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  1. Looking at your timestamps I noticed 2 parts where you earn trophies that normally take hours to do each, earned in fast succession. But knowing when trophies pop in this game, the scenario where you earn complete 5 special event sets in line with earning the Gold Trophy trophy is actually plausible, but extremely unlikely. I would have to assume you spent a couple hours in the Special Events page to do this. Even if you just saved the final event in each category for last. But there are two other trophy timestamp issues where I know this wasn't the case. Earning both A Spec level 40 and B Spec level 40 is impossible. This would require reaching level 40 in either Spec, then exiting to GT Home to switch over to the other Spec events. But in GT Home is where the level 40 trophy would pop, making it impossible to pop them both at the same time. The other problem is earning the Endurance series trophy before the Grand Tour special event trophy, in quick succession. This is impossible because after finishing the Endurance series, you would need to exit back to GT Home where that trophy would pop, then you would enter the Special Events page through there, making it impossible to earn them at the same time. So in actuality you succumbed to laziness after what it looked like from playing the game normally, to wanting to just finish up all those events with the gold trophies in each using a save so you could do the easier trophies near the end so you could get that plat. As far as I know, this game does not have glitched trophies. They all pop where, and when they should.
  2. Can you implement a way to hide the "flagged game" message on a user's profile so there isn't a large red box above your trophy cabinet and such. This way a user can stay logged into their profile to use the Backlog and list features with the plug in and not have to worry about that intrusion.
  3. It doesn't matter what mission you pick
  4. You have to start another mission on recruit, then save and exit, then the museum difficulty will match your campaign difficulty.
  5. WTF

    Last time I checked I was always way ahead of the A.I. Are you not boosting and taking shortcuts, such an easy and fun SP mode.
  6. I probably modified my cars settings like acceleration and top speed and such. Just make sure it's upgraded the best you can. Another reason might be the rubber band is not turning the car slightly to the left, just barely. This is key on how to keep going faster around the corners.
  7. I liked the games story. I followed a collectible guide the entire playthrough because I knew it wasn't gonna be worth it going back through the map later. Only bought it because it was on a huge discount.
  8. Well it's obviously very possible. I know there are certain spots where sideshifting shaves off those precious milliseconds. You also need to be squeezing in a barrel roll. Not sure how your laps look like or what your racing line is, but practicing different attempts at corners and where to sideshift helps.
  9. UPDATE! It has now been fixed, users are able to search and add friends again.
  10. Yup yup! Many users are reporting that they can't search PSN ID's across multiple platforms and devices. It hasn't been officially addressed or fixed yet. Make's it near impossible to manage boosting sessions and communication on the system.
  11. I have tried searching for two different people and it's saying No players found. Yes I spelled them out right, how can I fix this? I assume it might be something with my privacy settings but they look right to me.
  12. Yes I have done that. I've tried adding from my PS4, the app, and my desktop. Won't work. I can get partial results from maybe a few letters but the people I want to add aren't even on that list.
  13. Yeah! this sites leaderboards can be a little less accurate without me
  14. On sale from now until 3/30 for $12.49 for everyone and $9.99 for PS+ members. I'm surprised it has such a low number of owners. Yeah it's kinda crap but the plat takes less than 8 hours easily. For me it was rather fun, even with the wonky driving physics. Hopefully since it's on sale, like anyone would be buying it for $33.49 anyway, more people will pick it up. Definitely one of the better low budget racing games.
  15. Back into gaming full force, updated the entire list with all new images and plats! I game for me, I look at my trophies for my enjoyment. If you enjoy it too then great!
