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  1. Search the forums, it was spoken before. Guy has a yt channel. Half, 1/4, 2/3, doesnt matter, u will never know exact number.
  2. It was mate, can't wait for another one.
  3. You do know that half of those that got the platinum, payed one guy to do it for them?
  4. Havent seen the spoilers except some picture and knew just by that picture what was going to happen. No matter, I said, fuck reviews and all the sjw narrative, I ll give the game a go. Spoilers: In the first hour we know what happens, I was shocked and frozed myself. After when we had the first flashback with Joel I shed a tear. Then I got to play with Abby (which was cool idea since u play as the antagonist) and was so itching to know what will happen next, the story was the main drive for me and despite good graphics and gameplay, it got boring, so much that I stealthed most of the encouters because I wanted closure so bad and fast. Near the end, when Ellie is the boss I thought, wow, I am gonna kill Ellie now. Cool. I understood Abby and got to like her, was seeing Ellie as the antagonist now but nah, no killing. Then playing as Ellie I thought am gonna kill Abby finally and...? Nah... So, revenge? What revenge? Ellie should have stayed with Dina or have killed Abby with Tommy. Something should have happened in the end dammit. So story was fucked at the end, so much of that build up and nothing at the end. Now we know the first trailers of tlou2, when Joel told Ellie that he wouldnt let her go alone after someone, probably against Dina's killers as some youtubers point out, that that was the original story. But then Anita Sarkozian walked in, in the Naughty Dog studios and the story took another direction to appease the social justice bullshit. So despite the shit ending, sj narrative ruins it also and ofcourse: Men = weak, wamen = strong, dont get me on Lev and all your npc being asians...
  5. Orphan of Kos, Slave Knight Gael and Darkeater Midir in soulsborne. Isshin. Almost all online bosses in Armored Core Verdict day, as if fighting them isnt enough, you need to get lucky to actually fight them in the first place and also need a good team of other players.
  6. Majority of those giving it 10/10, are trophy hunters and it is actually 10/10 boring to get the platinum. It's not the game they are talking about. Big difference. If you don't like wild west at all then do not play it, as I can't comprehend the person which likes wild west a little bit, but to not like RDR2 at all?!?!?
  7. So by this statement, you never touched Silent Hill 1-4? P.T. was not a game, it was a teaser, and frankly P.T. had little to do with the themes of original 4 games. Silent Hill was not about jump scares and ghosts (except SH4). No one will be able to top and create better Silent Hill than Team Silent, do not fool yourselves. Kojima has his own thing and I thinks it is better that he works on his own horror game then working on his own horror game with a Silent Hill stamp on it.
  8. I lost count how many times I failed at this retarted boss, gave me trouble on normal and insane, now playing on psychotic, its unbearable. Hits most of the time do not register when shooting the yellow weakspot. Tried it with move controllers and ds4 and same thing happens. Anyone know what is the problem? Edit: Used magnum in right hand and uzi in other, since 1 bullet for magnum is enough for the weak spot. Still didnt record hits from the uzi.
  9. You have a couple of rooms where you need to destroy wall, floor and ceiling.
  10. Got platinums in re3 remake and re resistance, give me back my Albert Wesker rank.
  11. A lot of ideas but I am not sharing. Sorry. 😂
  12. It gives you trophy cabinet of 10 trophies that u like. Yay!
  13. Tomorrow Zandetsu Mode and Randomizer Mode will release, don't know about new trophies.
  14. Only grind that I loved was in the Shadow Tactics, so this will be fun. Hope Commandos 2 will come soon on ps4.
  15. Anything missable? No guides whatsoever...
  16. Completed (platinumed) every RE 100% except Operation Raccoon City and Umbrella Corps since I don't regard them as RE games, they are garbage. Main: Resident Evil 0 Resident Evil HD Resident Evil 2 Resident Evil 3 Resident Evil: Code Veronica X Resident Evil 4 Resident Evil 5 Resident Evil 6 Resident Evil 7 Spin-offs: Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles Resident Evil Revelations Resident Evil Revelations 2 Resident Evil Resistance
  17. Every mastermind can be tricky when they reach certain level and obtain most of the cards. I fought Spencer lvl 34 yesterday with a really good randoms and managed it with ease.
  18. Here's the method for Minesweeper from yours truly
  19. Mod, lock this topic. We heard enough of both sides, over and over.
  20. Ok enough with microtransactions, let's talk about trophies as topic suggests: Gotta Get That Boom Boom Boom trophy - hand grenades count? Besides ATM-4 which I rarely get, I also can't get gm-79 with explosive rounds, just acid ones... Over Watched - does this mean to disable cameras only with Jan's R1 jammer or we can also destroy them?
  21. Yes and cosmetics are so irrelevant, as it seams that there are no different outfits for survivors like in RE: Outbreak, just different colors. I am against MT also, but MTs in this game are not even that noticeable, so chill OP and play the frikin game.
  22. If u wait for more then 5 mins then search again.
  23. Coins and aid sprays, stock on aid sprays.
  24. I thought that one gives judge on the game because of the game itself, not trophies.