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  1. There is the option menu on the touch pad, don't remember which side, left or right, but it's there.
  2. I haven't played SFV in two years, back then, before seasons began, i got around 400 k, and if I buy the Arcade Version which has much more characters will the money transfer? No matter if I first played on disc and later digital or whatever? Will AE be the final version or will there be more?
  3. Since I first beat N. Tropy, I used him for the Oxide time trials. Somehow that class is best all around when you get used to it. And yes almost always perfect boost for USF.
  4. I think is not possible, but that's me. Anyway try to line up your kart with the shortcut and maintain turbo. Worked for me.
  5. So there is no difference between Penta Penguin and Tiny Tiger? I saw on the PowerPyx guide that he used Tiny for some and Penta for other. He also used Tiny in Cortex Castle lol, it went way easier with Coco on that track.
  6. You should try Tiger Temple as your first time trial and use that shortcut which you need to shoot. You'll beat Oxide easy on this one.
  7. Since you have 4 types of boosts or fires coming out of your exaust when you drift, or on turbo pad or whatever, blue one being the best one or lets number it with 1 and smalest fire being 4, I was sure that you had to have at least 2 to make it across, and was like that for an half an hour. Then I managed it with 1. So I guess you need to jump just in the right moment and with some turbo. Oh yeah ive read that blue fire is called sacred fire on powerpyx guide, didnt know that. But for 100% success, maintain your boost from the turbo pad before the jump.
  8. Yeah but that was more like a reinventing and experimenting with mgs2 engine which was awful. Cutscenes were changed to be more matrix like, which was funny even then, and voices didnt change and were out of sync. Most stupid thing was the first person camera where you could defeat Ocelot in mere seconds while in original u had to work a little more. It isnt what original was, thats for sure, it was way worse. So, as majority of mgs fans thinks of twin snakes as bull, we need the actual remake like it was done with Crash and Spyro.
  9. Yeah, you jumped in the alternate timeline, go back to yours impostor. You probably have mgs 1 remake in your timeline too and silent hill P. T. never got canceled there I presume?
  10. Gantz. Last 1/3 of the story is meh.
  11. I waited like an idiot for Konami special announcement, it was on 2:30 am here, hoping they will announce metal gear solid remake or silent hill remake or something... no, they announced retro mini console turbografix... man. And then I remembered and said, it's Konami u idiot, move on and forget.
  12. Witcher 3 and Bioshock Infinite and every Dark Souls...oh and Bloodborne also.
  13. Gran Turismo 5 and damned Vettel challenges... Got gold on Monza, Suzuka and Nirburgring left...
  14. I'm hyped but don't know what for lol... Because of Kojima maybe? I believe he will not disappoint us and because no one really knows what the game is about or what is the story behind it, it does't mean it will be stupid or unenjoyable game... Kojima has done something like this before, and we are baffled, which was Kojima's intent.
  15. 12 hours in and I got one large gold and one small gold for Great Jargas doing the arena event where it spawned small, medium and large Great Jargas. Events are a way to go as I see on the videos and forums.