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  1. Nah, sledgehammer kills trophy still doesnt work for me. Serious did unlock thou.
  2. I dont see anyone here angry or insecure that dont like tlou2 and awards. I would rather say that rather atributes the other bunch. We just say that game is shit, we are not angry about it. Move on. FF7 is my Goty, I dont see anyone mentions that game, and although its just one third of the remade ps1 game, it blows away tlou2 and ghost of tshusima by far in every aspect, to me. No one, nor you, nor Neil, nor blu checkmarks, will tell me or convince me that any other game is Goty of 2020. But thats me, anyway who cares about what I say? I play and like vg because of me, not other people. Chill and again, move on.
  3. Owning other consoles for 2 games is not a reason not to play them, you can sell them later. I live in a universe where story and gameplay are the most imporant aspects in vg.
  4. People really think this awards mean something and are important? Tlou 2 better then Witcher 3 and Zelda BOTW? In what universe do you all live lol?
  5. One should never judge the game because of trophies. Period.
  6. Strange thing, finished first two games, trophy for completing the game didnt pop, tried it couple of times more, nothing. Finished 3rd game, trophy poped, got back to first 2, tried again, trophies pop. Wtf? But trophy for srious difficulty wont pop still.
  7. I am really hoping that they top the silent hill atmosphere and scare factor as running thru the town in night on steel gratings and evading monsters in the first game is the most scariest shit to date. To me at least.
  8. Got the reply from croteam. "Hi, thanks for reaching out.We are investigating the issue and it will be fixed with the next update.Best,Danny" So all is good.
  9. Have you ever been immersed in a video game or enjoyed one for whatever reason? If you want combat and everything you care is just combat play Swordsman. Great sword fighting mechanics and somewhat realistic. Stabbing people in the head is fun.
  10. Didnt use any modification as I dont know how. I was 5th in the leaderboards for completing the entire game a couple of days ago.
  11. Again with Resident Evil Outbreak... I wish if that was true.
  12. Contacted Croteam, but didnt know about other trophies. Damn.
  13. Completed first encounter on serious diff, trophies didnt pop. Anyone had the same issue? Edit: Reckon the people who got the trophy for finishing the first game are all from europe/nz, and I bought the game from US psn store. Great. So US version has glitched trophies. This is nothing new from Croteam, they had the same issues in the past.
  14. I think 48 NZ$ is around 30US$.
  15. Little bit of everything, Transformers MP, Macross, Gecco Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill, Storm Collectibles, Neca, Figma, Kotobukiya etc. Got some nude babes from Queen's Blade but I recon that it is forbidden to post nude figures here. Preview attachment I