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  1. I know it's probably not the case, but I feel like anyone complaining about the difficulty of this platinum probably never played early trophied PS3 games. Zero's platinum isn't easy but that difficulty used to be the norm - or even "easy" - in PS3 games. That said, I agree with other comments; the Japanese games like mahjong and shogi are difficult for most of us westerners and having to replay again after (possibly) 100%ing is excessive. Just glad it's all offline. I plan to platinum but after I 100% I may put it down and come back to it on legendary a year or few from then.
  2. This is a really great VR game; I wouldn't let the possibility of not getting two bronzes scare you off. Plus, with it being discontinued it will go up in price quite a bit in the future - you certainly won't lose any money buying it (I bought a physical copy new for $15).
  3. Is this the worst PSVR game you've played yet? It is mine. I only paid 99 cents for it so I'm not upset (I "buyed" it for a buck), but this game is not fun, not even as a casual player. There are so many glitches and the game mechanics themselves are just inherently broken - really, every mechanic I can think of in this game is just so badly executed and nonsensical.
  4. You could be right. The thought that it might be cumulative and it just felt consecutive since the dips were so short crossed my mind. Then I got to thinking that if it was cumulative then I should have gotten it on one of my previous larger cities but of course I wasn't doing everything in my power to keep the happiness levels super high on those. Third option could be that it's glitched in a good way where it's consecutive but the lockout percentage is actually lower than 95%. You are probably right with it being cumulative but you've put a lot of doubt in me now. I've played this for hundreds of hours both on PS4 and PC and given the amount of glitches I've come across I won't rule out the third possibility either unless anyone is able to confirm what triggers this - would be a very interesting test for someone to run.
  5. What are your thoughts on the game? I really like the game, I forget what it costs normally but I picked it up for sale under $3 and it's definitely a must-buy at that price - I think $10-$12 is a good price to buy it at too. It's a great game to introduce VR to people since the controls are so simple but the nature of the game does make it very disorienting. I don't normally get sick from VR at all but this game definitely made me dizzy. Some people have ragged on the music but exception to one track I like the music a lot - I feel like the artists were probably friends of the devs.
  6. I made a new city that, got to around 30,000 and now every single new fire house/department/heli station I make has NO operating engines/helis. All my older ones do but all my new ones have none and I can't figure out what's triggering this glitch. It's very annoying as this latest city was shaping out to be the best one I've made so far and now I can't grow it any further. 😡
  7. Good question, I have it and I can't even say. My memory is fuzzy on when I was getting it but I'm almost certain I had to go five consecutive years. Edit: The more I think about it I am becoming more and more positive that it is consecutive; I'm almost certain it is.
  8. I figured it out, I had to zone some organic market commercial zones and then once those developed my other commercial zones developed.
  9. After the latest update - the one which fixed I Want It All - is anyone experiencing greater difficulty in getting commercial tiles (any) to develop? I have a small 30k city I'm running currently which I originally developed like a county with separate towns. Since the update I've seen steady industrial and residential growth but with the exception of only SIX light commercial buildings there has been no commercial and office development at all. Nada. This has been going on for over 3 in game years and I even lowered all commercial taxes from 12% to 9% but I can't spur commercial growth. I've played this game both on PC and PS4 for well over 150 hours and I've never experienced this so any help would be appreciated; I'm hoping it's not a bug and I'm simply doing something wrong.
  10. Just a heads up, there appears to be a star listed for Cooking on chapter select that simply doesn't exist (you'll get the trophy upon getting all stars other than this nonexistent one). It lists there as being four stars yet there is only three. Thankfully, I cleaned up the only other star from another level I was missing and the trophy popped.