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  1. Bonfire blinking and shooting red oil canisters was hard as I recall, everything else not so much.
  2. Wonder what Complete ed. contains, dlc's or ? Anyway, any Suda51 game is welcome to the PS4, shame NMH2 didn't come to PS4.
  3. Who cares, my head canon Spidey is from the animated series and from the latest game.
  4. If you like escape room games, this game is for you. Gameplay is ok on ps4 version and puzzles are awesome. That's the main atraction. If u like the story only then move on. Story is a mess and I even didn't know about the secret ending and what the hell happened in the end, but I got into it thinking deep, that Mathew is in the afterlife and the guide aka fish head guy is some god that will transport you to another life or reborn you over and over meaning you are in hell or limbo or something. But when he said , and just another masked killer? maybe, I was like... damn it, nope, too much overtheorizing. Plot wasted.
  5. 1) Killer7, got remastered for PC last year but not for ps4 or other consoles, which is odd since it was first on Gamecube and then on PS2. 2) Zelda series 3) Fatal frame series because survival horror.- Nintendo
  6. - A Miserable Little Pile of Secrets Castlevania Requiem
  7. Word of advice, if u havent played any mgs. Start from mgs1 if u are into the story and such.
  8. Online ended in 2012 as I recall.
  9. 1. Silent Hill 3 - Harry Mason 2. Killer7 - Last scene involving Garcian Smith and the realization who he is. 3. Bioshock Infinite - Booker and Comstock connection and the connection between the Infinite dlc and the first game. Bonus: FFXV - The Ending, but especially the part where Noctis joins Luna on the main menu of the game. That was so sad and yet so very well done.
  10. Killer7
  11. There is the option menu on the touch pad, don't remember which side, left or right, but it's there.
  12. I haven't played SFV in two years, back then, before seasons began, i got around 400 k, and if I buy the Arcade Version which has much more characters will the money transfer? No matter if I first played on disc and later digital or whatever? Will AE be the final version or will there be more?
  13. Since I first beat N. Tropy, I used him for the Oxide time trials. Somehow that class is best all around when you get used to it. And yes almost always perfect boost for USF.
  14. I think is not possible, but that's me. Anyway try to line up your kart with the shortcut and maintain turbo. Worked for me.
  15. So there is no difference between Penta Penguin and Tiny Tiger? I saw on the PowerPyx guide that he used Tiny for some and Penta for other. He also used Tiny in Cortex Castle lol, it went way easier with Coco on that track.