  16. Platinum Showroom I've been gaming on my PSP since 2006. Racing games was all I played! I finally got a PS3 in 2009 and expanded my collection. More racing games! I couldn't get enough of cars. Then I got a Vita in 2012, and sold it lol. Then a PS4 in 2013. My PSP GO is for downloadable stuff. My TV is right next to my PC monitor so I never get bored. Difficulty: LOL/10 - Enjoyability: ∞/10 My all time favorite game! Burnout has always been my favorite racing game series. With Paradise, it only gets better. The trophies are so simple, considering i'm just to good at it. Difficulty: 7/10 - Enjoyability: 5/10 Crazy right? Not a racing game, but since I have a Vita and like Call Of Duty, I gave it a shot; mainly for trophies. This was kinda fun actually; for a quick shooter. The trophies are pretty tough. I always hated playing on veteran on any COD! Difficulty: 5/10 - Enjoyability: 8/10 Back to racing! NFS was and is always fun. Hot Pursuit is one of my personal faves, mainly because of the amazing cars! Trophies aren't to hard. It just took some time to gold every event. Difficulty: 6/10 - Enjoyability: 8/10 This was so fun! There was so many unique cars to drive; and in San Fran?! I think yes! The story was actually quite interesting. Online was pretty fun to. Aside from the tricky online trophies, single player was easy and fun. Difficulty: 8/10 - Enjoyability: 9/10 This game is really fun. I'm used to the old Ridge Racers, but this was a cool spin off for me. The online sucks though. All single player stuff was easy, just the online trophies was a total pain! Vita Difficulty: 5/10 - Enjoyability: 2/10 Compared to the PS3 version, this one sucked. Driving around corners was a pain. The trophies were fairly easy. The billboards glitched on me for some reason. PS3, PS4 Difficulty: 1/10 - Enjoyability: 7/10 I never played any Jak games when I was younger, so I gave the HD collection a shot. I liked them! I used a video series for everything. Haha, I wanted the plat to be easy and enjoyable. Difficulty: 7/10 - Enjoyability: 8/10 This game stayed enjoyable, considering how much racing you have to do. The cars are cool, and even cooler when customized. I listened to some NightCore while grinding! So many races! Thats all it takes for this plat, as well as some cooperation online. Difficulty: 6/10 - Enjoyability: 6/10 A really cool arcade racer. Lots of unique cars and tracks. Online was the only grind, everything else was easy and fun. PS3 Difficulty: 5/10 - Enjoyability: 9/10 This was a fun game! From the trailers It looked better than the actual game. But it turned out not half bad. The cars I was a little disappointed in. The trophies were fairly easy, except the dumb collectables glitching. Difficulty: 4/10 - Enjoyability: 5/10 Fun for a VITA game at least. It got boring after a while but I manged to keep playing to get the plat. Everything was a piece of cake. Difficulty: 7/10 - Enjoyability: 10/10 Another all time favorite of mine! I love car customization and the cop chases! I played this without getting bored. Online was tough, but the story and career was easy and really enjoyable. Difficulty: 8/10 - Enjoyability: 8/10 Whoa! Where'd this platformer come from!? Still, I loved LPB on my PSP, so I got the PS3 version. It was great! Online levels is where it's at! Online trophies are doable, single player was fun and a little challenging. Difficulty: 5/10 - Enjoyability: 8/10 My avatar of course! This game was the best of all Motorstorms! The tracks were really fun to drive through all the wreckage. Online was easily boosted. Career was easy. Difficulty: 10/10 - Enjoyability: 5/10 My god was this hard! So many boring races. It felt like an endless career. Online trophies were super hard. Also so many grinding offline. Difficulty: 8/10 - Enjoyability: 9/10 This game was tough, but it was really fun! I loved all the unique cars to drive. Power up racing never gets old. Online was the only challenge. Career was easy and fun. Difficulty: 8/10 - Enjoyability: 8/10 This was a fun game. Destroying the tracks was fun to do. The unique game modes kept it alive and interesting. Online took a while to boost. Single