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  1. Jesus, what an annoying and unbalanced action game this is... Same goes for the trophies. Can you somehow change the difficulty for the dlc's?
  2. I wanted to play it for a long time and when I started it, I deleted the game after 5 mins. I thought it would be smooth like Subnautica, but game is garbage overall and it belongs in the 2000's.
  3. Don't know what Angrboda has to do with Egypt, but it would be a cool twist.
  4. Someone new to this style of gameplay will hardly love it, but I cannot imagine the Real Survival Horror without it, so yeah. People got spoiled a lot in the last decade with all that autosave, regenerating health, prompts everywhere for opening doors and boxes and whatnot as if we never played games before... 🙄 Regarding new update, I wonder what's new beside Caroline's skirt, which is more, how should I say, natural in movement? 😏. How can one check what new update brings on PS5 since I don't see update history?
  5. I like me some PS exclusives that we console peasants get sometimes. Surely that doesn't beat the 8k 100 fps graphics, no, no way.
  6. Why is there a 5 second footage in the app with a size of 5GB? As a result of technical issues we made it very hard for us last minute. We had to trim the opening teaser. The 5GB is the actual size of the full length. We will release the full teaser soon. We sincerely apologize for this. - This crack me up. I mean they stated a couple of times that BB doesn't have any relation to Konami, Kojima and Silent Hills and people are still clinging to that nonsense.
  7. Sony recently showed a patent that could enable trophies for PS1 and PS2 classics on PS5. I don't see why they don't implement that, maybe they will with PS now, but an extra cash for Sony is always welcome I presume, so I really hope it happens.
  8. Do something different, I got 2 freezes in the same way, so I just changed the order who I killed. Oh, also I went to the offices on the left and didn't use the cover at all. Hope this helps, also try that segment a couple of times before doing the NYM run.
  9. I would really just want to thank the devs for the awesome story, plot twists, puzzles, gameplay and overall survival horror experience. I wonder why this game doesn't cost at least 40 dollars. We need more games like this.
  10. Capcom or rather the current devs are incompetent to make anything "really" good as it was in the old days. They fail to see that Outbreak would bring them more money then ever but Outbreak as it was, not this Resistance shite with kids.
  11. PS1: Silent Hill PS2: Forbidden Siren 2 PS3: Siren: Blood Curse PS4: Red Dead Redemption 2 PSP: Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops PS Vita: Yomawari: NIght Alone
  12. Yup, I mean who likes to hunt random generated collectibles that spawn like once in 10 runs? Game was good until the end of the story, afterwards going for the plat is pure boredom.