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  1. X-Cyberpunk Story of a Gladiator https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/81933-trophies/#comment-1963192
  2. to be clear, the warlock game only start autopop already achieved trophy by select "play" in main menu. as the guide said, if that glitch trophy didnt pop reload the game. if you notice all the timestamp, its all over out of the place which is normal like borderlands game. look at the screenshots, original platted at night, after that sync to psn server, unfortunately that hour psn was unstable/outage for me. so i went to sleep. then woke up and tried again and sync loading works but no new trophies updated. and i can't explain to why there's zero percent trophies. then turn on that game and the rest history.
  3. again ignoring my screenshots, then how these trophies appear in screenshots?
  4. wanted to show my ps4 console had issues loading trophies, as for this other game Irony Curtains... i already got all trophies during offline. turn back online, error, manual restart ps4, load the game, open trophy section, trophies seems erased. check the vid for example of corrupted trophies. and also an image of achieved trophies screenshots. Note: i will replay to plat this game later since it doesnt sync to server. screenshots of trophies https://imgur.com/91rrp5G
  5. there's two sets of screenshots, check the gif i recorded. theres 22 trophies, in gif you can see total 44.
  6. why mention borderlands? that was some years ago and dealt fine. "12 minutes after..." didnt you bother checked the screenshots? for you info, i have multiple ps4 consoles, obviously previous game was on diff console, thats why i play offline.
  7. X-Cyberpunk Warlock's Tower I was playing offline during this game from start to end. every trophies pop fine until one glitched trophy didnt pop, the guide said to close and relaunch the game, once did it, that trophy auto pop and then plat. here's the source https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/warlock-s-tower/336776-warlocks-tower-trophy-guide-roadmap-puzzle-solutions-included.html Then i turn online to sync server, but says error, not able to sync... tried manually many times until i decided to close and re launch the game. now when ingame all trophies auto pop instant. even overwrites the time, but i have original and new (30sec) screenshots. not sure it was psn server unstable that hour or the game's glitch fault. i found out one of my friend had trouble syncing trophies in general that hour too but manage to success sync later with correct timestamp. note: original timestamp is almost 2 days plat. here's original screenshot https://imgur.com/a/jJgyOOt https://imgur.com/a/VBMsZge (first trophy) https://imgur.com/a/nKnTgFY (last trophy) here's 2nd time, glitch trophy screenshot https://imgur.com/a/64yYQJy https://imgur.com/a/0HFiJ3t
  8. One problem is sharefactory. In gallery, (screenshot and video clips) press 'option' button and select 'edit in sharefactory', select any clip then enter 'edit', but doesnt go straight to sharefactory app. This is the shortcut way, however for now with this 5.00 firmware, have to go from sharefactory and do the long way to edit video.
  9. done all kingdom hearts 1.5 + 2.5 games. promote me to Master of Hearts.
  10. look at youtube dislikes, that explains...
  11. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance for keyblade master
  12. i'm kinda late but i wanna share what i made
  13. best play on solo. if in party of two or three, only host can complete stage with that glitch, the rest of other players will get a "fail stage". so its not useful. this is why we dont tell others not to do this so they won't waste time