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  1. So they had 9 months since release for pc in January to fix the bugs and they didnt? What the hell really? Since they are a German studio maybe they cannot show swastikas and such but why not make a game for ww? Mimimi should really buy the rights for Commandos.
  2. Why does PS store classifies Mafia Definitive Edition as an add-on? This is a stand alone game right??
  3. Ah, the trophy list that I like, just complete the game. As for the game itself, I really do hope that it is not like a pc version, which is full of bugs and swastikas are erased from the game and also german helmets are different and some other things. I don't like historical revisionism.
  4. Double tap UP and release JUMP on the ramp ledge and hold up and acid drop with R2. If you see that you will land on ledge hold triangle, if not use revert and manual. Main thing is to use boneless after jump with UP double tap.
  5. You said a couple of posts before that you wont continue to argue/defend and yet you do so again. Nobody, and I mean nobody, cares about your trophy profile. People are like that because you sir are a paradox. You are gaming, but you loathe gaming and are there just to hear a ding and see that shiny platinum pop. I don't care about it really, do what you want, but I see that you are easily triggered and that you, in your mind, are righteous like you have some cause to complete and you will draw people to attack you with that attitude even more and this is not a topic for that. So just chill and move on!
  6. So if am doing the math right, from 91 to 100 lvl 263.000 xp is needed. If you get around 10k in an hour so thats 26 hours of pure grinding. Neat.
  7. So you don't care about games AT ALL and you're there only for the trophies? People like you really do exist, exciting!
  8. Going by that exponential growth, this will be like Gran Turismo Sport ... or worse. How much exp do you need to get to 71 lvl?
  9. Do you earn exp in CAP?
  10. 50 people got the trophy for legend chalenges, so I wonder what maps did they play.... Just hope to God that it isnt our own map that needs 1k votes.
  11. Is this the final dlc?
  12. Yeah, game looks great but faces are so off... and voices too. Paulie is just... meh. Original was way better in this segment. And since the animations are so super fast and just the same as in Mafia 3, dunno, it just doesn't click with me, but oh well...
  13. So you risk it to get flagged... damn. No other way to earn them online trophies? As I saw recent players didn't have problems or such...
  14. Can we earn ALL online trophies and zombie trophies in private matches? Or we must risk it with online lobbies?
  15. Silent Hill 1 and proper collection of SH 1-4 games Forbidden Siren collection Syphon Filter Gex Parasite Eve 1 and 2 Front Mission 3 In Cold Blood The Getaway Metal Gear Solid 1 and collection of all mgs games