player took some time to gold all events, and grind miles and wrecking other drivers. Difficulty: 7/10 - Enjoyability: 7/10 This is fun to play on the go. It got boring after a while having to play 50 races in each mode. The whole game lacked a lot. Single player took a while. Online was easy. PS3 Difficulty: 5/10 - Enjoyability: 8/10 Lots of awesome cars and fun! The map is pretty vast. But speedlists got kinda stale. Being a cop was much easier than being a racer. Fairly straight forward trophies. Difficulty: 7/10 - Enjoyability: 8/10 This was quite different from the first one. Lots of fun cars to drive! Doing every race though got kinda boring after awhile. Easy trophies. Difficulty: 9/10 - Enjoyability: 10/10 One of my favorites! It's always fun to blow stuff up! Total time for single player 100% completion was 34 hours 1 minute. This was one hell of a plat! Online was kind of a bitch. Offline was easy and fun! Difficulty: 3/10 - Enjoyability: 8/10 This was cake compared to GT5. So many cars and tracks, it was so much fun! Trophies are easy and go by quick. Difficulty: 9/10 - Enjoyability: 7/10 One tough platinum! So much online racing! Offline was fun and somewhat challenging. Good graphics and lots of sweet ships. Online takes a good 30 hours! Offline is tough but very manageable. Difficulty: 7/10 - Enjoyability: 10/10 This game was so fun! So many unique ships and game modes! Elite was easy and so was beating Zico. Online was easily boosted. Career went by really quick! Difficulty: 3/10 - Enjoyability: 10/10 This game is simply incredible! Insane graphics, amazing fun, and a good story! The last boss fight on expert was my only problem. Super easy game. PS3 Difficulty: 4/10 - Enjoyability: 6/10 A quick fun game. It got to be a real drag doing side missions. But the cool powers kept it going! Easy enough trophies. Difficulty: 6/10 - Enjoyability: 1/10 This was just a boring game altogether. The only cool part is the list of cars. Other than that, no replay value. Grindy and stale. Difficulty: 2/10 - Enjoyability: 0/10 Such an easy game, but the trophies were the glitchiest I have ever encountered! Easy, crappy, and buggy trophies. Difficulty: 3/10 - Enjoyability: 7/10 I love Hot Wheels! Finally a game for PS3, this one was good fun. Fun speed challenges and lots of cool cars. Easy trophies. Piece of cake. Difficulty: 10/10 - Enjoyability: 10/10 Boy what a hard plat, and what a fun game! My proudest platinum trophy right here! Great fun cars and races, but some tough challenges to! Difficulty: 4/10 - Enjoyability: 7/10 Quite a fun game. Lots of demolition and car carnage! Easy offline, long online play time! Difficulty: 7/10 - Enjoyability: 7/10 Lots and lots of zombies! Lots and lots of events! What a grindy plat, but this was a really fun game. Endless number of events. Difficulty: 6/10 - Enjoyability: 8/10 Another fun installment of LBP! Loads of stuff to play and more awesome online levels! Simple and fun trophies. Difficulty: 9/10 - Enjoyability: 8/10 Lots of races and cars, and lots of cars and races! Online self-boosting took a whole 2 weeks. Career was fun and fast. Difficulty: 8/10 - Enjoyability: 8/10 Another fun COD game, so much stuff to do in all game modes. Zombies is always fun, campaign posed no challenge. Online took a while, Zombies required some skill, Campaign had some luck involved. Difficulty: 5/10 - Enjoyability: 9.5/10 My favorite COD to play multiplayer on. I had loads of fun with this one! Spec-Ops required a good partner, and Campaign was cake. Difficulty: 5/10 - Enjoyability: 2/10 Probably the lamest of the NFS series. But at least I liked the cars somewhat. Career can be quick, but then again it freezes alot. Difficulty: 1/10 - Enjoyability: 8.5/10 Super quick action packed arcade racing! Along with some sick fast rides! Story went by double fast. Including lots and lots of races to earn lots of money. Difficulty: 2/10 - Enjoyability: 8/10 Perfect sequel to the first game. This was twice as fun with new powers and story! Story goes by kinda fast, everything else was done quick. Difficulty: 4/10 - Enjoyability: 9/10 The best of the DiRT series! This had such a variety