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  1. 12 hours in and I got one large gold and one small gold for Great Jargas doing the arena event where it spawned small, medium and large Great Jargas. Events are a way to go as I see on the videos and forums.
  2. Ptirle - Tough Guy! (MK9) Win an online match
  3. In The Frozen Dawn, kill 100 zombies with each Raven Weapon in a single match. CODWWII
  4. Siren, Max Payne, The Cave, RE4, Street Fighter 30th anniversary col., Mortal Kombat arcade col., Hitman.
  5. 100% profiles are boring.
  6. Alien better than Siren series?? Come on man, get a grip.
  7. When you get to 3rd phase, pop sweet rice, red lump, red sugar and maybe divine confetti, don't know if confetti do extra damage against him and just spam R1, his posture will fill up fast, same thing for phase 4. Hope this helps!
  8. wiki is incomplete, is there an actual checklist for the lore?
  9. They could patch the cheese of Demon of hatred and Gyouyabou or whatever he is called, to not fall down over the cliff.
  10. Reduced the price of information from Anayama the peddler? What, from 100 sen to 50 sen? Wow
  11. You are talking about the Apex pyramid thing quest item from bandits?
  12. So even if I have done the quest for bandits in act 2 and not for the guy in the camp and it says quest abandoned, it will not void the trophy?
  13. Yeah, but it was easier than cheesing itself
  14. Is it cheesing if you eat red lump, sugar, rice and everything nice and then just keep attacking Isshin? Posture gets destroyed very fast. On the first playthrough thou, on second and third it's little bit different.
  15. got re2 remake 100%, give me back my Wesker rank!