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  1. Games can be competitive and they can be spectator events, like Chess or Magic: The Gathering, but I couldn't consider them sports because there is no physical activity involved. I think the desire to call competitive games a sport comes from the same reason games used to be so oft compared to cinema: because some people make the assumption that sports (or movies) are legitimate forms of entertainment, and games are not.
  2. So I found this youtube video which was much more detailed, however some people are saying there is still a bug. I noticed the trophy popped during my third time beating the final boss. This was after I had gone through and redid as many one-on-ones as I could think of, but the first two times I beat the final boss I preformed the final one-on-one twice (once mid-way through the battle and once at the end of the battle), but on my third and final fight I beat him up so quickly that it skipped the mid-battle one-on-one and I only triggered it to finish the match. so either: a.) I was missing the distract (no. 2 in the video) and/or the 4-enemy (no. 9 in the video) b.) There was a bug that voided the trophy if you preformed the mid-battle one-on-one. I think the latter is unlikely but it's hard to say with how little information is available about this game (in any language). Either way, I'm really happy to have the platinum and I thoroughly enjoyed this game!
  3. I'm also struggling with this trophy. I watched the video and it's not really much help, it's kinda vague. I can't seem to find any information on the precise number of one-on-ones there are.
  4. Update: I figured it out via a japanese website. You need to complete any of the modes (arcade plus, super easy, etc.) with no continues and no quick saves and she will be unlocked for use.
  5. I'm at a loss here, I've done just about everything in the game and I still don't have the option to play as Alice Master in arcade mode, arcade plus, etc. Trying for the Alice Master trophy, can anyone explain how to unlock her? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the info! I'm getting my copy of DMC5 later, hopefully I can get a trophy or two and try to fix it.
  7. What causes the glitch? because the same thing just happened to me, and I'm nowhere near that many plats
  8. to add, my profile isn't showing anything either. Just checked my privacy settings, everything is public
  9. tempting
  10. to anyone questioning wether or not they should buy it, the answer is yes! this game is outstanding and completely worth the 70 USD you spend!
  11. I just finished Yakuza 3 and now I'm on to 4, both are incredible games! The story in Yakuza 3 was just soooooo good, and the ending was so good, and fulfilling. both sets of trophies aren't terribly difficult, just requires time, so either is good for that. I will say there are more stry-related trophies in 3, so it is easier to plat I imagine. I plan on platting both