of races and events. The cars were neat to. Career went by semi-fast. Online was heavily boosted. Difficulty: 9/10 - Enjoyability: 9/10 This is such a large game with so much to do! Awesome fast cars! It was a blast. Online was insanely hard though. Offline took a somewhat long time. Online was super frustrating! Difficulty: 6/10 - Enjoyability: 5/10 Very linear with simple races and challenges. Some frustration, but mainly the painful thought of never getting the online done. Offline got done quick. Online was unbearable until I found a simple way to get it over with fast! Difficulty: 7/10 - Enjoyability: 5/10 Those frustrating career challenges were such an annoying pain. Luckily I had a big break boosting the online. Irritating Offline career trophies. Super self-boosted Online XP. Difficulty: 3/10 - Enjoyability: 10/10 This is such a fun game! Lots of awesome vehicles! And so much land to explore! Easy and fun career. Exciting collectables. Difficulty: 7/10 - Enjoyability: 3/10 A very bland GTA game basically. A major downside is that there is only like 4 different cars Super frustrating side missions. Unfair A.I. Easy and boring career. Difficulty: 2/10 - Enjoyability: 8/10 A sweet game! Love the story and gameplay. Easy peasy. Even the blast shards. PS3, PS4 Difficulty: 3/10 - Enjoyability: 8/10 Much cooler than the first, basically Jak & Daxter GTA. Linear story, and easy collectables. Difficulty: 4/10 - Enjoyability: 9/10 One hell of a game! Awesome driving action and killer melee combat. Much much to do around the city. Difficulty: 9.5/10 - Enjoyability: 9/10 This game was insanely hard and fun! Online just took a little while. Crazy gameplay offline, super boosted online. Difficulty: 4/10 - Enjoyability: 9/10 An incredible racer for the PS4. Amazing cars and graphics, loads of fun! Straightforward trophies. Difficulty: 3/10 - Enjoyability: 9/10 Fast pace insane action packed shoot 'em up car stealing fun! Lots of missions and activities. PS3 Difficulty: 5/10 - Enjoyability: 9/10 Super hero action at its finest! Aliens to kill everywhere. Luckily I got past the glitched trophy. PS4 Difficulty: 5/10 - Enjoyability: 9.5/10 Beautiful graphics! Fast and awesome cars with the Complete Edition! Fairly straight forward trophies. Difficulty: 3/10 - Enjoyability: 10/10 Amazing story with incredible gameplay! Easy and fun trophies. Difficulty: 4/10 - Enjoyability: 10/10 A beautiful ending to a magnificent series. Easy and fun trophies. DLC missions were very fun! Difficulty: 6/10 - Enjoyability: 7/10 Not a half bad game, but it felt like it lacked alot... of fun. Trophies were easy enough. Grinding got done quick. PS3, PS4 Difficulty: 2/10 - Enjoyability: 7/10 Even better than the II! Piece of cake! PS3 Difficulty: 8/10 - Enjoyability: 9/10 I personally liked IV better, but this was loads of fun! Cars, planes, and guns! Online got done fast with some ingenuity, Story Mode was fun. PS4 Difficulty: 8/10 - Enjoyability: 9/10 The PS4 version was so much better. Insane graphics and awesome first person mode! Online was done instantly. Story Mode was fun. PS3 Difficulty: 6.5/10 - Enjoyability: 10/10 This was such a fun game! Crazy superpowers and mass destruction and killn' zombies! Story Mode was done twice. Events were somewhat challenging. Infected Kills were grinded fast. Difficulty: 1/10 - Enjoyability: 5/10 Kind of a meh karting game. Not to exciting. The only fun part was earning trophies really fast. Story was done super fast as well as online. Difficulty: 7.5/10 - Enjoyability: 1/10 A very crap game. No fun and somewhat challenging makes a bad combo. Solo story play was easy; some solo challenges were tough. Co-op was done solo, (most of story mode, all challenges). Difficulty: 2/10 - Enjoyability: 7/10 Very fun, haven't played a game like it since MarioKart Wii. Fun races and cool game modes. Easy and Fun karting game! Difficulty: 6/10 - Enjoyability: 6/10 Lots of racing in this one, tons actually! Not to boring but still got a little grindy. Super self boosted online, nailed the career mode uber quick. Difficulty: 2/10 - Enjoyability: 6.5/10 Far less time consuming and easier difficulty wise. Better