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  1. Is this issue only linked to having played beta? Because I'm about to start the game these days for the first time and I'd like to be sure this glitch will not affect me. And for extension: playing now for the first time is enough to avoid every trophy glitch?
  2. Yeah, I think you're right: the only way is to have an old, not broken, save, because nothing can apparently fix a bugged one. I restarted from scratch, now I make a manual copy of the save on PC after every couple of masters earned, and I'm playing hardest levels now leaving 10 easy ones for the 20 masters trophy for the end, this way if anything will go wrong I'll still be able to complete easier levels in one sitting. Luckily I like the game, so it's not that boring to replay it 😅 EDIT: just happened again, 1 hour into "Thicker than water" and last save is corrupt, so I assume the entire savefile is now bugged. Only one hour lost thanks to backup, still annoying... I'm not sure if even first time my savefile bugged in this particular level but it's highly probable, I'll leave "Thicker than water" undone for now, just to be safe. EDIT2: again and again... It seems like is something unavoidable no matter what I do: if I reload my 7 masters save in a couple more saves glitch occurs, if I reload my 5 masters save glitch occurs in about 12 more saves (but after my 5 masters save I'm sure that I have saved more than 10 times, so it's not a problem of how many times I saved in a cumulative way). I'm still unable to find a reason for this glitch, so I can't figure a way to avoid it at all: I'm afraid I'll have to keep playing with this additional handicap, but this is damn wrong...
  3. I think my save is corrupt in a nasty way: my game makes save that could not be reloaded. If I start a new game/level I can save, and in first 30 minutes or so the save(s) could be even reloaded but at some point, out of nowhere, saves become not loadable and the only way to complete the game is in one sitting while not reloading at all. This could be done in easier level but mastering hard levels in one go with no room for mistakes is just nuts. I'm considering a wipe of all (I tried deleting and downloading again the game, even done so with save using cloud to get it back) but I have mastered 8 levels and I'll be bothered if forced to do so. Infos for this game are scarce, almost zero for PS4 version: any suggestion to fix this nasty glitch?
  4. Title: maybe it's time to take this one...
  5. Thanks for Graveyard Keeper tip too, I write you here to avoid OT in Curious Expedition's thread.

    I read the thread and was yet willing to avoid that part untill the very last trophy needed; but I have another doubt, maybe you can answer this too if you know... 😅



    Hope I'll not get any glitch, I love the game so far!

    1. Eternal21


      As the other person responded, don't use the reward scrolls.  I personally installed the DLC only after I finished the base game so it didn't affect me.  Another trophy that may seem glitched is the 3000 blue points one.  Buying blue point books from lighthouse guy screws up the count, so it doesn't actually pop after 3000.  You may want to avoid buying blue books, and simply make gravestones to earn blue points.  More details here:


  6. Got it, thanks 🏆
  7. Congratulations! Length/difficulty of plat (approximately)?
  8. I'd like to know if chapter-by-chapter could be done even for grounded...
  9. Just a dumb trophy (5 win in a row), but ehh, I'll keep living anyway. I'm playing the game on a dummy account, I'll play it for fun a couple of days (maybe more if not alone) and I'll move on: not that piece of art that I'll regret not taking trophies for lol.
  10. 10 hours for the 100s crops trophies, could be maybe a little faster knowing what to do from the scratch.
  11. So workers' job adds to total hectares done for trophies? Is there a difference from map 1? Is there a better map for some reasons?
  12. Not patched (yet), done my last trophies just two days ago downloading sims.
  13. Indeed. I played a discrete bunch of AAs but these from Neo Geo are the worst, glitch speaking.
  14. Hospital Value is affected by money, assets, expected future neat income and debts. Money is simply how much cash you have, assets are rooms and stuff, expected future income is a parameter that could be positive if hospital is covering costs and making profit, debts is 0 if you have no loans to give back. Sum all of this and you have HV (it refresh at 1st of every month). Putting it simple: hospital must be profitable, you need to stack up money and HV will rise. How? You can ask for more money from patients if you have a good reputation (risky way because loss of reputation and some angry patients that will not pay) or pay less your staff (they'll be angry and sad but you can balance that with beautiful rooms to keep them happy); obviously you must run a good hospital capable of treating almost everyone (few or none deaths, goner for long queues, health depleted).
  15. Same issue here, but with a base PS4. Deleted game and save, than trophies popped just fine.