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  1. Use Gaming Sessions to organize a boosting session. Not sure if you've read up on this guide - Grand Theft Auto IV Trophy Guide and this one - Grand Theft Auto IV Multiplayer Guide to make boosting with ease.
  2. 5,000 trophies! GTAIII Platinum as well

    1. MetalGarurumon


      Congrats on the great milestone!

    2. ee28max


      Nice work on the prestigious milestone! ✅

      Happy to see it was a Grand Theft Auto game. I'm so proud of you :) 

    3. X_RaceKing_X
  3. 2nd platinum earned since i decided to get back on the grind! im back bitches

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    2. Galactic Poke Balls

      Galactic Poke Balls

      get those plats, I'm on bit of a break too when I reached a milestone. 

    3. MetalGarurumon
    4. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

  4. They stopped having a trophy limit for games, that's why there is a large gap between Warframe updates with no trophies up until recent. also since Driveclub hit its trophy cap it had to start mooching off the Driveclub bikes trophy list. so as long as this game is still being constantly updated, it will continue to have as many trophies as it pleases.
  5. someone change the topic title to KEEP ADDING DLC TROPHIES please?
  6. So a month after release we get the single player mode everyone was bitching about it not having, why couldn't it be there from the start? The game would've had better ratings and sold more, at least I have a reason to get it now
  7. Yea it's me, been almost a year since i've earned a plat. I think im gonna try to get back into video games a little more. Especially with all the good ones coming out recently. Hope to be a little more active on here as well. I've been playing Warframe alot and that has been the only game ive played for extensive periods of time this year. I need help lol Platinum #88 [PROTOTYPE] PS4 I don't know why this took me 2 years lol
  8. I want to get the new need for speed, but i'd be giving EA money which is something i'd feel bad about

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    2. OhDearGodRun


      Rent it with Gamefly or whatever

    3. Kubanga


      Just buy it used or buy it secondhand from Ebay or something 

    4. TheVader66


      Yeah, just buy it used. I am currently on waiting on a game to be used so I can purchase it at cheaper price and so the money wouldn't go to the company.

  9. you dont even own the game you degenerate, get the fuck outta here 😂
  10. your a pleb just by taking a glance at your trophy list. play the dam game and have some fun! im MR 21 and ive yet to be bored
  11. nothing beats this game
  12. imma plat it 😎
  13. aww poor babies cant simply finish a new quest? scrubs, this game is fun as hell, and its EASY, you just have to know what youre doing. and im surprised they are not adding more trophies with the new updates rolling out. git gud
  14. i havent earned a trophy since july, but dam warframe was calling my name

    1. bpmotard


      For a moment I though you were gone x.x

      btw, I miss your guides, you made the best racing game guides ever, and you made me return to some games in order to platinum them. Will you make some guide any day?


      Good to see you're still around :)

    2. X_RaceKing_X


      ive been playing warframe alot recently, thats it lol. im just waiting for the next gran turismo then I should be back, might make a guide!

  15. i dont like change, but this isnt to bad :D