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  1. It's the same. As noted^ Dreams Universe is the Japan and Asia version.
  2. For the third one. You can collect all Io's vestiges and still get the "Good" ending. Just don't restore them all. Personally, it would be better to do Dweller (both Good and True) endings for the first playthrough (plus getting most of the trophies), and then To Eternity and Heirs endings for 2nd and 3rd playthrough, respectively.
  3. What others have said, didn't expect it will have its own trophy list as well lol And of course they will include the Crown trophies.
  4. IIRC, press the touchpad (which will make the chat window to appear), use the d-pad to highlight the 'textbox' and click on it to show the keyboard. And from there just type-in your message and submit it (via the arrow like button next to the textbox)
  5. Yup, can confirm this. The first two heroes are counted towards the trophy, getting the third one (Alotie) will unlock it.
  6. Since the game is not available in the West, make a JP or any of the SEA account (SG, MY, ID, TH, etc) and download it from the F2P tab.
  7. Just FYI, the game not only available in Japan, but also in SEA regions (and yes, with English sub).
  8. Can confirm the "Data Detective" trophy has been fixed. Just got my Platinum!
  9. Yeah. Just saw some walkthrough and it pop out right after the scene. I just did second Darknet file and guess what, same result lol wtf Sigh.
  10. This probably have been asked before, but when is the "Data Detective" trophy supposed to unlock? Right after, at the start or during the news scene? Because the server error always pop out after that lol
  11. • Guide of the Year - 英雄伝説 閃の軌跡III Trophy Guide - A very well written guide that covers almost everything about the game. The guide provide detailed info for each trophies obtained in the game, including missable ones, plus some extra info and also comes with the translated Japanese texts which help players (especially English speakers) to understand more as they go through the game. • Exceptional Walkthrough Guide - 英雄伝説 閃の軌跡III - Overall Walkthrough - A very "exceptional" supplement guide for the trophy guide above. A well-structured walkthrough from start to finish. Other things included in the guide are checklist. CHECKLIST (that's rare in many RPG guides), lots of maps but not a simple one, but with treasure location and other stuff. And yes, also comes with the translated Japanese text. • Exceptional Quality Upkeep - Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Match Trophy Guide - The guide writer has done fantastic job on keeping this guide updated, especially in regard to the glitch trophy. And yes, just like the other guide, this one is very detailed as well. Just look at those tables (and pictures). Oh my god. 👏 👏 • Exceptional Use of Original Content - Mary Skelter: Nightmares Trophy Guide - The maps included in the guide are very helpful when navigating through the dungeons. Formatting in this guide are done very well too. • Exceptional Gameplay Guide - Red Dead Redemption 2 - Gold Medals, Challenges, and 100% Completion Guide - All the tips, walkthrough and videos included in this guide are very helpful to achieve the 100% completion. It even stated which missions are easy or hard for the Gold Medals.
  12. For Great Girros, I got mine from 6 star quest, with S/S/G rewards. So, it doesn't matter which one I guess. Forgot about Dodo though, got it a while back. Now I only need to find the mini one, which I haven't got any luck after many tries.
  13. I just got it lmao And it's all thanks to Gaming with Abyss' crown videos. I finally be able to track down the largest one 2,490+ Haha yeah, I know that feeling man.
  14. So far, only the Asia copy will have english sub included (with Jap dub probably), which will be released between late April to early May and in retail only of course. Western release is likely going to be digital only, like HF, well... probably.