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  1. Can I beat the game on easy difficulty to get these heroes? Need to improve any skills for the heroes?
  2. This game its shitty 👎
  3. Please, how to make a glitch for money?
  4. Guide Picture for trophy "Fashion Victim": Any Hero wearing a complete armor set for the first time. Completing the quest "Epic Office Quest" will give you two rings from the Kayser's Luck set. By wearing these rings you can get a trophy. These rings can be transferred to another player, provided that the save game is not blocked! This map shows the location of all 89 developers. To start the quest, you need to get to the Jungle location and go into the cave. Map marker "1. Unlocks Epic Office Quest location". In the cave, you need to examine the pedestal and open the door to the developers' office. The screen will display "Something Wonderful has just opened". Then you need to go to the developers office (on the map it is the label "2. Epic Office Quest location") and talk at the entrance with the NPC Heiko tom Felde, who will start the search for all 89 developers. The first "Benny's Promise" ring will come from developer Benny Kayser. The ring will automatically be placed in the hero's inventory and it's important not to accidentally sell it! When all 89 developers are found, you need to return to the office and turn in the quest. On the map, this is the label "2. Location Epic Office Quest". In the office, you need to go up to the top floor and talk to Holger Flöttmann. He will tell you to visit Bettina Wegner, who is on the floor below. She will give the key to the staff lounge on this floor. On this floor, you need to find a room filled with smoke. The second "Ellen's Commitment" ring will be obtained in this room. The ring will automatically be placed in the hero's inventory. Christiane Clarenbach is one of the Ascaron employees that have to be contacted in the Epic Office Quest. She can be found inside a building in Dyr-Laigh, in central Dryad Region. This video will help you find!
  5. My Guide Picture for trophy "Polytheist": Any Hero has explored all 20 Temples. Temple of the Gods #18 Logaeiar and #19 Ancestral Chamber difficult to find. This video shows how to get through the city of Dyr-Laigh and get to Logaeiar. #18 Logaeiar. A hidden path leads to the temple from Logaeiar. #19 Ancestral Chamber. For this temple need to take the quest “The Ancestors Chambers” by NPC Mekilas, Dryad Man (the Father). My Guide Picture for trophy "City Guide" : Any Hero has visited all 42 towns.
  6. Will there be no new trophies at all? The update has a new mode Horde Mode XL and that good point add new trophies for this mode. Perhaps in future updates you will be able to add a new list of trophies / achievements! Let's ask the developers to make a new set of trophies! https://discord.com/channels/534745192344059914/1067465029068267520
  7. Can boost trophys in a private match?
  8. Can boost trophys in a private match?
  9. Now good time for trophy "Spreading Managed Democracy": take part in a successful final assault on an enemy's home planet by completing at least one mission. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/499876584883486720/1053067232688750592/20221216_004936.jpg
  10. It took me 3 hours to complete 2x Weekly Event and Mouthly Event. Now If the game servers will work then trophy "DiRTy Dozen" will be received on Tuesday November 1st and trophy "Flavor of the Week" will be received on Monday 7 November.
  11. For now the only way to legally get a Big Leagues trophy is if someone writes a simulation of the game server and the PSNprofile administration approves.
  12. @Executioner0 Thank you very much for the opportunity to get platinum in this game! One of the best co-op games! I hope someday we will see next-gen Army of Two 🙄
  13. Hi! And where can I see the method for the Army of Two: The 40th Day mask?

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      trophyhunters.net after uploading the picture.

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