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  1. Those long teeth are funny thou.
  2. Game came out today but no trophies?
  3. Since I have Hitman 1, to get 100% now and 100% in additional episodes, do I need to buy gold edition or no?
  4. Gravity gun from half life 2.
  5. So no online trophies?
  6. Again with this, reviews are shit but you know the game will be epic - feeling.
  7. So is that dlc trophy doable solo or it must be done in co-op?
  8. I just played the first one and thats it, had my fill of annoyance. Old Lara is way better in every damned aspect.
  9. Ok people, let's think for a second, I blabered about it in another thread, Bluepoint is remaking some game but it wont be remake as we know it like Resident Evil 1 or FF7, but it will be re-envisioning, sooo some major changes right? Demon Souls is a masterpiece as is and I dont really think it needs a remake, maybe a remaster, dont know why people think it would be ds and how they got to that conclusion but oh well. On the other hand, first Metal Gear Solid for ps1 could use a remake as its gameplay is way simpler then later sequels, so I would give mgs1 a high chance. Konami also said that they will make "normal" games so there is that. Same I could say for Silent Hill 1.
  10. That's why remake would be good. Mafia 1 aged well and it's still enjoyable today.
  11. Silent Hill 3 by far, let's be real.
  12. Bluepoint Games will release their secret remake for PS5... I hope it's Silent Hill or Metal Gear Solid.
  13. 17 more days and RDR2 will surpass AC Odisey, and it didn't have dlc's that had trophies.
  14. Patience padawan, you'll get there.