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  1. I like playing my PS3 racing games that don't have trophies

  2. I got 52$ for trading in my vita at gamestop, not bad :P

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    2. AkiraTheFox


      Tbh, if you trade anything in at gamestop you're getting ripped off

    3. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      You are working for Gamestop? =D

    4. X_RaceKing_X


      it was more than i expected for the cheap thing really, there was no more racing games i desired to buy for it! and i really didnt care to finish off littlebigplanet lol.

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  3. Original Gangsta baby! GTA: San Andreas GTA:IV GTA: V Also in line for Notorious Pretty boy Big Scorer
  4. The thought of burying my cat is so sad. I love her so much and I have had her forever, and i cant stand the thought of her not being at the house to pet everyday. Does anyone else feel the same about their beloved pet?

    1. --Deleted--


      I always said when my teddy bear Suzie dies, I'd crawl into the hole and pull the dirt over both of us. I know exactly how you feel buddy. My condolences

    2. JONNY-1992-_-


      Yes I feel the same also. I've had 2 Dogs that are both no longer with me and have one now that's almost 2 Years old. When our 2nd Dog died, I did feel like we shouldn't have another as I didn't want to feel like we were replacing her but to be honest, Dogs are like Humans in that they have their own Personalities so you can never replace one.

    3. JONNY-1992-_-


      The same goes for Cats I might add.

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  5. The DLC was the easiest though? Much easier than the whole 40min trophy. And yes this was a pretty pathetic last game lol, but Apocalypse was the real last one, still 3 awesome badass games gor PS3 which I enjoyed very much.
  6. I have Guilty Pleasure with Fast & Furious Showdown platinumed!
  7. Ive been wanting that game, but it is not on the US store? and thanks ive been playing quite a bit lately
  8. I swear this has been brought up before, a long ass time ago, maybe even by me But yes I support this because I like seeing fast plats, 100%'s are nothing much in my book.
  9. I made an Instagram account dedicated to my love for HotWheels - hotwheel_addict

    1. Suicide_Tortuga


      So that was your addiction.

  10. Death Track Resurrection platinum keeps getting rarer and rarer.

  11. I just wish the rarities would be different, I mean, most people who are going to buy DLC, will for sure be getting all the trophies for as well.
  12. My addiction is getting worse guys i need help

  13. Im still waiting for something to my liking lol
  14. Platinum #84 Cars 2 This was loads of fun for a kids game, and a nice easy plat. Platinum #85, 86 Motorstorm: RC A small fun game, with some surprisingly hard events. Platinum #87 Need for Speed This was the game I have been waiting for, and it disappointed me a little. But I loved the car choice and the sheer fun of driving.
  15. Id be more proud of lots of my DLC trophies if it were to return to the way it was, or a better adjustment that the way it is now. Some are so dam hard! and they are oddly common
  16. Ive found some awesome hotwheels at 2 walgreens than at any walmart ive ever been at! some t-hunts and a super! along with some badass real rider series

  17. I explain pretty much all of this in my trophy guide. I boosted this game the easiest way possible, (by myself). I used 3 ps3's and 3 copies of the game. With my main account, my usual boosting account, and 4 dummy accounts. Only the host of every lobby can attain all trophies with ease. Its best to not ever be a guest during play, so back up your save if you do so, then return to original save as the host.
  18. I kinda ask that here to - http://psnprofiles.com/forums/topic/31011-new-dlc-should-clear-100-completion/#entry734976 Pretty much the same concept \_(^-^)_/ but yes this needs to be fixed, as it appears Sly is working on it
  19. Congrats winners Nicely done guides I always enjoy reading them even though I dont own the game
  20. Are you a professional shooter or a pro racer
  21. Wait, how am i Playing need for speed without PS+ ??? it wouldnt let me do it 2 days ago

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    2. Satoshi Ookami
    3. Kubanga


      Wow lol sorry for posting so many times. It must have glitched or something.

    4. X_RaceKing_X


      I have no idea what the deal is, i still need a wi fi connection though which doesnt make sense but oh well i bertter not need dam PS+_anymore!

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  22. Haha well hey it looks nice now! I know it does look nice, for that specific game lol, i used to have that same pic as my desktop background when the game came out! But man GT5 is so beautiful at night!
  23. So ive been told and have been assuming that you dont need PS+ to play NFS, FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!! You do need it and im so pissed. Why the fuck do i need to pay sony to play my dam game. And oh and merry christmas and i got Just Cause 3 and the uncharted collection which is nice :)

    1. Parker


      To be fair, I'd be more upset at EA for making a single player game where you are required to be online to play it. Definitely sucks though.

  24. I kept joining new lobbies and exiting in and out of online and they popped. A few did immediately then the rest later.