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  1. Burnout Dominator Burnout Revenge Burnout 2 Burnout 3 Burnout Flatout Flatout 2 Gran Turismo 3 Gran Turismo 4 Ridge Racer V Need for Speed Underground Need for Speed Underground 2
  2. That 100% is gonna be fun! Looks like a nice list, loving the platinum title!
  3. I'm ready for GTA III and Vice City for PS4, god damn this year has been great!

    1. EternalChaos72


      I seriously hope their will be a platinum trophy in both games. If not i'll just curl up into a ball and cry lol

    2. Spinach


      They better have plats.. and they better not be called "Platinum".

  4. I'm right there with you sir. Plus all the Need for Speeds
  5. Sweet new trophies for the AMG content!
  6. So there will be a bad ass new GTA III and Vice City trophy list? Also another San Andreas one? Count me in!
  7. Wow I finally hit 90% completion again! Next is getting below 40% rarity

    1. EternalChaos72


      You go sista!! Lol

    2. X_RaceKing_X


      Haha thanks man! ^-^

  8. Platinum #79 Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends Great set of cars this game has. But gameplay was iffy. Every turn and twist turned into a drift fest. Platinum #80 Absolute Supercars Simply a piece of crap. Good thing the game was easy.
  9. I now have every racing game plat I have ever had my eyes set on! What next? The new Need for Speed!

    1. patrickogorman19


      What about GT5 that game has the most content out of all racing games.

    2. X_RaceKing_X


      Oh of course I played that game for many hours! The platinum took forever so i got a lot out of it anyhow. But burnout is always fun to crash up some cars and drifting. gt5 is good to replay just to hear some awesome engine sounds lol

    3. daftprophet


      Good luck with the rest of the racing games!

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  10. I see lots of modders that mod/hack tons of trophies. Mainly all of those Level 100 people that randomly show up on the site. Are these people taken care of and removed from the site as soon as possible? I still see some on the dirty leaderboard as I thought these people are to be removed from this site completely. I just thought there should be an option to report the profile as a whole instead of a single game or two. It would make my job sending a report a lot easier. That way they get taken down sooner or in case they arn't noticed at all the job will be done! Or am I missing how it's being dealt with as of right now? I just want these kinda problems solved right away lets not stir up trouble here just a thought
  11. oooo YES! Guide of the Year time! Such a fun time on this site, can't wait to see who is top nominated.

    1. AkiraTheFox


      I bet I won't even be nominated once xD

    2. X_RaceKing_X


      I doubt i will either >_< but oh well i won last year im good lol :)

    3. Hemiak


      I'm a shoe in. Everybody and their mom is using my Skydive: Proximity flight guide... >.<

  12. I vote for Potent_Delusions Battlefield: Bad Company Trophy Guide This is a solid guide with rock hard info on how to obtain every trophy. With a beautifully constructed roadmap. I always though the plat was unobtainable for this game, then I saw his guide and was surprised! It almost made me want to buy the game, even though I have no interest in it lol. All together I thought this was a well put together guide, it stands out.
  13. Saints Row IV: Re-elected Metro: Last Light Redux
  14. The enemies spawn at random I believe, you will need to be on full alert. So be sure to move around alot searching the vents quickly! As sometimes there can be 2 enemies at one vent. You will need to get to a hunter fast and shoot them down quick. You probably need to shoot between the grille's vents so you actually hit the enemy. that might do it.
  15. Yes, I see a lot of completed in 2013, then scroll down and see this years trophies. its really obvious lol.
  16. This is a day 1 buy for me! I cant wait to play this! I am in love with the trophies
  17. Knocking out Ferrari Racing Legends then hoping to 100% NFS The Run

  18. This looks very hopeful! I dont know why it would be just coming to PS3, might as well put it on the PS4 as well. will definitely be getting this
  19. Lovely job man! glad i brought up this point of doing it lol. Now I can easily go through the guides and vote on my fav
  20. "Ubisoft has announced The Crew Wild Run, an expansion for last year's open-world racer that's bigger and wilder, apparently. Featuring motorcycles and all manner of off-road vehicles, The Crew Wild Run also brings with it a "complete graphical overhaul" as well as new races and modes to tackle." I sure hope it looks as good in-game as in the trailer, I was a little let down by the original graphics, kinda stale and choppy for PS4. But this looks so awesome. Now by expansion will this be a complete stand-alone game? Or a full DLC pack that would be included within the season pass? But whatever the case, I want it, now!
  21. The only racing game platinums I'm really missing is Motorstorm Pacific Rift and Dirt 2. It really makes me sad :(

    1. X_RaceKing_X


      Haha @Mango - it really does suck:(

      @prarpin - i already have the game on this account. i dont mind playing it and earning a few trophies but the platinum just wont be attained :(

      @shadiochao - i really might get the game to be honest. its a better karting game than any i just need to find some time :) thanks i might put some consideration into it now

    2. Dr_Mayus


      You should try out Mayhem 3d. A kind of obscure racing game but still fun enough...and I might know the guy who wrote the trophy guide for it ^_^http://ps3trophies.com/forums/showwiki.php?title=PS3-Trophy-Guides:Mayhem-3D-Trophy-Guide

    3. X_RaceKing_X


      Hey thanks Dr! Ive always known about that game but never found any real reason to get it, but since ive run out of games ill get it! and nice guide! ever though of transferring it to this site?

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  22. Platinum #77 F1 2012 Just a meh F1 game, nothing to fun. The first challenge in the Champions Mode stopped me from playing the game for a few months due to the slippery handling unlike previous F1 games. Platinum #78 Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Really great game. Amazing graphics and killer gameplay. Tons of fun to whack zombies and blow Nazis heads off!
  23. Another racing plat slayed! F1 2012! Man what next?

    1. X_RaceKing_X


      In champions mode, the first challenge gave me some trouble. other than that it is really easy.

    2. --Deleted--


      Motorstorm Pacific Rift.

    3. Conker
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  24. Thanks guys! yes that GT5 plat is insanely awesome thanks!
  25. Platinum #76 Death Track: Resurrection My toughest battle with a video game! This was just impossible. Unfair A.I. Sloppy gameplay with loose handling. It was like driving on ice the entire game. Lots of dedication and not letting frustration take over was key to getting the pro challenges done. Practice makes perfect!