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  1. Hello guys...I assume there's no luck with this request...?
  2. It seems that the key to complete this shit is destroying his goddamn armor...But it's taking ages, definitely a couple of hours:( This is the only trophy I'm missing and it's killing me. Use Raiden's combo and his Xray as soon as you build it up! EDIT: I DID IT! Finally got the plat:)
  3. Finally, they brought it back! This invasion ends in around 11-12 hours, wonder when and if at all are they planning to put the next one as I won't make it to finish those damn 1000 hits during this one...
  4. Yeah, that's what I thought but wanted to make sure. Another thing...I have recently come across a theory that perhaps an invasion is supposed to be triggered by players...that it happens when a current champion faction wins again... Any thoughts on that?
  5. Has anyone, by any chance, played the game on PS5 regarding the PS5 PS Plus Collection? If so, is it the same situation there?
  6. It's not about one message from 15 people (like a petition)... It's about the-more-the-merrier people spamming every day their social media with the same message... BTW, anyone willing to create this universal message?
  7. I've been thinking...is there any point in informing SONY about this ridiculous issue? Any chance they could 'motivate' Netherrealm/WB Games?
  8. Let's make a list of all the gamers who need those trophies here (so that we know how many of us could 'harass' WB and Netherrealm), create a one universal message and spam the hell out their social media. Otherwise I don't see any chance for bringing the invasions back... 1. Simoney
  9. This is outrageous...they don't give a damn about a five years old game - just stall and sugar-coat instead.
  10. Great job, Marcio I wonder if they react at all, though This is ridiculous, especially now that tha game is a part of PS5 Plus Collection.
  11. Hello guys, Man, this ignorance of WB Games / NetherRealm Studios is really pissing me off as I'm missing both DIE WILL YOU and Can't stop this trophies... Has anyone tried to contact via their email specified on facebook - [email protected]?
  12. Unfortunately, it might be so as the WB Games support is stalling:( This is a real absurd...I myself am missing the DIE WILL YOU and Can't stop this trophies and it seems I'm not gonna get them due to their and Ed Boon's ignorancešŸ˜”
  13. If that's the only issue then I'm good so far:)
  14. TBH, I have never used remote play so far...Since it works only via WiFi I would have to take my PS4 with me which is not a problem as long as I have the internet signal... However, what's more important, can I display the screen directly on my smartphone without any need of a TV? And what if I change my network during 'sitting offline'? Will it affect scrap acquiring?
  15. Just started today with two crews...Got 102 scraps after being 4,5h offline so for now my A Penny saved is 102/500. Hope that I will get it done after next 20 hours and then maybe I'll manage to add the third crew to increase the rate and get Dividend in time... Also, got 11 scavenging locations shown both in statistics and challenges so am I good for now? Apart from tracking progress of the locations and backing up the saves what else should I pay attention to not get glitched?
  16. Damn, silly me, wishing that previous info was true... Seems I won't be able to get it in time as I'm leaving for a week this Saturday. RIP Platinum:D
  17. Yeah, sorry for the fuss, haven't seen this thread before posting... Shit, that pretty much sums the shutdown aftermath up:(
  18. Hello:) Just spotted this screenshot with WB reply regarding the shutdown: Seems quite legit to me...What do you think of it? Because this would mean it's no rush:)
  19. Hello:) Just spotted this screenshot with WB reply regarding the shutdown: Seems quite legit to me...What do you think of it? Because this would mean it's no rush:)
  20. It's highly likely I will attempt that:) I don't think I'm ready and persistent enough to take 2 more extra playthroughs as 3 in total must suffice...Maybe if the game was half shorter but it is not. Anyways, will try in 2-3 months.
  21. No, it definitely does NOT and your opinion and experience is not the only righteous one. Nobody is forcing you to play this modes so stop whining. I wish Grounded was available since day 1 but unfortunately have to deal with the fact it wasn't. Done the NG+ Survivor + playthrough without using and perks like listening and will do the Grounded for sure but need to take a little break after two playthroughs.
  22. Did it on normal at the very begining of the game. The ship in chapter one is the perfect place to do this.
  23. Hello, anyone still wants to boost?