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  1. Have you tried playing the game unpatched ? Here's a comment from 2016 that also seem to support this flag:
  2. Can we just see that “credible evidence” and get this flag over this 🤔
  3. Lol. Not one bit. It was closed (with a very false and personal attack on OP) and many people argued with B1rvine for hours until he finally reopened it and then eventually lifted it. This flag was NOT going to be lifted at all (like many wrong flags I'm seeing mostly from B1rvine).
  4. I'd much rather have 50 cheaters not getting flagged than 1 innocent guy get flagged for such a lame reason. Those cheaters will get caught for something else anyway down the road.
  5. The fact there's another PS3 game right over Driver: San Fransisco actually matches his claim. Guy played Driver a few months back and didn't sync and now he played NFS and synced both games. This is very common with anyone owning multiple consoles and should not warranty a reasonable reason for a flag. We'd have another debate if the servers were actually closed but this game is still 100% obtainable. OP should now be able to debunk this flag by providing in-game pictures / boosting partners. This was closed very prematurely and was thankfully reopened.
  6. I asked them for help on one of the dlc trophies on their Korean Facebook and they replied in less in a day in perfect english though.... it simply seems they don’t want to fox this or can’t and don’t want to bother telling us. I’m still hoping it gets fixed some day
  7. So I was turboing X so I wouldnt have to hold it down. I was wondering why every video I've seen made enemies look MUCH weaker. I was stuck on the carrot attack on level 4 (the carrots being literally fucking tanks) and as soon as I started holding it turned into a piece of cake......................... PSA
  8. You make it look easy ! I'll have to give the game another go now
  9. Awesome feat ! Looking forward to that video. Maybe it'll motivate me some more. Grats on well deserved first achiever
  10. Dude wth 😂 Is it a boss battle or what ? I've been busy and moved on to other stuff for now but I'll have to finish it some day. I'm hoping you can upload one of your good runs so I can watch and learn some tips as I'm quite bad at it.
  11. I’d love a video of a 500+ run (or even better a 1083 run) to learn some tips cuz 8’m getting shredded on this game
  12. Ok but we don't care about these...WHERE IS NEVEREND ?????????????? 😟
  13. I'm throwing the towel on this one. I've made it past chapter 5 loading pretty easily (30m ish) but I've been reloading chapter 7 over 100 times now trying everything and couldn't make it past the loading screen. It's very frustrating to know I'm so close to the 100% by this point. I still think it might be possible to make it past the loading (just like chapter 5 seems impossible at first) with sheer perseverance. What I've tried Rebooting the game Rebooting the vita Rebuilding the data base Changing the system language to basically everything Turning off music and sounds in the options Running a run of the lab picking only the essential stuff Running a run of the lab picking up everything and doing every puzzle Clicking on screen as soon as I get into the room Opening diary and clicking on screen as soon as it closes Mashing XMB back and forth while it loads (it actually crashes the whole vita if you do that and need to hard reboot Turning internet on and off while its loading Mashing every input and screen while it loads And at least a 100 attempts loading straight in front of the screen to lvl 8 Although it could just be random luck, I've made it past chapter 5 by doing as much stuff that I could in the level (I just couldn't find one of the damn tetris block, still wondering where the fucker is) The game is not compatible with PSTV. Good luck to anyone attempting this but I do feel it could still be possible.
  14. Do you have any tips ? I'm trying to run in circles but I always end up doing silly mistakes or having dinos fall right on top of my head. There definitely should be hearts in some of the chests...
  15. So buyers beware, this is actually really hard.... getting 1083 will be hell on earth from what I've played so far