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  1. So I bought this on sale recently as it seemed pretty easy. I see you need at least 145 stars to unlock the last level of World 2 for the 100% but I'm finding this game quite hard and barely managed to get enough stars to finish world 1 so far. It seems like most of the levels can not even be 3* as most enemies can only be killed with rocks and a bunch of levels do not even have enough power ups to get the rock or you get it so far into the level there is not enough time to go back and kill those enemies. There is way too many achievers for how hard it is so I feel I must be missing something quite dumb here.
  2. I will provide my personal experience with this game in case it can help someone else. I did all the online trophies for this hot mess of a game last year including the sunny, weeklies and monthly event. I logged at the end of the month/weeks expecting all 3 trophies to pop and...NOTHING popped. Here's where it gets interesting though. When I first booted the game, I got my notifications for completing the weekly/monthly events but no trophy. I then tried to reboot the game a couple times in vain hope it might pop but it didn't and I also didn't get the notifications again. but I had made a backup save to the cloud after doing all the community events. I reloaded that save and booted the game again. I got the notifications again (which means they are tied to your save, not server) and the monthly trophy actually popped this time ! This seems there might be some kind of problem when the notification appears and when the trophies are supposed to pop. I have tried reloading my save multiple times for the weekly but that one never popped. My guess is that the first weekly somehow didn't register properly so I was screwed. I've done the weeklies (both) for the last 2 weeks following the server announcement and this time it popped as expected this morning. If it had not popped, I would have tried reloading my backup save in hopes the 2nd weekly didn't register properly because my previous experience with the monthly is definitely hinting towards that. Also, the sunny is supposed to pop as soon as you finish the race, not after the event is done and I know for a fact I had done a sunny event last year as my friends got the trophy on the same event so this game is definitely screwed. TL;DR backup your save before you boot the game to obtain your community trophies. There's a chance you can retry to trigger the trophy until it properly works ! The problem with the weeklies is you can't know if the first weekly properly registered or not but at least you have control over the 2nd one if you keep reloading !
  3. Yea it’s been fixed. Apparently, they didn’t even do anything. I was going to boycott their new game but maybe now I’ll get it (still missing PS4 trophy lists for those… let’s hope they get uploaded soon)
  4. This sadly keeps happening to me and a few of my friends. No known fix so far other than rebooting the console but at least this consistently fixes it for me (but not everyone from what I've heard). It's been happening for a few months now.
  5. A little over 2 years since my last topic, we have now reached the next milestone 🎉 During these last 2 years, we've seen our first ever region stack for an Arcade Archives ( I'm not sure what happened (a mistake?). I was personally scared as hell but strangely enough, the next releases did NOT stack. We still have to wait and see if they eventually transition to PS5, if they will make the games stack and if they will rerelease the old games again. This keeps me up at nights sometimes 😭 I lost track of when it happened but we've finally received a more than welcome update in the porting and they are now indicating the minimum score to reach in high score mode for the trophy (while before it was basically a guess) There was also news of a patent for 'console archives' from the same developer a while back hinting at a possible new series. I am personally at 299/300 (just missing this new one) and I will see you all at the 400th entry ! All hail to the biggest series there is 👑
  6. I forgot I recorded this a while back. Just a little tip to make Stage 2 1000p score a breeze. Just keep shooting the bottom right chicken's pan and get as much points as you want. Just be careful you don't die from the chickens shooting behind the rock. Not a huge tip but a tip nonetheless ! It works the same for the Crazy Chicken Wanted game
  7. It's not weird per say and it is sadly a "common" issue for many games especially on release date. The trophies have been configured correctly but they need to be uploaded to sony's servers before they can show up here and on your PSN account. I'm just not familiar with the exact steps and the Jackbox team has no idea what the hell I'm talking about. A somewhat similar case was the case of Focus on You NA where the devs finally fixed it (miraculously) after years: / It is odd coming from the Jackbox team though as they seemed to know the process until now. They seem to have officially given up on fixing this on their end so I hope someone can reach out to them with specifics on how to get this fixed. I've personally already 100%d the game and am just waiting for a fix !
