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  1. Once you join a free company or link shells, you'll be able to get the clears for Coils. Plus with party finder it should be a cinch to get a quick party once you join an active server. People wouldn't mind helping out if they're going in there unsynced,since it's kind of difficult to wipe when you're doing it as a level 60. Honestly the hardest trophy in that game is the leve trophy... Everything else is easy...
  2. Nice tips, I'm saving up the leves for the expansion and levelling the crafts, but I'll definitely be doing that once I'm capped going forward! 6 everyday until the 18th it's a start..a slow one but a start
  3. I'm not a role player so I don't have that sort of background story for my character like the OP does but heres my profile anyway... Name: Arorah Qoji Title: Z Main Class: Bard Secondary Class: White Mage iLevel: 127 Weapon: Yoichi Bow Zeta Free Company: Focus Gaming <focus> Server: Behemoth of Primals Grand Company: Maelstrom Playing on PC and PS4 Feel free to send me a tell if you're on the same server!
  4. I know how you feel. I played the game since the beta and a few months after release I got bored and left. With the subscription fee, I too want to get my money's worth and so once I'm paying I feel like I have to spend all my time in the game. Which I don't mind, but once I feel like I'm getting burnt out I stop the sub and play out the remaining days and then leave it for a few months or wait til a new patch comes out and return to it. Like the guy above said. The game is a long game with loads of things to do. The main thing that I do is set goals and achieve them. It's also a mmo which is a social game, so if you aren't playing with friends then join a free company or linkshell and make some friends. Doing things with them like raiding or just doing some dungeons makes the experience a whole lot better. I've got quite a few alts on different servers some of them I've soloed content and in my main I'm with some fc-mates and doing them with the fc is just a whole lot more enjoyable than on my own, especially with voip.
  5. If you're going with Marauder, then yes. Levelling lancer would be a waste since at level 30 when you unlock the Warrior job with Gladiator, you won't be able to use Lancer skills. The other class that Warrior can cross class with is Pugilist. I don't have much knowledge on tanks, but my guess is most of the cross class skills you'll be using as a warrior would be from the gladiator. Maybe featherfoot/internal release/second wind from Pugilist, but definitely not all 3. Either way though, the pugilist skills are all low level. You'd definitely want Flash, Provoke, Convalescence, maybe Awareness from Gladiator...the other 1-2 is up to you really.
  6. Nope, there's no way to lower recast. 80 seconds is fairly quick and unfortuneately the only classes that get to lower recast/increase potency are the classes that the ability is for (in this case Lancer for Blood for Blood)...If you're using it as a cross class ability you don't get any extra traits. But it really isn't needed. Fates are also a good option for leveling as well. Usually I'd say dungeons, which is the better option for leveling up until about 32ish, then fates for me was a lot quicker. Don't forget to do your dailies, low level roulettes and guildhest roulettes as well.
  7. I'm definitely switching, just to try it out. I got the fantasia from the first time around, and we'll be getting another when the expansion is released, so I can switch back if anything. Don't have to spend money to switch thankfully!
  8. In order to unlock Ninja at level 30 you'll need Pugilist at level 15. That said, Pugilist 3 most useful cross class abilities are Second Wind (lvl 8), Internal Release (lvl 12) and Mantra (lvl 42). However Mantra is more of a support type ability which isn't all that necessary for Ninja, but it is a good ability to have regardless. You're also able to learn abilities from Lancer, like Blood for Blood (lvl 34) -which is a must have for DPS! and Invigorate (lvl 22) another must have as you're not able to Goad yourself as a Ninja. All of the abilities above are useable both as Rogue and Ninja, so which ever route you decide to level first doesn't really matter, once you've got the goal in mind!
  9. Yep, most definitely worth it. I too enjoy the first two games and would also enjoy Lightning Returns as well. I love the character and the only thing that killed 13-2 for me was not being able to play as Lightning. I'm not really a trophy hunter, but I did plat those two games, so that's saying something!..I think. The trophies aren't hard to get, but it's time consuming and a bit annoying, but not hard.
  10. It would work as you'd expect it too. Once you have both the PC and PS4 version registered to the same Mogstation account, you'll be able to play on both the PC and PS4, obviously not at the same time, using the same character.
  11. PS3 - Kingdoms of Amalur and will probably juggle Tomb Raider as well Vita - Modnation Racers and Dokuro
  12. That's what I'd like to know as well. How strong are the DLC garbs. I already know the Cloud one is strong from the previous comments, but the Yuna, Tomb Raider and the garbs from the previous game, I know nothing about.
  13. Not too excited for these 100 games, since most of them seem like more ports than anything else. I will be looking forward to the GOW games on the Vita, but what I really want is exclusive GOW games and not ports. I agree with you 100%. I would love an Infamous game on the Vita! And a FF game too..
  14. Don't worry about upgrading anything just yet. You can pretty much go through the whole game without a single upgrade. Only start upgrading when you're ready to go after the trophy or for post-game..all you'll really need to upgrade for post game though is 3 weapons. 1 for each of the characters you'll be playing with.
  15. I just went ahead and got the voice pack..going to get the game sometime this weekend. I didn't realize that the DLC was free to everyone. I thought it was a code we'd get for picking the game/pre-ordering the game on release. Glad it's like this though, just in case I decide to postpone the purchase..