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  1. Looking at your timestamps I noticed 2 parts where you earn trophies that normally take hours to do each, earned in fast succession. But knowing when trophies pop in this game, the scenario where you earn complete 5 special event sets in line with earning the Gold Trophy trophy is actually plausible, but extremely unlikely. I would have to assume you spent a couple hours in the Special Events page to do this. Even if you just saved the final event in each category for last. But there are two other trophy timestamp issues where I know this wasn't the case. Earning both A Spec level 40 and B Spec level 40 is impossible. This would require reaching level 40 in either Spec, then exiting to GT Home to switch over to the other Spec events. But in GT Home is where the level 40 trophy would pop, making it impossible to pop them both at the same time. The other problem is earning the Endurance series trophy before the Grand Tour special event trophy, in quick succession. This is impossible because after finishing the Endurance series, you would need to exit back to GT Home where that trophy would pop, then you would enter the Special Events page through there, making it impossible to earn them at the same time. So in actuality you succumbed to laziness after what it looked like from playing the game normally, to wanting to just finish up all those events with the gold trophies in each using a save so you could do the easier trophies near the end so you could get that plat. As far as I know, this game does not have glitched trophies. They all pop where, and when they should.
  2. Can you implement a way to hide the "flagged game" message on a user's profile so there isn't a large red box above your trophy cabinet and such. This way a user can stay logged into their profile to use the Backlog and list features with the plug in and not have to worry about that intrusion.
  3. It doesn't matter what mission you pick
  4. You have to start another mission on recruit, then save and exit, then the museum difficulty will match your campaign difficulty.
  5. WTF

    Last time I checked I was always way ahead of the A.I. Are you not boosting and taking shortcuts, such an easy and fun SP mode.
  6. I probably modified my cars settings like acceleration and top speed and such. Just make sure it's upgraded the best you can. Another reason might be the rubber band is not turning the car slightly to the left, just barely. This is key on how to keep going faster around the corners.
  7. I liked the games story. I followed a collectible guide the entire playthrough because I knew it wasn't gonna be worth it going back through the map later. Only bought it because it was on a huge discount.
  8. Well it's obviously very possible. I know there are certain spots where sideshifting shaves off those precious milliseconds. You also need to be squeezing in a barrel roll. Not sure how your laps look like or what your racing line is, but practicing different attempts at corners and where to sideshift helps.
  9. UPDATE! It has now been fixed, users are able to search and add friends again.
  10. Yup yup! Many users are reporting that they can't search PSN ID's across multiple platforms and devices. It hasn't been officially addressed or fixed yet. Make's it near impossible to manage boosting sessions and communication on the system.
  11. Yes I have done that. I've tried adding from my PS4, the app, and my desktop. Won't work. I can get partial results from maybe a few letters but the people I want to add aren't even on that list.
  12. I have tried searching for two different people and it's saying No players found. Yes I spelled them out right, how can I fix this? I assume it might be something with my privacy settings but they look right to me.
  13. Yeah! this sites leaderboards can be a little less accurate without me
  14. On sale from now until 3/30 for $12.49 for everyone and $9.99 for PS+ members. I'm surprised it has such a low number of owners. Yeah it's kinda crap but the plat takes less than 8 hours easily. For me it was rather fun, even with the wonky driving physics. Hopefully since it's on sale, like anyone would be buying it for $33.49 anyway, more people will pick it up. Definitely one of the better low budget racing games.
  15. Back into gaming full force, updated the entire list with all new images and plats! I game for me, I look at my trophies for my enjoyment. If you enjoy it too then great!