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  1. Looking at your timestamps I noticed 2 parts where you earn trophies that normally take hours to do each, earned in fast succession. But knowing when trophies pop in this game, the scenario where you earn complete 5 special event sets in line with earning the Gold Trophy trophy is actually plausible, but extremely unlikely. I would have to assume you spent a couple hours in the Special Events page to do this. Even if you just saved the final event in each category for last. 


    But there are two other trophy timestamp issues where I know this wasn't the case. 


    Earning both A Spec level 40 and B Spec level 40 is impossible. This would require reaching level 40 in either Spec, then exiting to GT Home to switch over to the other Spec events. But in GT Home is where the level 40 trophy would pop, making it impossible to pop them both at the same time. 


    The other problem is earning the Endurance series trophy before the Grand Tour special event trophy, in quick succession. This is impossible because after finishing the Endurance series, you would need to exit back to GT Home where that trophy would pop, then you would enter the Special Events page through there, making it impossible to earn them at the same time. 


    So in actuality you succumbed to laziness after what it looked like from playing the game normally, to wanting to just finish up all those events with the gold trophies in each using a save so you could do the easier trophies near the end so you could get that plat. As far as I know, this game does not have glitched trophies. They all pop where, and when they should. 


  2. Can you implement a way to hide the "flagged game" message on a user's profile so there isn't a large red box above your trophy cabinet and such. This way a user can stay logged into their profile to use the Backlog and list features with the plug in and not have to worry about that intrusion. 


  3. Well it's obviously very possible. I know there are certain spots where sideshifting shaves off those precious milliseconds. You also need to be squeezing in a barrel roll. Not sure how your laps look like or what your racing line is, but practicing different attempts at corners and where to sideshift helps. 


  4. Yup yup! Many users are reporting that they can't search PSN ID's across multiple platforms and devices. It hasn't been officially addressed or fixed yet. Make's it near impossible to manage boosting sessions and communication on the system. 


  5. 4 minutes ago, charxsetsuna said:

    Have you tried copy and pasting the usernames? Assuming your able to.


    Yes I have done that. I've tried adding from my PS4, the app, and my desktop. Won't work. I can get partial results from maybe a few letters but the people I want to add aren't even on that list. 


  6. On sale from now until 3/30 for $12.49 for everyone and $9.99 for PS+ members.


    I'm surprised it has such a low number of owners. Yeah it's kinda crap but the plat takes less than 8 hours easily. For me it was rather fun, even with the wonky driving physics. Hopefully since it's on sale, like anyone would be buying it for $33.49 anyway, more people will pick it up. Definitely one of the better low budget racing games. 


  7. I assume you used my guide right? I had no troubles getting it because when the servers we're up it was always in the online dealership. But yes, it will ONLY be in the used car dealer. There's also no way for someone to gift the car to you either anymore, so yea, this is the only option. Is it a pain in the ass? Yes.


  8. 4 minutes ago, dj_helyx said:

    You should have put this effort into your actual dispute. I'm not familiar with LBP2, so I can't comment on the legitimacy of the trophies in question.


    I didn't feel it was even necessary, the trophy list and their dates are there and do a good job showing nothing was popped out of place or fast enough. 


    2 minutes ago, KANERKB said:

    Well I have been down here before with people messaging me on psn about getting some of the likes and so on, on little big planet 1 as it auto popped some of them due to me getting the plat on lbp2 and having levels that did get liked and played by 100 plus


    The only trophy that did pop when I first played the game was the 7 days published one. I know I had other levels that had lots of plays and hearts for other trophies and pins but I think I deleted them when I was done with LBP1, don't know why but they just wern't there when I played LBP2. So this required me making another level just for the 50 plays trophies. 


  9. My LittleBigPlanet 2 flag dispute was shut down rather quickly, while I was still trying to get an answer as well as some proof that I "cheated" the game and it's trophies. The first reason that was given to me when I saw the flag was "too fast", that has been changed by the mods to, "save file identifiers". I wasn't even given a reason for why they thought it was too fast. What trophies were earned too fast?


    Here's the link to my LBP2 trophies and the date that they were earned: LBP2 Trophy List (Ordered by date earned)


    After further looking at the list, no more than 2 trophies were popped within seconds within each other. Except for the case where I published a specific level that earned me 4 trophies within a minutes time. In my previous topic someone pointed out that I earned a story levels trophy before I finished the tutorial, but that was easily disproved as shown below:




    "Complete Da Vinci's Hideout" is the first story mode path you can take and that was earned sometime after I did the tutorials. Which the tutorials are optional anyway and can be done at any time in the game. 


    But now I keep being accused of using another save file. Quote from the Cheater Removal Team member "Certain titles, such LittleBigPlanet 2, among other random titles, we have access to see exactly what save file was used by a user. Yours matches that of a downloaded save. It's interesting since you played on it a long time rather than just popping trophies on it, but its definitely matching the values of the standard save file people cheat with". 


    I still have my save file from the game, it is my save that was created on the system when I first played the game. Does importing your previous LBP1 save affect this and is causing it to match a "downloaded save"? Importing LBP1 player data only imports published levels on the server, I am unsure what else it does. This game was completed 6 years ago, why is this a problem for me now? I take a break from gaming and this site and I come back and I'm flagged. 


    For someone who cares about leaderboard placement, contributes to the site such as trophy guides and forum topics, and paid for membership, why would I not be given any further proof of something I didn't actually do. No, the game will not be hidden if I stay flagged, I did not use a save file over a period of time, I am not guilty for anything so there is nothing to admit. I will continue to earn my trophies legitimately like I have been doing for more than 6 years. If anyone else wants to contribute and give me any reason or proof, good or bad, please do so. I just wanted a better answer than to be shutdown after one response. 




    10 minutes ago, B1rvine said:

    It appears you downloaded a save file, and then played on it for quite a bit of time. Why?

    I don’t understand why you think I’ve used a save file, I don’t cheat games why would I cheat on this one game? What trophies were earned out of order? What trophies were earned too fast? I have yet to see proof I’ve cheated, I think this flag is unreasonable for a game I’ve completed 6 years ago. 


  11. 6 hours ago, DEMONICRUBLE18 said:

    I haven't played the game in years but it looks legit only thing that looks off to me is you didn't complete the tutorial first but the gardens instead not sure if that can be done, like I said years since I last played it so it probably can be done, I just think it's weird that the tutorial wasn't done first. 


    In the flag it should state what trophies were flagged and why, post that. 


    The tutorials were completed before the first story path was complete? The tutorials are also optional and can be done at any time. 


  12. X_RaceKing_X

    LittleBigPlanet 2
    I would like to be shown which trophies I earned "too fast". What does that entail? I've studied my list and the dates and times for trophies are 100% legit, obviously. I know there aren't any rapid succession of any level related or collectible related trophies next to each other that would indicate a save file has been used. Most have been earned minutes, days, weeks, and months apart.<br /> <br /> I believe this is a false flag by someone who either, doesn't like me, or doesn't know anything about the game they flagged me for. <br /> <br /> I am a legit trophy hunter, long time gamer, and contributor to the site.


  13. I have 100% given up on getting all the trophies in this game. The latest 2 DLC expansions are just insanely grindy, and this coming from a veteran player MR at 28, i think. I don't have that much resources and I don't even have proper clan help to get kills with railjack. I tried doing it with randoms but no one knows what they're doing. 


    But if anyone does wanna help me get those trophies just let me know if at all possible!