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  1. The Cave Outlast Layers of Fear Twisted Metal Black Not A Hero Valiant Hearts Syberia 1 & 2 Siren Remothered Tormented Fathers The Secret of Monkey Island Tokyo Jungle Castlevania Anniversary Collection Soma Earthworm Jim HD
  2. Cro team needed 5 or so years to patch SS3 on ps3 so there is still hope.
  3. Good videos! Would like to see you do mine as well. Cheers!
  4. By all means use the handgun, you will have plenty of ammo.
  5. I'm a backer and the dev told me it will come to consoles just a bit later than on pc. Nonetheless, still a great game!
  6. Hopefully coming this year.
  7. Chasm Dark Devotion The Messenger Death's Gambit
  8. Just hit R1 whenever until you get the trophy.
  9. Got the 30 min trophy after 45 mins of continuosly punching. Maybe for 1 hour u need 2 actual hours, who knows...
  10. Yeah, can confirm it works!
  11. Got the same problem as everyone... so if I buy swat dlc and buy weapons from that dlc, trophy will then pop? Downgrading looks like a bother...
  12. So, did the latest patch fix anything?
  13. This! If true then I will give it a go, didnt like the the first game because it was an action/shooter game.
  14. 1. Twin Peaks 2. Breaking Bad 3. Lost 4. Homicide: Life on the Street 5. The Sopranos