graphics also! Co-op/Online done just fine. Career got swept up fast. PS4, PS3, PSVITA Difficulty: 1.5/10 - Enjoyability: 6/10 I got a little frustrated during the death mode levels, other than that this was piss easy! Very enjoyable easy game! PS4 Difficulty: 5/10 - Enjoyability: 9/10 Upscaled resolution compared to PS3 which was nice, smooth gameplay. Easy as pie, again. Difficulty: 5/10 - Enjoyability: 8/10 What a fun game for the Vita. Lots of fun with the touchscreen! Took forever to get plays on my level. Story mode was a bit of a challenge. Difficulty: 6/10 - Enjoyability: 8.5/10 Crazy ass chase gameplay. Fun shooting and interesting story. Collectables was a pain. Free roam stuff was fun! Online was easy as pie. Difficulty: 1/10 - Enjoyability: 7.5/10 Bad ass guns and hellish powers. Quick game. But needed lots of idling to rack up hours. Difficulty: 3/10 - Enjoyability: 8/10 Lots of fun shooting up Kyrat! Driving around got a little boring. To easy. PS4 Difficulty: 3/10 - Enjoyability: 9/10 Amazing HD upscale of this game! It looks beautiful to maul infected. Much more fun than on PS3, easy gameplay but super fun! Difficulty: 7/10 - Enjoyability: 8/10 One of my favorite COD's. Nazi Zombies is always a blast. Campaign can suck it, difficulty wise, it was a great story though. Veteran kicked my ass. Difficulty: over 9,000/10 - Enjoyability: 7.5/10 This is the hardest game I have ever played. Heavily skill based with some luck needed. Insane racing action with killer A.I. This game shows no mercy! Online was actually boosted with another player surprisingly. Championship mode was cake. Basic challenges we're easy. Pro Challenges was the ultimate battle to the death. Difficulty: 6/10 - Enjoyability: 6/10 Much better than previous F1 games. Somewhat smoother graphics, and more fun challenges. Only 1 event in the entire game gave me an actual challenge. Difficulty: 2/10 - Enjoyability: 8/10 Lots of blood and guts! Fun weapons! Cool story! Challenges got a little tough. Story was easy. Difficulty: 4/10 - Enjoyability: 7/10 I love all the cars! Some annoying events, and a crap ton all together. Difficulty: 2/10 - Enjoyability: 0/10 Junk game. Nice set of cars, but gameplay sucks. Frustrating A.I. PS3 Difficulty: 6/10 - Enjoyability: 8/10 This looks incredible compared to any other version. Much easier to! Tons of fun, but no cheats kind of took that away Long ass story, pain in the butt side missions, but it's always fun to kill. Difficulty: 4/10 - Enjoyability: 8/10 The cars were perfect, but lacked a lot of choice. There was tons of tracks though! Very quick career. Easy online. Pain in the ass Community Ambassador trophy. PS4 Difficulty: 5/10 - Enjoyability: 8/10 Much easier a second time around with more knowledge and shortcuts. Cut the story a little shorter, side missions were cake, and I mauled everyone. Difficulty: 0/10 - Enjoyability: 8/10 Very easy and fun arcade racer. To easy, but lots of fun. PS3 PSVITA Difficulty: 4/10 - Enjoyability: 6/10 Lots of fun playing with a little car. Some events were tough. Difficulty: 3/10 - Enjoyability: 8.5/10 Tons of new badass cars, awesome drifting, and I could finally make my dream Supra! Easy and enjoyable. PS4 Difficulty: 6.5/10 - Enjoyability: 10/10 With up-scaled graphics on the PS4 this was just as fun a second time around. I missed a landmark which was the only frustrating part. PS4 Difficulty: 4/10 - Enjoyability: 9/10 First time I played this I thought it was too hard then got rid of the game, now I bought the collection again and had a blast playing this and knocked out all the trophies lickety-split! Crushing mode was the hardest part, Brutal mode was made easy with the tweaks exploit! Difficulty: 4/10 - Enjoyability: 8/10 I've tried this game out on my own PS2, but I wanted to see how it played on the PS4. It was simple and fun! A few frustrating moments, but everything got done real quick. Difficulty: 5/10 - Enjoyability: 8/10 It's been a long time since I've enjoyed a great story like this one! Nothing was even the slightest bit hard, well, maybe. Difficulty: 6/10 - Enjoyability: 8/10 Played this immediately after the second, and wow! I think