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  1. I'm kinda surprised but it seems like this was fixed ?? Anyone can confirm ?
  2. My guess is you are missing that one poem for 'staring at the dot'. You gotta wait a few seconds for an extra line of text to show up for the CG to properly register ☺️. I've done it twice on PS5 and there wasn't any glitches
  3. TDM counts for wins that's how i got it
  4. I reached out to the devs last week and they told me it was up to the publisher to release the game or not and that it seemed they opted not to release it (wtf?). It seems like this will be forever unreleased. Developer was quite nice and responsive though, what a shame.
  5. I have tried matchmaking with friends and even with myself with 2 ps4s many times months ago but never succeeded. We always ended up in separate bot filled lobbies. Even if you do manage to matchmake with a friend, you would have to be the last survivors and even then, I don't know how you would have enough fuel to survive a whole hour. By that time the 'zone' would be very small and there would be pretty much no gas tanks to pick up especially for 2 planes. On a side note, I have idled this game for way over 100 hours in TDM and never got the trophy... It's either glitched or it has to be in Battle Royale. Also, I have picked up way over 30 items in battle royale in a single game and never popped the trophy either. I have also killed 5 and 10 planes in TDM in a single game and didn't get those trophies either. They might be for Battle royale which makes me fear the 1000 kills are probably for battle royale only. If anyone can confirm in which modes trophies can be popped that would be greatly appreciated so I can finish this POS someday
  6. Awesome world ! Thanks a lot for this
  7. I reached out to Funbox media yesterday and they confirmed it is a japanese release but that they are not the publisher for this version. I can’t seem to find any contact info for Morogami (the developers) to contact them directly. They sure are taking their seeet time releasing this stack.
  8. Enough said, must buy:
  9. Oh wow ! Thanks a lot for this I wish I read that thread before. There is indeed outros after the worlds and I indeed skipped them. I guess this is one more thing to add to the list of things Sometimes You fucked up on. I'm glad I made a big deal about something that seems somewhat common now. Thanks ! Smashero saves the day again 😁
  10. So a pretty fucked thing happened to me last night. I was playing Active Neurons 3 (EU PS5) and finished the whole game but the platinum didn't pop. I then checked my trophies only to see I only had 1 trophy (the last trophy of the game). You can only play the worlds in order in this game and each world has a trophy. The trophy list is ordered in the worlds order. There is no way to get trophies in any other order (usually). Therefore I was quite concerned having only the last world trophy as one might figure (I'm top 10 worldwide on this site with no hidden trophies if you don't know me which makes it even worse). I've been talking with the flag team last since last night trying to cover my ass. Now, as to what actually happened, I'm honestly not sure anymore. I think I was seeing the trophies pop while I was playing but I honestly can not remember. I was watching a movie while inputting level solutions and wasn't really paying attention.. Now an interesting detail is that the game glitched on me on level 14-4. I could swap fine (with X) once but when I swapped a second time, the game was not swapping..I actually was a bit confused and was stuck on this level for a little while. I ended up rebooting the game and the issue was fixed. Before we go any further, this is not the usual PS5 "offline" trophy issue which I already experienced and am familiar with as discussed here: I do not have trophy screenshots/trophy videos except for the 2 trophies (I was messing around trying to figure out what was happening and I played level 1-10 again and that triggered the first trophy to properly unlock). I've tried manually syncing my trophies multiple times and I left my console on the whole night hoping it would magically fix itself but it didn't. Now what seems the most logical explanation here is that no trophies were popping when I first booted the game but when I rebooted on level 14-4 the game fixed itself and hence I only have the last trophy. Now, that's actually not something uncommon and something I have experienced a couple times (Little Red Lie comes to mind, could easily pop the 100% in 2m instead of 3h if I cared and to a lesser extent buggy messes like frisky business, 36 fragments of midnight (JP), etc.). I really hope this is a game issue and not a system issue else that is seriously very scary and could have possibly even happened on a PS4 game which would have had an even higher chance of a flag. I'm writing this post mostly to cover my ass in case of an incoming future flag. I have not popped the platinum just yet but I'm planning on deleting the game and redoing it (the 13th world trophy will pop my platinum). I've purposely havn't done the fastest achiever time (could have done the game in 5m now that all levels are unlocked). If anyone ever get a similar issue on PS5, please let me know especially on Active Neurons and be careful if you play any stacks of this game. I've taken a couple screenshots and videos of what I could and can add to this thread if needed. Here's a screenshot of my current trophies (last trophy first then first trophy 20m later) Now, I was told my a member of the flag team that I should be fine as this is PS5 and they felt it was a legit bug (which it is of course). I would appreciate a reply on this thread confirming this for posterity though. I had played a bunch of other games that night during the same gaming session without any issue (all PS4 games though but on the same PS5).
  11. Same here
  12. Starting to think we'll never see this one. I have the PH stack on the way but that's pointless without a complete set
  13. In terms of actual gameplay it's decent. Most of the players are from PC as it's much better there and supports non-VR. There isn't a whole lot of game modes or maps though so it gets boring fast. In terms of trophies, all but 3 trophies are very easy but those 3 are RNG hell at its finest. There is 331 unique objects and the chances of getting epic and legendary loot are very low (around 2.5% and 1.25% iirc). Even when you do get one of these rarities, it will almost always be one of the garbage avatars or helmets instead of what you need. After a while you will start getting almost exclusively duplicates which will convert to money for 20% of their price. You will need HUNDREDS of duplicates to be able to buy a single of the trophy loot. There is also 2 trophies that require four players so be mindful. You can play offline against bots but will only receive 20% of normal XP. I would not really recommend this game to anyone especially with it's $20 price tag.
  14. Lots of incorrect info here. There is duplicates. You will need 6 items of the rarest rarity and 12 items of the 2nd rarest rarity. There is no way in hell it would take anyone 5h. I'm currently level 400 with roughly 300-400h ? (I'd have to check my stats) and would have been done if it wasn't for shitty hidden requirements that cost me a few dozen hours (should be done in a week or 2).
  15. I've finished it but this game was terrible. I still have no idea how the hell you're supposed to do some of the levels (like level 30 for example, how the fuck do I kill the fishes ??). I don't know if there is stuff hidden somewhere or if there is secret ways to kill enemies.... Good riddance but this was much more annoying than I thought it'd be.