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  1. Its not buggy. It's because you have to execute a final exo move that can be achieved and alot of people struggle with the timing of it.
  2. Guide says unobtainable. People still earning the trophy because they already did those characters prior or?, which is right?
  3. " On 07/11/2017 at 0:39 PM, Kulzyc said: I don't know if it's only me, but when you look at your challenge -> game mode -> headquarters, i'm at 1/10 daily challenge completed. I did all 6 of them since november 3th..... someone with the trophies can look? " Thats because, for the challenge for the calling card you need to complete 6 challenges in 24 hours to count as "1" towards it. It's misleading, individual daily challenges do not count towards it. only sets of 6 daily. Individual count towards the psn trophy.
  4. Glad i'm not the only one. Not only do i agree 100% with you, even the type of accent and voice for all the characters just do not fit well at all. I mean, i burst out laughing when i first heard that kid at the camel stands talking..
  5. You're not forced to pay for anything. The DLC will be free. Microtransactions won't give you an edge.
  6. " profile activity " & " what's new and recent activities " Because only ps4 related stuff show as its on the PS4 only.. The app just mirrors it. PS3 and Vita use mostly outdated firmware, and were never fully intergrated.
  7. You can only keep playing. I got mine after 100. I spent the day playing all game modes.
  8. Certainly worth the £10 it costs to buy now. I picked it up on release and held onto it LOL. I have only jumped back into it the past week.
  9. Use Cuboid Squares to create large rooms. ( see here ) They cost 100 Iron each. If stacking to create a second floor, you will need to add florring, which cost 30 Iron each. Then use the 4x4 plots.
  10. Unlucky, better re-install it for the new trophy
  11. Use eBay, no fuss in the E.U or (UK) usually instant message code delivery.
  12. Nothing like it what so ever. Check Noah or dalekjd they have actual footage of them playing it. From what I can see although a different war, this COD ww2 has nothing on bf1. But yea that's just me. I feel disappointed with all that I have seen on this ww2 so far. I hope zombies is a better experience though.
  13. I have not tried the glitch on burning paris, but on outpost, you don't need to crouch. However you need to be there before the wave starts. Sometimes if you go into it while enemies have spawned in the glitch dose not work, so I'm assuming the same on burning Paris.