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  1. 18 hours ago, TOAST13TOA5T said:

    Just to ask mate, did you re-pick up the game at any point? Like get rid of it and pick it back up? The only reason I ask is I did that with Heavy Rain/Beyond collection and thought I was buying the same copy back (as it was mistakenly in a pile of games I had finished and sold to a shop) but when I put it in my system it was registering as having no save, despite it being in my set of saves and it even installed a second time on my system! (Turns there is 2 different codes for eu region of that game and i just happened to buy a different traded copy with the other code)


    It's a mile long shot but I thought I'd check y'know? Only other thing I can think of is are the version of your save and the version installed the same? That could cause problems.


    It's the same copy I have always been using. I played it 3 days before the save files went MIA.


  2. Has anyone had trouble with the game not even seeing your save file? I load up the game, and all the file spots are blank, despite the actual system still having a file. I have tried powering off the system and restarting it. I have also deleted the game and reinstalled it. Still nothing shows up. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you!