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  1. So why do they do this for games with so many trophies? What is the point of this mess? They raised the cap a few years ago for games but why even set a limit on trophies if this is allowed.
  2. I have 100% given up on getting all the trophies in this game. The latest 2 DLC expansions are just insanely grindy, and this coming from a veteran player MR at 28, i think. I don't have that much resources and I don't even have proper clan help to get kills with railjack. I tried doing it with randoms but no one knows what they're doing. But if anyone does wanna help me get those trophies just let me know if at all possible!
  3. I followed your video guide exactly and it worked perfectly! Got all the trophies except for the A.I. but I'm sure I can knock that out whenever
  4. I got the Trueno trophy as my 6,500 milestone expecting that to show up in my tab, but it's not a milestone yet the previous 500 marks are? So dumb, it would've been awesome af to have a milestone trophy image being a Toyota ae86 trueno, fuck!

  5. I had an alt one I used a lot a few years ago when self-boosting on PS3, but forgot the password and email apparently so I had to make a new one. Probably forgot that one too already. I wanted to make another region account but it just looks like a hassle.
  6. inFAMOUS Second SON. It is unbelievable how the graphics have lived up all these years and still looks phenomenal. They should just make another game already, It would sell really well considering every inFAMOUS game has been a huge success and super fun.
  7. I've earned like a thousand trophies since the beginning of the year. That's the fastest rate ive earned trophies in all my 6 years on here

  8. Holy crap I have been under a rock for so long. Just installed this and wow it's amazing. Creating a backlog is something I've never really needed until now and it works perfectly. Love that I am able to sort games I need to play now. But the list feature is just icing on the cake, gonna make a wishlist of games I would love to get in the near future. Thanks for the amazing work!
  9. Yes I do remember the DLC being oddly hard for some reason. I know some were just as easy as the main game career objectives, then some were just brutal in comparison. Nothing that took hours of practice though. Maybe an extra 15-20 minutes to figure out the racing line and how the car handles. I only bought all the DLC because the game was actually fun to play and it looked amazing. The more I enjoyed it the easier it was to play I guess.
  10. I really should update this but im so lazy lmao. I think i stopped once i became very casual with gaming and still earned a few plats, then took a long break with video games, played a few over the summer and now im back in full force so expect to see this back up and running soon
  11. This might be a n00b question, but since I've taken a break from video games I notice regions and stacking them is more common. I didn't find a topic on here or a direct answer elsewhere. How do I stack a game, (the game's platinum trophy), when the game has multiple different regions with separate trophy lists? As well as different console versions, ex. PS4 and VITA. Lets take Foxyland for an example. This game has 3 regions, (NA, EU, and AS). As well as the VITA version with the same regions. If I buy the NA version because that is where I'm from, do I get the VITA version for free? Between the NA version of PS4 and VITA, if I complete one game on one system, does the game auto-pop trophies on the other? Do I get the other regions of the game for free since I bought one or do I need to buy each region specific game seperately? Another big question is how do I get multiple different regions of a game? Do I need a separate account for each region? I think I know that if you buy one regions game, you get the other version for free, either PS4 or VITA whichever you bought the game first on. For someone who doesn't buy easy games for plats, let alone has multiple accounts to buy other region specific trophy lists. Setting up the process is what I'm trying to understand. I don't see the point of buying multiple versions of the same game just to play it over and over for the same platinum. Thanks for feedback if you have any, I just want to know how to do it and if it's even cost effective/efficient.
  12. I know that people that hunt hard for trophies love that they can stack games like this, I guess I don't get why developers split up the lists so much. They obviously know they can make some quick cash by pumping out a game that took little resources to make, hence it's easy to play through and finish, while the player earns an easy plat which is what they want from buying the game. That's why the lists get split up so much and not offer cross buy feature. Sounds a little ridiculous but I love hearing trophies pop just as much as the next guy
  13. That helped a lot! Thanks! I just fail to understand why people go crazy with region stacking if you have to buy the game again and play it over just for a plat. I only stacked Sound Shapes because I had to buy the game once and I got the other versions for free from my region. Then the cross save feature saved me some time. Sounds like a lot of hoops to jump through just to region stack.
  14. LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Attack of the clones!Deploy 500 Clones. Yep, I'm back! Been grinding out a few games cleaning up some easy plats I never finished and bought a shit ton of games. Still buying games in fact lol. I heard LEGO Star Wars is popular again, or am I late on that too? Had to get The Clone Wars again and play it. So much better than the Force Awakens. Also finished LEGO Jurassic World which was just horrid. Love these older and much more simpler LEGO games. Specifically Star Wars. They're just ten times more fun to play. Anyway small rant over, I hope to plat The Clone Wars soon so I can put my poor PS3 back into a long dormant sleep.
  15. I know I used a map that had them all laid out, are you using one? Some google searches and you'll be able to find it. I think I did it all in one run so I don't forget one or miss any, check them off as you go.
  16. Out of all the PS2, PS1, even some PS3 games that I have always wanted to be ported over or remastered for the PS4, this game for PC, (or the Dreamcast version which is ten times better) I have always wanted to be remade for current gen consoles. I've played the game since I was little and would play every day running through the story trying to get all the collectables and beat my high score in one run. Even going through the whole game without dying. Has anyone else even played this? Seems to me it's a very obscure game with little to no coverage. I own the PC copy but my computer is to new to play it. So I play it on the Sega Dreamcast which is a graphically enhanced version of the PC game. It even includes a whole new world to play in. Out of all arcade shooters this is my #1. So would it even be possible to have the developers or even a new team take this project and make it for current gen consoles? I'm just speaking hypothetically. It probably can't be done let alone anyone even wanting the game. It's still a game that I enjoy playing on a 20 year old console in full 480p.
  17. The PS3 port is in really bad quality. I can play the Dreamcast version on an HD TV in 16:9 aspect ratio with no loss of quality. The PS1 in it's entirety is the worst version of them all. Graphics and resolution are extremely piss poor. But yes I am looking for the one Hasbro Interactive developed, not the classic arcade game.
  18. I feel like when there is a game with collectibles I need to use a guide, even though I haven't bothered searching for them on my own at all. Gameplay could increase by the hours without using some sort of guide to find them. Especially games that have 100+ things to find. I just don't like walking around aimlessly not knowing what I'm looking for let alone where it is. Another thing I like guides for is following a certain path for something or routine/pattern to do a specific trick or skill that I can't do myself. Whether it be my limited creativity or not knowing how to do certain things in a game that a tutorial didn't show me how to do.
  19. Part of the WipEout 100% club again! Platinums on HD, 2048, and Omega 