  8. I gave it one last shot and followed up with them but they clearly don't know what I'm talking about and I don't know how they can fix this. I remember there was someone on these forums that was helping developers with this kind of issue but I can't recall their name. Here's the final reply from their supper team: Hello again, I just spoke with our QA team once again and they assured me that the game would not have passed submission if we hadn't uploaded the trophies. I'm really sorry but it sounds like we've done everything we can on our end. - Kevin Jackbox Games #BR00098229 Ticket Type Bug Report
  9. I am now at 105 wins and still missing the trophy for 100 wins. I have won twice against a real player (different players) passed 100 (and also a few times < 100) and it is still not unlocking. I can't find anyone with this problem and/or possible fix. I have joined their discord but it is useless. I will try to win a few more times with cross-play ON and possibly delete my save... ☹️ EDIT: It turns out the game has no saves at all to delete. I just kept going and it popped at 106... Didn't do anything special on this match and I was only playing VS bots
  10. I've downloaded games to 1.0 that were WAY bigger than 500MB. Injustice 2 comes to mind and it was at least 20GB
  11. It might just be a coincidence but the game was updated about a month ago and the last achiever for Books are fun was about a month ago... It feels like the dev screwed up the trophies possibly. You might want to try reverting back to 1.0 patch after the other trophies are done
  12. I’ve emailed the developers today and they are very responsive and willing to help but they don’t seem to have any idea how trophy lists work or how to fix this issue. I have no idea what is the actual process to get this fixed so I could relay this to them. I’d suggest anyone that want to get this fixed to also reach out to them because it doesn’t look like this will be fixed on its own
  13. It’s now been almost a month and they still havn’t synced the trophy list. Very odd
  14. It counts
  15. Babel is a joke in this version in coop as both players start with 3 double jump power ups if I recall correctly. The original babel stages were really fun and challenging to do on PS3 but on this version I pretty much beat all 4 stages in a few hours and it only took 2-3 tries on all of them. Although easier, the platinum is a huge chore though because you need to gold every level SIX times. Overall, this is not a hard game at all using youtube guides to assist you for the story levels and Rapunzel stages (maybe a 6/10 at best, the last 2 story chapters can be a pain on hard difficulty). It is a pretty long game though. If you've never played Catherine and you're interested you should definitely go for it as the story is very unique. The game also offers a 'rewind' ability in the story now that makes the levels a lot easier and you can totally cheese the boss attacks now. 75%+ of the platinum time will be on the El Dorado trophy. You can skip previously played levels and you can save whenever you want so getting all endings is not a big deal. It does require multiple playthroughs though as there is 13 endings in this version.
  16. Messaged a few other achievers and nobody bothered replying. Ended up finding the email for the devs and emailing them directly. Their support was amazingly fast and detailed. Huge props to Tim for restoring my sanity ! For posterity, here was his reply: Hi, Thanks for reaching out, and for your commitment to the game! There's no doubt that the WoD trophy can be a little tricky; but with a couple of tips, you should be able to master flying in short order. Tip 1: Make sure and max out 'reflecting' till you can 'fly'. You can get this by fully reflecting -which is reflecting at a location until you can't reflect any more (usually about 45 seconds or so)- at at least two locations. It can be any locations; it can even be partial reflections at several locations. It just has to all be on the same day. After that, you should be able to hold the left stick all the way forward to 'move quickly' and you'll start to fly a little bit off the ground as you move forward. Once you're in that state, move on to tip 2... Tip 2: Now that you can fly, you'll need to stay aloft for at least two minutes straight in order to unlock the Wings of Desire trophy. You can do this from a lot of places, but to fly at a high altitude and easily avoid running into things, I suggest climbing to the flat part of the mountain that's a little forward and to your right when you start a game -the mountain plateau where you can see the lightning strikes. Once there, run towards the cliff edge. If you've given yourself enough running room, you'll start to fly a little before you get to the edge of the plateau. Once you're flying and have cleared the plateau, you can keep flying at that same altitude as long as you keep the controller stick forward. Keep flying for 2 minutes, and you should unlock the WoD trophy. Let me know if you have any questions, and good luck! All the best, Tim at The Night Journey Team
  17. Long shot but I've been trying to unlock Wings of Desire (my last trophy) for quite some time now. I've tried both tips mentioned in the thread (holding the left stick & flicking the right joystick) and pretty much anything else I could think of. I CAN NOT figure out how to fly and it's driving me nuts. I've tried to reach out to the latest achiever without any luck. ANyone know how I can finish this atrocious game ??
  18. It's a legendary emote sadly ☹️
  19. Sweet thieves 100% contributes to this when you win. That's how I've popped the 100 qualifies trophy
  20. I'm selling over 200 Visual Novels. Mostly PSV but some PS3s and PS4s. Most are Japanese but I also have some NA/EU/KR stacks. I'm selling cheaper than anywhere online, especially for bundled sales. The full list can be seen here (check on desktop, the layout is strange on mobile). The first of the tabs also includes pictures of all games: DM me if interested !
  21. Almost 2 years later but it's finally done:
  22. Another viral:
  23. Title. Interested in this one. I can't find it on the store though. Physical only ?
  24. Thanks ! I didn't check the LB but now I'm convinced it's glitched. I already assumed it was glitched but there was a very low amount of players and 8 glitched trophies for doing various things. I was secretly hoping nobody gave that one a fair shot . Bizzy will be able to confirm your claims soon hopefully !
  25. They also added orange later on so there’s now 9 colors.