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  1. some servers may still be up, it depends on what region you are in remember
  2. yea, im very disappointed in GTAIV closing:(
  3. yup it is showing up like that on mine to!! LOL
  4. All GTA's All NFS's All Burnout's All Ridge Racer's and Centipede for the PS1
  5. Blur - Photo Finish Finish a race 0.1 seconds or less ahead of another player online
  6. so many racing games to be played

  7. yea that is a problem, i wrote 2 good trophy tips and i wouldve written more. just not gonna write a whole guide for 1 trophy. but yea the best of both worlds, maybe there can be a way to have both. an example would be adding comments or 'TIPS' on certain trophies in a guide that is already published would be pretty cool, just to see some other ways people have obtained that trophy in their own experience.
  8. YAY! My BURNOUT trophy guide has been published:)

  9. just sent in my BURNOUT Paradise trophy guide! :) hope it gets published soon

  10. Tomb Raider
  11. the game must be really easy since he has 97% already lol
  12. Nope, you are all wrong. The fastest and by far easiest way is the Happiness Island sniper respawn glitch. You need to own the DLC for GTAIV though or else it wont work. You can get up to $120,000 easily in a match lasting 1 hour. All you do is load up TBoGT, join the hosts match, exit. Load up TLaD, join the hosts match, then go to respawn point! And the glitch is set. Your match preferences has to be (Disallow, OFF, OFF) in the multiplayer options in your phone. Now the host is the one getting shot by you. Because thats how you pick up ammo quickest. Just rubber band your controller to get steady headshots or hold down L2 R2 and exit to XMB so it stays that way. Check this video and instructions for quick reference. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7BS_C_IQpA http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/grand-theft-auto-iv/151888-best-way-boost-rank-10th-tips.html
  13. yes its still possible of course. just the online trophies are a little glitchy
  14. #5 RIDGE RACER UNBOUNDED done in 2 weeks, the online was painful, but the career was fun! wouldn't recommend to anyone wanting a quick easy plat, lol
  15. http://lbp.me/u/X_RaceKing_X/levels Heart my Star Wars level and me as an author, and i will do the same for you guys