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  1. If they left the casino exploit its not an issue. Trade in your million casino chips for the highest selling value item and go sell it to any merchant. Rince and repeat
  2. Just hoping they left the casino exploit and gold enemies on the stack. Basically gives infinite money/magic/xp/candies and saves dozens of hours
  3. You can match up with your alt/boosting partner and closely look at screen. On the account going for the trophy, hold down the PS button and hover over "Close the application". Right before it loads the game up, the screen will briefly flash for a second and it will tell you matched with someone instead of searching for a match. If both you and your boosting partner / alt didnt flash then you are not matched together and you can quickly click X twice on the account going for the trophy to close the game. You have until the game shows the animation of the gods to quit (about 3-5s) and your streak won't be impacted. Me and my friends did this trick and everyone got the trophy on the first try. The rest of the trophies are a joke to do and can be done in a day or two and are mostly AFK forfeiting 350 games for the wins (except The Long Journey which you have to play around 15m every 3 days for 21 days)
  4. You get 1 a day and it takes 21 days to do because you get 4 on the first day. They reset at 9am GMT everyday and you cannot have more than 3 at a time 😉
  5. Having the same problem in MKX and MK11. MKX just spawned yet another full week tower and of course not a trophy related one 🙄
  6. **This requires 2 turbo controllers if you don't have 2 there are ways to emulate turbo controllers using remote play (** Plug in 2 controllers and go into kustom match Choose Kenshi as player 1 and anyone as player 2 Equip Brutal Kombat and Turbo modifier to all players and start the match on any map. Swap turbo for Hyper if you unlocked it in the living towers Select a map with no interactibles in the middle (like The Kove on the bottom left) Hit start and go into wireless controller presets and edit. Edit player 1 so throw aka L1 is now X Edit player 2 so interact aka L1 is now X Turbo X with both controllers Rubber band controller 1 so the left joystick is aiming down Rubber band controller 2 so the left joystick is aiming left Enjoy ! Just go back to main menu to swap faction every 2h and equip the 250xp Kard bonuses for 250 brutalities and 200xp Kard for level 50 faction when you are done with the faction trophies. This is what it looks like in action:
  7. Not like that is me or anything 😜
  8. I just made one it will be made available in a day or two after I clean it up a bit
  9. There's 180 levels and definitely takes more than 1h 😭
  10. Neverend asian thanks 😍
  11. Was gonna say that. Wipeout was surprisingly fun and challenging
  12. I've unlocked every trophies except the listener for the game. I did levels 1-3 and then 1-4 without failing after finishing the game and it didn't pop. I then deleted my save and redid it and it still didn't pop. I deleted the game and my save and redid and yet again it did not pop. This is getting quite annoying. I can't find anyone having issues with this anywhere online. Anyone can shed some light on how to make this pop ?
  13. They are unlocked by default on this version.Hence you might be able to play all on easy or even the new easiest difficulty with no game overs. Awaiting confirmation
  14. Am i stupid or there is no requirement to gold all the stages on hard ? the only 2 trophies about gold I could find are: ゴールドラッシュ: ゴールドプライズをSTANDARD・ARRANGEのどちらかのNORMAL以上で全ステージ取得した (gold Rush: Gold prize was acquired at all stages over NORMAL of either STANDARD · ARRANGE) and 黄金郷はここにあり: 全てのゴールドプライズを取得した (Golden Township is here: I got all the gold prizes) The ps3 version specified to get all gold prizes on hard. If this is true, only normal would be required to gold to unlock all babel stages. Can anyone confirm this ?
  15. I don't see how winning half the games and then losing half the games would be faster than just winning them all 😛. Yes you can play the game on a single account. Usually it would not work because you cant be online on both consoles at the same time but you can because this game offers adhoc. Playing on your own also lets you farm for as much as you need post-game for the card packs without having to set up a second game session or having to grind the hard way in single player