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  1. 13 minutes ago, Otonio_Bruno said:

    if your trophy cabinet disappeared, you can just remake it. Just go to trophy individual page, like this: https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/5-call-of-duty-world-at-war/1-platinum

    If you earned the trophy, it will show a green button with something like this "Add this trophy to your cabinet."


    You're right I completely forgot about that. I always thought there was a section for 'Cabinet' just hanging on the page whether it be empty. Thanks for clearing that up. 


  2. Just now, BlindMango said:



    Thanks, this is fixed now :P 


    Hey RaceKing, haven't seen you in a while! Hope you've been doing well


    I took a short break from video games altogether but I'm happy to be back catching up! 


  3. I recently had a problem with my trophies not showing on the website, after updating them and resynching them back to my profile on here, my trophy cabinet also disappeared and I don't see an option to add them back. Am I missing something or do I need special help to add them back. I am a lifetime premium member.


  4. The trophy 'Underdog' has a different description than what is stated on my PS4.



    Win an Event having finished the first round in last place



    What it actually says, "Win an Event with a full grid having finished the first round in last place."


    So you can't do this with any less grid size of "16". Just thought this would need updating on the site.


  5. I honestly feel like I had the most fun, and hours, with NFS Undercover. Free roam was always so much fun. Next to that being Most Wanted and then Payback. The other games felt like I had to force myself to play them until I got the platinum then never played them after that, the 3 listed above had good replay value.


  6. 2 hours ago, Cubone said:


    At some point, they're going to stop.


    Sony won't let any game beat Driveclub.


    2 hours ago, Gage said:


    They're only halfway to the trophy number limit (what Driveclub hit) soooooooooooo buckle up :D


    They stopped having a trophy limit for games, that's why there is a large gap between Warframe updates with no trophies up until recent. also since Driveclub hit its trophy cap it had to start mooching off the Driveclub bikes trophy list. so as long as this game is still being constantly updated, it will continue to have as many trophies as it pleases.


  7. Yea it's me, been almost a year since i've earned a plat. I think im gonna try to get back into video games a little more. Especially with all the good ones coming out recently. Hope to be a little more active on here as well. I've been playing Warframe alot and that has been the only game ive played for extensive periods of time this year. I need help lol


    Platinum #88





    I don't know why this took me 2 years lol


  8. There has been a trophy limit on games and while this game kept updating and getting new stuff there has been no trophies due to Sony's limit. Now since that limit has been lifted there can now be trophies! I dont think they will go back and add trophies to the past updates, although that would be nice :D