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  1. @Ironloss well actually the online trophies for any rockstar games are never fun to go for. The single player trophies I’m fine with.
  2. Final fantasy X. It takes forever to platinum! @Warpedsavior
  3. You also shouldn’t do fallguys ultimate knockout cause it’s now straight up torture and isn’t worth it. @Eraezr
  4. Honestly I might come back to it someday but at the same time I don’t feel like it. Ugh, I wish I never added it on my account in the first place.
  5. Well you have a lot of unfinished games on your account but I guess I’ll pick Catherine (PS3) since it’s alllll the way at the bottom for you.
  6. Surgeon Simulator. I feel like you made a mistake adding that to your account and unfortunately it’s impossible to remove it now since you got 3 trophies on it. I don’t blame you, it happened to me too before on another game.
  7. Persona 4: Arena That game is insanely difficult to platinum and the C'est Magnifique! Trophy is straight up torture, just don’t do it!
  8. Rest In Peace Cielle's Dandy Platinum 夢.
  9. I platinum Assassin’s Creed Origins now. So put me back to “long live the creed” again!
  10. Hello, would you mind adding me in the "long live the creed" list? I've done the requirements to get there, and that means I platinum Assassin's creed 2 on PS3 and PS4, platinum and 100% Assassin's creed brotherhood on both PS3 and PS4, platinum and 100% Assassin's creed revelations on both PS3 and ps4, platinum and 100% Assassin's creed 3, platinum and 100% Assassin's creed 4 black flag on PS3 and ps4, platinum Assassin's creed rogue, platinum and 100% Assassin's creed unity, platinum and 100% Assassin's creed syndicate, platinum assassin's creed liberation on PS3 and Vita, AND 100% assassin's creed chronicle separately. (China, India, Russia) if you want proof, just look at my profile and you'll see them all.
  11. Hell yeah I'm happy! Good job, and Thank you zone!
  12. Beautiful. Thank you so much.
  13. Hello, would you mind adding me to the hall of fame on the Ultrafan list, I would appreciate it. I've platinum all 11 neptunia games and it was an amazing time playing them all.