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  1. Dragon Age: Inquisition. Lost count of how many times I have picked it up over the years and still have not finished it.
  2. Thanks! Replicated on the first try.
  3. The start of my year will be: 1. Lords of the Fallen 2. RAGE 3. Salt & Sanctuary We will see after that. 😀
  4. It's the same copy I have always been using. I played it 3 days before the save files went MIA.
  5. I have manual saves. The game thinks I am starting with a clean slate.
  6. Has anyone had trouble with the game not even seeing your save file? I load up the game, and all the file spots are blank, despite the actual system still having a file. I have tried powering off the system and restarting it. I have also deleted the game and reinstalled it. Still nothing shows up. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you!
  7. Working on Star Ocean 5.
  8. Star Ocean 4 and White Knight Chronicles. Those two require some serious dedication.
  9. I would like to join. The FF games that I have completed thus far is: FF VII FF XIII FF XV
  10. Should get a plat just for buying this piece of garbage.
  11. Okay, so I get the English subs part, but are the menus in English as well?