ6 – Police Car – LEGO City BG7DWK – Getaway Car – LEGO City U98BR2 – Pizza Van – LEGO City Enjoy! 😃😃
  14. I don't think it can be done! you only have about 120 seconds to get through 10 rounds, one round usually lasts me about 30-40 seconds, I feel really simple but it feels like I'm missing something like there's a time boost power up or something I tried for hours to do it too!
  15. Unfortunately when I download the game from the ps store it automatically downloads version 1.02 which is the broken version and there is no way to downgrade. I spoke to the main person behind the game shortly after I posted on here in October 2016. he told me they are working on a patch but Sony takes a while to authorise them, fingers crossed this will be fixed... one day.