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  1. Stardew Valley, great plat
  2. About 95% now, could be a little better but not more than 97/98 for me.
  3. I got the solution (thanks to Niryna for intel that makes me understand this): "detox" is simply blocked by game rule "no disasters". "Detox" triggers when acid rains stop, but if you have "no natural disaster" as a game rule acid rains are not in that game (events triggered from planetary anomaly doesn't count) and cannot end, so no trophy. Just start another game without "no natural disasters", make your terraforming work untill the "no more toxic rains" green banner will pop and then trophy will pop too (tested by myself).
  4. I tried one code but system says it's not valid for my region :(. Well, thanks anyway for your kindness.
  5. As I can see if you're not the host and get disconnected (as the host does the trick, I suppose, forcing you to error & quit) you get no experience at all. And even if you host you still get 8 exp per win (it's the same with one or two opponents), no more.
  6. Is still possible to get the 1/1/1970 stamp even if correctly signed/synced? I don't mind doing some passages but only if there is no risk at all...
  7. Not that useful in my opinion: trophy whoring is part of the game we're playing and this involves finding easy games, replaying many times the same game knowing 2nd and upper runs would be easier and faster, boosting and farming to cut earning time, etc... Play legit, earn trophies, repeat. While this new leaderboard should not harm anyone in anyway (theoretically just an add) this could be seen as a form of discrimination between "good" and "bad" trophy hunters. Is an easy 2 hours new platinum really better than a 2nd run of a 50 hours platinum? Well, the answer is "yes", according to this new ideal leaderboard. But this is not true, at least not for many of us. I respect hunters that go for harder trophy lists, of course, but in the other hand I do not hate (nor feel "better" or "bigger" than) people that use other regions accounts to buy other stacks, or VN, or easy platinum that I'll not have because I don't want to use other regions games: I play this way, but I don't want a leaderboard for "mono regional account", for example.
  8. Generic or specific fertilizer? Because some crops require specific ones as "tomato fertilizer" for example.
  9. Be sure to play right maps, don't search by name or author as this will nullify every other filter, making you find even not featured maps. You can replay the same map 10 times, just be sure to exit to main menu after every win.
  10. I've read just now that you need an "offer" to boost Farcry 5 NG+ tropy. My offer is to help you in return with some other trophy I must help, games I still have or have to start (obviously not money).

    Make me know if you can help and for what.

    1. Surgical_Assault


      Well actually I replied to you on psn like a week before you posted on here, when I was still running groups and helping people, dont know why you never responded.

    2. gafpiratehook


      Sorry for misunderstanding, my privacy was still on private and I wasn't able to read your reply. Anyway I got the trophy, thanks for your interest.

  11. I'm in the same boat, could you please tell me how you fixed this problem? @chrismad1976
  12. Only for digital owner or retail's too?
  13. Got "Prolific Creators" with latest patch (1.04) on my first try: short game, 3 custom questions in "wild", 3 custom questions in "school", got the trophy shortly after 6th custom question.
  14. Thanks. The check and reload could be done even with old trees or will just work with trees that never had fruits before?
  15. Done, they're a lifesaver indeed. A question for you, how do you got great fruits? I have now 5 trees for every kind of fruit but still only normal fruits. I read that you need to wait years for trees to start giving great fruits, is this true?