this was easier than the second game. Difficulty: 3/10 - Enjoyability: 9/10 This was a massive upgrade from the previous installment IMO. Plenty of fun cars and the driving physics was much more fun to handle. It's a NFS game, do you think I had any trouble with it at all? No lmao Difficulty: 7/10 - Enjoyability: 9/10 Second time for plats a charm right? Playing through it again never gets old. One or two spec ops challenges might of been a pain. Difficulty: 6/10 - Enjoyability: 9/10 My first plat after getting back into video games, it really sparked the joy in games for me again. Single player is where it's at. The map design is weird, getting from place to place was frustrating. Difficulty: 3/10 - Enjoyability: 7/10 The game was pretty fun for maybe the first time playing through the story, but it gets really repetitive and everything starts to feel the same. It got boring. I admit, fun game, super easy, but tedious. Difficulty: 5/10 - Enjoyability: 9/10 I put this game off forever, so glad it was on sale! Wish they would remaster all the CODs. Pretty sure everything was sped through cause it was so much fun! Difficulty: 4/10 - Enjoyability: 9/10 This game doesn't live up to Second Son since it's just a spin off, but it shows the inFamous series has potential. The challenges took practice, other than that it was easy and really fun! Difficulty: 2/10 - Enjoyability: 9/10 My love for LEGO Star Wars is endless! This one obviously doesn't come close to the fun of the past ones, but it's one of the more fun LEGO games in general. It's a LEGO game, it was easy. The collectibles took some time though. Difficulty: LOL again/10 - Enjoyability: way over 10/10 My first plat, then my 100th! I put off buying a pS+ membership just because it's not worth my money, but glad I waited for this milestone! This game never gets old, please make another one! Difficulty: 5/10 - Enjoyability: 9/10 After mastering the first 2 games, this was literally a cakewalk. Popped it in and beat Zico twice in half an hour. That set the easy bar for the rest of the game. Too bad the studio closed, I would've mastered anything else they threw my way. Difficulty: 4/10 - Enjoyability: 5/10 I expected this game to be way more fun, but the events all felt the same, limited car and track choice, uninteresting career mode. But physics were perfect. Got very repetitive, boosted the online real quick. Difficulty: 5/10 - Enjoyability: 10/10 Ahh nostalgia. I am so bad at these games but they bring back memories. Thank god for that save skum trick. Difficulty: 5/10 - Enjoyability: 9/10 Perfect ending to a perfect game series. I don't think I even wanna touch the free DLC. Story mode was such a blast! Difficulty: 5/10 - Enjoyability: 3/10 I never thought I'd play a bad LEGO game, until now. Half the time I wouldn't know where I'm at or where to go for collectibles. I wanted this game done so fast so I could delete it. Difficulty: 5/10 - Enjoyability: 5/10 I just needed something to relax me for a day. I like 3D puzzle games. Difficulty: 1/10 - Enjoyability: 7/10 Fun way to spend a Friday. Ghost murder detective game, why not. Fun story, easy collectibles. Difficulty: 1/10 - Enjoyability: 0/10 I just wanted to boost my overall trophy count for cheap, absolute trash games. Just, no. Difficulty: 3/10 - Enjoyability: 7/10 The graphics were good, but I expected the resolution to follow suit. I also expected there to be more shooty but I think this game was more story driven, which was fine. Fun story, detailed collectibles, awesome gunplay. Difficulty: 2/10 - Enjoyability: 2/10 Talk about insanely grindy! Geez, I did not expect that from a kids game, so freakin' boring. If there wasn't a hundred events it would've been more fun. Super tedious. If you have any questions on my platinum's and want some tips, just ask! I'm here to help:)
  17. I assume you used my guide right? I had no troubles getting it because when the servers we're up it was always in the online dealership. But yes, it will ONLY be in the used car dealer. There's also no way for someone to gift the car to you either anymore, so yea, this is the only option. Is it a pain in the ass? Yes.