  20. First plat was BURNOUT Paradise, my 100th plat was BURNOUT Paradise! That's some beautiful closure right there

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  21. Within the first 30 minutes of playing the game, I got these 2 trophies within a half hour. They are by far the easiest things to do in the game, you just need some practice and muscle memory to accomplish this. My only advantage is knowing the path to take and where to barrel roll and use speed pads in conjunction with side shifting. Piloting your ship is one thing but course knowledge is how you beat the time with ease.
  22. I am need of some help guys. Recently I have been having problems with my original PS4 with a seagate 2tb hard drive I installed years ago. Just now have I been having problems with games not loading properly, discs freezing, and my PS4 needing to be unplugged to be restarted. I am assuming my hard drive is having problems keeping up. But before I came to this conclusion I bought an entirely new PS4 and put my old 2tb hard drive in that, but I am having the same problem, one of my games froze and the PS4 needed to be restarted and now I get the same messages I've been getting before on my old PS4, "Cannot start the PS4, connect DS4 to...." So I don't need to buy another PS4, just another hard drive or SSD? One that I can rely on. I am currently looking at the Seagate FireCuda 2TB Solid State Hybrid Drive Performance SSHD – 2.5 Inch SATA 6Gb/s as a replacement. Any suggestions on what I should get or is the one I'm looking at a good choice? Thanks
  23. I don't get that option, every time my PS4 has been in safe mode the hard drive gets wiped because I can't start it without having to reinstall the system software.
  24. It has been running fine for a long time. It's just recently I've been downloading a lot of games onto to it and now it's giving me problems.
  25. This has happened to me multiple times while playing the game. I am using the downloadable version from PS store