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  1. Add Juiced 2, DiRT, Need for Speed Prostreet & Carbon
  2. I think that the nomination thread should include all guides eligible to be voted for. So we know what we can vote for instead of hunting and picking. Either shown alphabetically, date published, or popularity? Or heck even the authors name and their list of published guides all sorted out
  3. I didn't even know that it was requested to be done or I wouldve made it sooner haha. But it is published now!
  4. Yea I sure guess it could! Thank you! Don't forget I wrote 3 other guides this year as well, (The Crew, F1 2010, & Test Drive Unlimited 2)
  5. Sweet my Twisted Metal Guide is published!

  6. By online only, just simply having internet connection? Or PS+?
  7. You can't pause this game either? Oh my god They delivered the goods and the bad with this game :/
  8. Wow thats impressive. I got it all now lol. just in case i want to play this game now... again. does this make leveling up super duper fast or something??
  9. Last years was just so fun! It's nice to see some guides get noticed and nominated so everyone can see. I like looking at other peoples work, you get to know about a game so much just by looking at the guide. Especially the quality guides on this site.
  10. Another 2 platinum's nailed. Hoping for 2 more eventually lol

  11. Platinum #73 FAR CRY 4 This was loads of fun. I've never played Far Cry before but I'm glad I did! Good times killing animals and enemies. Platinum #74 [PROTOTYPE 2] The game was kinda junky on PS3, but this HD upscale made it look and play a lot better! Platinum #75 Call of Duty: World At War Such a fun game, I could've done without the veteran difficulty being so impossible. To many dam grenades everywhere!
  12. Watch Dogs is 100% finally! Far Cry 4 will be here soon, then im starting PROTOTYPE 1 & 2 for PS4! Should be a fun weekend

    1. Pinko-Fire


      Did you like watchdogs? I hated every minute of it D:

    2. X_RaceKing_X


      It got pretty boring after a while, the DLC was just even worse lol

  13. I think this is just a side project, there is still a GT7 correct? Either way im really looking forward to this. Possibly the best GT game yet!!! Im looking forward to a long list of events like GT5
  14. I see that there is no date published for guides. I would like to know how old a guide is or how new. It'd be nice to know when my guides were also published. Sure there may be a comment from the guide team on the day of the publishing or a random dude appreciating it but usually that is not always the case. There should also be a date where the guide was also last updated, so you know if it's that good. This feature makes sense because there are multiple guides for the same game, now you'll know which is newer. Yes, there could be comments, but that doesn't do much justice. Having a "Last Updated" date would just be really nice to have as well for obvious reasons.
  15. Wow thanks! This is a nice feature this is just lovely
  16. Finally finishing up Watch Dogs and getting in the groove of Far Cry 4!

  17. Salt & Vinegar and anything cheesy or spicy
  18. That Blood Drive platinum just keeps getting more rare. Come on people its only 500+ events of luck and frustration while trying to kill manic zombies driving a semi on an ice rink. Piece of cake, yea no

  19. This is actually really smart.
  20. This pack is no where to be found, and the game tricks you into thinking you can actually buy it in the in-game by saying, "DC Comics Premium Level Pack", but that is not what you are buying for a whole $6.99. This is total bullshit. When you purchase the pack from the store in VITA, you get the appropriate levels for only LBP2, not VITA. So you have no new stuff on the vita except for 2 lame costumes. What a waste of money, especially when i was fooled. However the Marvel Arcade pack is still there which is good, but screw you Sony for tricking me into buying what I thought I was getting! UPDATE: This DLC is no where in sight in the VITA store, the PS3 store, or even the in-game store. This can only be found and purchased online on a computer or phone. Don't let the game or console store deceive you and steal your 7$ on a false pack, just search it online and it can easily be found and purchased through that. Thanks Sony for making it easy to find a simple DLC, NOT, screw you. The real title of this super secret DLC is, "LittleBigPlanet PS Vita DC Comics Premium Level Kit"
  21. I'm broke... spent all my money on HotWheels. i have some spare change for emergencys though (in case I find more cars) lol

    1. -Dark Mark-

      -Dark Mark-

      How big is your collection?

    2. X_RaceKing_X


      eh Id say a good 2,000

    3. Sigma999


      WoW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. This is... Genius. Such a useful thing to have. It would reduce the amount of threads asking if a game's server is up or not or if trophies are attainable lol
  23. Hmm I never bothered to notice that lol. Sure I guess that makes sense but why not display the publish date on the main guide page? I rarely go to a single trophy and look at it anyway.