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  1. Thanks for your reply, hoping for a fix in the future to get double plat (I'm gonna buy it anyway due to discount price, but for now I'll only got for PS4 version).
  2. As title says, I see someone has platinum for PS4 version but still no one got it for PS5 version: is PS5 platinum obtainable or are one or more trophies bugged?
  3. I think team function is somehow broken on consoles, I'll try more but it doesn't look properly working (there are changes from PC version, like bot cap and no need to recharge bot, maybe team function got some changes too).
  4. This reminds me the bad Big Pharma ride: I can only suggest you to wipe game and retry, then wipe save+game and retry, but (and I hope this is not the case) if it's something like Big Pharma game is just a broken piece of garbage and you can do nothing about it. Was about to buy this game but reading this I'll avoid it at least until fixed or with a "cure" for this save disease. Wish you the best of luck.
  5. Is some entry missable due to being event related or something like that?
  6. Any missable? I hope not but I'd like to know for sure...
  7. I'll keep playing PS4 -new launcher- version, got plat in that and I'm not going to start PS5 version until it's broken, so I'll never start it at all lol.
  8. I provided every pillar with two triboelectric scrubbers, this way the three block doesn't require to be ever repaired: a longer process due to extra resorces needed but good to advance in underground without going back.
  9. I thought "a lot" was not an availble option for those specific shops but I'll check again, maybe I just missed that and that's why everyone was so upset Thanks, I'll update this later (mission is gold now but I'm curious). EDIT: so was my bad, with "a lot" in every add on (choose the "+" sign on food's left side) prices are accepted by customers (but put toilets near your shops :D).
  10. I tried vendor pricing of that image in mission 5 (the one with unfinished rollercoaster) but prices are way too high, I had to lower prices a lot to make customers happy again. Are there other conditions in order to successfully use those prices?
  11. This: I did my NG+ speedrun in 1:42, and did every dungeon only once (except farming red crystals to upgrade stuff doing 2 more times floor 1 and 2 of 1st dungeon).
  12. Thanks, I'll sure wipe the save and I'm even considering downloading again the game to downgrade to vanilla. Thanks, I didn't even know those were cheat codes, I was only thinking of some sort of bonus unlockable 😬
  13. I just used some codes at second mission start (5 digit codes input thing that tell you to visit legeosurvey site) than I read something about 100% trophy still requires to unlock characters in game even if unlocked via code: is there a glitch risk? Should I wipe save and fresh start again just in case (I'm only about 20 minutes in game) avoiding codes at all? It's maybe safer to just install vanilla game without any DLC and plat that first than install DLCs for 100% (still just in case bacause you know classic lego bugs)? Thanks in advance.
  14. Dropped the soj! 😎
  15. I'll wait for sure because of Diablo