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  1. It’s literally been a year since the PP has been last updated. I feel like it’ll never get updated now…. Unless someone else can update it.
  2. @Leon Castle bring me back to ultra fan please. the NxSK crossover game has been platinumed.
  3. Thank you and well let’s hope it doesn’t take a long time for you to finally play and platinum neptunia virtual stars, Leon.
  4. You can bring me back to ULTRAfans now. I finally platinum neptunia virtual stars which I could have done WAY sooner but I been sooooo dam lazy lately... @Leon Castle
  5. @Warpedsavior you gotta platinum the king of fighters XIII! I know you wanna do it.
  6. @Warpedsavior don’t play any of the star ocean games, they take forever!
  7. @Ironloss well actually the online trophies for any rockstar games are never fun to go for. The single player trophies I’m fine with.
  8. Final fantasy X. It takes forever to platinum! @Warpedsavior
  9. You also shouldn’t do fallguys ultimate knockout cause it’s now straight up torture and isn’t worth it. @Eraezr
  10. Honestly I might come back to it someday but at the same time I don’t feel like it. Ugh, I wish I never added it on my account in the first place.
  11. Well you have a lot of unfinished games on your account but I guess I’ll pick Catherine (PS3) since it’s alllll the way at the bottom for you.
  12. Surgeon Simulator. I feel like you made a mistake adding that to your account and unfortunately it’s impossible to remove it now since you got 3 trophies on it. I don’t blame you, it happened to me too before on another game.
  13. Persona 4: Arena That game is insanely difficult to platinum and the C'est Magnifique! Trophy is straight up torture, just don’t do it!
  14. Rest In Peace Cielle's Dandy Platinum 夢.
  15. I platinum Assassin’s Creed Origins now. So put me back to “long live the creed” again!