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  1. Little late, but I'd like to get in on this 1- ZJ and the Ball level 1 2- A Short Hike 3- Uncharted: Lost Legacy 4- P5 Strikers (subject to change) 5- Two Point Hospital 6- Hades 7- Unto The End 8- Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl 9- Vanquish 10- Undecided
  2. I had the time yesterday so I tried to just get all of Pandora in one sitting.I got every location "Area Discovered, and when I got to "Destroyer's Rift" the game crashed. I re-loaded in treacherous path, found the last 4 locations and still no trophy. I have been reading most people's posts saying that they only need Pandora... but I'm at 223/223 locations and haven't had a single trophy for any of the planets pop.
  3. I've played Solo the entire game. 223/223 locations. Back tracked to every location again. Checked every area of every planet to confirm with L3 that "X/X locations" was 100% complete. All side missions and circle of slaughters are done.Trials as well. Never played TVM, but did have Mayhem mode on for a little bit and that's the only thing I can think of that could be causing the glitches. This is bringing back very unpleasant memories and feelings of Mad Max being 100% complete but no trophies... Feelings that this probably could be resolved with 5 or 6 IF statements in the code.
  4. Anyone care to help me get through Wotan? I've tried about a dozen times and I just keep dying. Add: Chenardizzle I'll be on all day tomorrow (5/15/2020) EST
  5. Anyone willing to help me out with Battlefront "together we can rule the galaxy" trophy? Also help with other survival mission trophies?

    1. DChanning
    2. Chenardizzle


      sending a friend request

    3. DChanning


      I accepted you by mobile stuck on the night shift atm but off till Monday after tonight

  6. Still no fix for the cards I missed though Guess I won' be platinuming this game after all.
  7. dsitraught that I can't get the witcher platinum because of two stupid cards!!

    1. -Dark Mark-

      -Dark Mark-

      I feel you on that. {>.<}

  8. PS+ expired today... now i have nothing I can play on my vita.

  9. Wolfenstein: TNO... For some reason I don't even feel like getting this platinum, or any others for that matter... What is happening to me!?!?



      Im over trophy hunting too. I play games i like now :)



      That said Wolfenstein is bloody awesome lol.

    3. Chenardizzle


      I like it a lot, but I keep hitting walls playing on Uber where I don't want to play anymore.

  10. Really? I've always seen the worlds as a chance at a "runner up" type prize to those who never had the opportunity to play for the cup. A guy like Mike Smith for example is never going to get a chance to play for the cup in Arizona, but he gets a chance at gold in the worlds... And if the IIHF ran after the NHL playoffs concluded, he may not even be on that team. Price would be the starter with likely Crawford as his backup. I like that it spreads the wealth a little bit, moreover, it also gives me more hockey to watch in a day from when I wake up to right before I go to bed.
  11. All this free time and I have nothing to play.

    1. usrmd


      your profile says otherwise! ^^; what about rogue legacy, or shovel knight? shadow of mordor perhaps

    2. itzzh3lixx


      dude, 79 completed games and you have 230. Get on with that backlog and make your profile look good

    3. Chenardizzle


      I don't have a console or my vita with me... that's why i have nothing to play :(

  12. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor MKX Bastion
  13. working on a scorpion kombo... my muscle memory is shit!

  14. If the Sens don't win I want any of the following to win: East - Washington or NY Islanders West - Nashville, Minnesota, St. Louis, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver. Really, I just want to see a new team win the cup. A team that hasn't won it two or more times in my life time.