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  1. Meh, who takes Bloomberg seriously these days, they had these fake news before and got fined for it Yes, there are probably some exceptions but they are minor in comparison to other things.
  2. No, that doesn't mean the MGS franchise is terrible since you didn't even played it, but you could be joking, who knows. I have yet to see a person that played all the MGS games and at the end said that the games are garbage. Anyhow dont care much for the remastered collection since we had them a couple of times, but remaking every game that would be cool ofc, especially the first game and that rumour is the most prominent because the leaker got everything right so far, so...
  3. He is serbian, not russian. Would love to see Sully, Sam, Nadine and Cloe in another adventure, but way bigger adventure then in the Lost Legacy.
  4. For anyone interested, Days gone director talks about what really happened with Sony, Jason S. calling him a liar afterwards... 33:42 Why Jeff Ross left Bend Studio. 50:00 Sony is still pretty supportive and hands off. 2:49:55 The Jason Schreier article question.
  5. Joel will be a woman now, what's the problem?
  6. This mode is utter bulls*it. Irritating to the core and unbalanced as hell. No skill helps you here where every frikin thing is random and when bosses one shot you, same thing when mobs attack all at once all of a sudden and boom, you re done. Hours wasted.... For what? And I dont know what is fun about this mode that if you somehow survive first 3 bosses you re golden and have chance to get to 15th boss not 10th, I thought this should be the other way around.
  7. As the guy who hates pointless collectibles in any game, this game is the king of the most irritating collectibles ever. Isnt there any guide that takes you straight to the collectibles??
  8. I played 2nd then the 1st and I would say it is better experience. Somewhat you could spoil some suprises if you played the other way around but thats me.
  9. In the 80's everything was ninja. So many movies, tv shows and games.
  10. Ok no problem, got the platinum, just wanted to point out that I got 11 sets, before geting another set. When I joined and got the armor, no trophy. When I tried solo for the same armor I got the trophy. I was clothed in both instances.
  11. Ok so how do you explain mine situation? What is incorrect about it? You say I lie? For the guy above the guy, I didnt need to unequip anything when I got tge trophy, and when I did unequip it before I got the trophy, I didnt get it also, so...
  12. So you can get locked out of the trophy if you constantly join someones game and get armor sets that way? Neato. EDIT: Uploaded the save to the cloud, joined friend yesterday and got bandit set, no trophy, got 11 sets with it. Downloaded save from the cloud, tried to find the bandit set solo, got it, trophy poped. So yeah, host gets the count for armor sets.
  13. Hm, defense stabs didnt work for me but offensive ones did.
  14. So for bloodbath do you stab them from behind or can let them attack you and then stab them as you defend?
  15. Some say starting sets count, some dont.... Damn it.