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  1. Im gonna go for the 100% I have the correct versions and so forth, and I have read through the steps on how to downgrade the patch (hopefully I can get it to work aswell when its time!) But Im wondering, since I have no experience with the game or anything, What should I start with? Because if I play the main game first and all the DLC's then those characters wont work if I after all that downgrade right? Because the save is based on a newer patch. But is it really good for a person that dont know much about the game to jump in and start with the Comrades DLC immediately? What are your thoughts? or how did you guys do it?
  2. Ok, so I have got all of the monsters to maximum research level except Furious Rajang, Raging Brachydios and Kulve Taroth All of the Monsters from Iceborne are at "lvl 4" I also have all of the monsters from the first game at maximum, including Lunastra (lvl 7) Is there something Im missing? Do I need to max out the scoutflies aswell or whats the deal? EDIT: Figured it out, Appearently the Kushala Daora needs to reach lvl 7 aswell
  3. But are any of these needed for "Iceborne"? I know they were needed for the core game.
  4. Ok so I got this game now as a gift from my brother and I know that there is an event during christmas. What Im wondering is: Are there any special event quests that guarantees a Large or Mini Crown? Im wondering because I know that the crowns takes the longest time, and at the moment I cant play super much, but if there are event quests with a guaranteed crown of course I would save some precious time.