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  1. I had a shotgun, which did 550 odd damage and a sniper which did 1700ish damage. My game crashed, no dramas, happens rarely, I loaded back up. My shotgun now only does 60 damage and my sniper has been put down to 400 with all other stats on both weapons severely weakened. Has this happened to anyone else, do we know why and any solutions?
  2. Me too, literally had no hope of anyone knowing it, can’t believe it
  3. Thank you very much for finding/knowing the game I was talking about.

    You’re an absolute legend!!

  4. OMG I THINK THIS IS IT Now checking I can confirm that you sir have found the game. I’m not sure how you knew. But you are an absolute legend. Thankyou very much. And thank you everyone else!! My bad, I clicked the wrong reply but either way you found it!!
  5. I wish it was as simple as Mickey Mouse! Neither of these I’m afraid.
  6. Unfortunately this also isn’t it, however it is very very similar to this
  7. I’ve had a look at these and it’s not any of them As you say it is definitely a more obscure game, not a AAA for sure This is close to the style of how it looks, not sure if this is the one, I’ll have a look
  8. It was 100% a disc based game, I remember having the box, unfortunately that got thrown away Not off of yhe top of my head, it was a very unique game Fairly certain, I don’t think you could walk around very much, other than left and right through each location maybe Unfortunately not!
  9. Okay some extra details which I think are somewhat accurate: you had until midnight, unless you collected the “time” another one of the areas was the main staircase in the mansion, also I think an office the cover art of the game had a mouse on it (I’m almost certain) this is what led me to believe you play as a mouse Hopes this helps, you’re all legends! Cheers
  10. Okay so I think I played it around 2004-2006, but I think we’d had it for longer than that so it could potentially be a late 90’s early 2000’s game. I’m also fairly sure I remember one section of the game was in the kitchen, and there was a secret cellar/room in the floor...
  11. Unfortunately that is not it. The sections of the game were still images of rooms of the house, it was very much a point and click game.
  12. So when I was younger me and my sister used to play this game on PC. But neither of us can remember the name. Some details: the character was some kind of mouse it took place in an old mansion that i think was being sold or something The game was against the clock, but you could collect additional time, which appeared as little golden things that floated around when you failed a man would stand over a pile of stuff and laugh long shot, but if you recognise anything please help!!
  13. Anyone got any other/new solutions, tried many and cannot get the trophy... Last one I need for the plat