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  1. 10 hours for the 100s crops trophies, could be maybe a little faster knowing what to do from the scratch.
  2. So workers' job adds to total hectares done for trophies? Is there a difference from map 1? Is there a better map for some reasons?
  3. Not patched (yet), done my last trophies just two days ago downloading sims.
  4. Indeed. I played a discrete bunch of AAs but these from Neo Geo are the worst, glitch speaking.
  5. Hospital Value is affected by money, assets, expected future neat income and debts. Money is simply how much cash you have, assets are rooms and stuff, expected future income is a parameter that could be positive if hospital is covering costs and making profit, debts is 0 if you have no loans to give back. Sum all of this and you have HV (it refresh at 1st of every month). Putting it simple: hospital must be profitable, you need to stack up money and HV will rise. How? You can ask for more money from patients if you have a good reputation (risky way because loss of reputation and some angry patients that will not pay) or pay less your staff (they'll be angry and sad but you can balance that with beautiful rooms to keep them happy); obviously you must run a good hospital capable of treating almost everyone (few or none deaths, goner for long queues, health depleted).
  6. Same issue here, but with a base PS4. Deleted game and save, than trophies popped just fine.
  7. With about 11k points (second game won) Hi Score trophy not popped, I needed 3 wins with more than 18k points to get it but is still pretty doable.
  8. Got this problem too, solved only going for a one sitting run; using Ryo and the fireball move is a good tip, I only add that if you can get 2 of 3 perfects with first opponent you'll get 200k point at the end of bonus stage (just after second opponent). And it's good advice winning 3-2, losing on purpose if needed, just to add something to your stack (every hit adds points).
  9. Sorry to hear that man, I have nothing more to suggest
  10. Try deleting and reinstalling game in 1.00 version than download savefile, if not working try again patching game to latest patch than download save file.
  11. Maybe I'm telling the obvious but did you try to download save file from PS4 options like this: Because there isn't an option to download from cloud in game.
  12. This: 500k, 1kk and 1.5kk trophies refused to pop in my first run, so I deleted game and save and then, once downloaded again, they popped as supposed (in game as requirement is meet).
  13. Can you write the error you got while trying to copy save from cloud? Seems really strange...
  14. Can marketing campaign rise price reputation too? If so it's good to rise prices as you say, else refused fees will be too much even with a great overall reputation.
  15. Yes, I experimented many crashes when switching from hospitals, luckily with no save corruption (anyway I keep a cloud backup, you never know). And also yes, AI is gone full retard with this patch as employees are unreasonably slow in looking for a workplace (too often I have uncovered places in GPs and doctors able to only work there doing exactly nothing) forcing player to drag & drop many times just to not lose the whole level. Is great they fixed interface distance zoom and employees number but these new issues are not a welcome add. I only know the research trick (but that is really long and boring one to do in big hospitals as every ingame month you'll need to repeat the trick many times to just not die in a bad designed hospital, not a good one in the end), are there others?