  18. My LittleBigPlanet 2 flag dispute was shut down rather quickly, while I was still trying to get an answer as well as some proof that I "cheated" the game and it's trophies. The first reason that was given to me when I saw the flag was "too fast", that has been changed by the mods to, "save file identifiers". I wasn't even given a reason for why they thought it was too fast. What trophies were earned too fast? Here's the link to my LBP2 trophies and the date that they were earned: LBP2 Trophy List (Ordered by date earned) After further looking at the list, no more than 2 trophies were popped within seconds within each other. Except for the case where I published a specific level that earned me 4 trophies within a minutes time. In my previous topic someone pointed out that I earned a story levels trophy before I finished the tutorial, but that was easily disproved as shown below: "Complete Da Vinci's Hideout" is the first story mode path you can take and that was earned sometime after I did the tutorials. Which the tutorials are optional anyway and can be done at any time in the game. But now I keep being accused of using another save file. Quote from the Cheater Removal Team member "Certain titles, such LittleBigPlanet 2, among other random titles, we have access to see exactly what save file was used by a user. Yours matches that of a downloaded save. It's interesting since you played on it a long time rather than just popping trophies on it, but its definitely matching the values of the standard save file people cheat with". I still have my save file from the game, it is my save that was created on the system when I first played the game. Does importing your previous LBP1 save affect this and is causing it to match a "downloaded save"? Importing LBP1 player data only imports published levels on the server, I am unsure what else it does. This game was completed 6 years ago, why is this a problem for me now? I take a break from gaming and this site and I come back and I'm flagged. For someone who cares about leaderboard placement, contributes to the site such as trophy guides and forum topics, and paid for membership, why would I not be given any further proof of something I didn't actually do. No, the game will not be hidden if I stay flagged, I did not use a save file over a period of time, I am not guilty for anything so there is nothing to admit. I will continue to earn my trophies legitimately like I have been doing for more than 6 years. If anyone else wants to contribute and give me any reason or proof, good or bad, please do so. I just wanted a better answer than to be shutdown after one response.
  19. why do i gotta be flagged for shit i didn't cheat at. yall know im legit as fuck right? makes me not want to participate anymore

  20. I didn't feel it was even necessary, the trophy list and their dates are there and do a good job showing nothing was popped out of place or fast enough. The only trophy that did pop when I first played the game was the 7 days published one. I know I had other levels that had lots of plays and hearts for other trophies and pins but I think I deleted them when I was done with LBP1, don't know why but they just wern't there when I played LBP2. So this required me making another level just for the 50 plays trophies.
  21. I don’t understand why you think I’ve used a save file, I don’t cheat games why would I cheat on this one game? What trophies were earned out of order? What trophies were earned too fast? I have yet to see proof I’ve cheated, I think this flag is unreasonable for a game I’ve completed 6 years ago.
  22. X_RaceKing_X LittleBigPlanet 2 I would like to be shown which trophies I earned "too fast". What does that entail? I've studied my list and the dates and times for trophies are 100% legit, obviously. I know there aren't any rapid succession of any level related or collectible related trophies next to each other that would indicate a save file has been used. Most have been earned minutes, days, weeks, and months apart.<br /> <br /> I believe this is a false flag by someone who either, doesn't like me, or doesn't know anything about the game they flagged me for. <br /> <br /> I am a legit trophy hunter, long time gamer, and contributor to the site.
  23. The tutorials were completed before the first story path was complete? The tutorials are also optional and can be done at any time.
  24. With PS5 being super close im surprised this is happening. But this is a must have for me!
  25. GTAIV NFS pro street, uncercover, and carbon COD Black Ops I & II Yea thats more than 3 games but it just makes sense. I feel like the developers missed some good windows to bring these to PS4 which is kinda sad.