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  1. Its all going to hinge on what gives 'Vault rewards', this could be the new challenge style trophy.
  2. After not touching Monster Hunter for months, Icebourne is a lesson in getting spanked by Giant beasts.  Venom Toby was a treat.

  3. Not bad again this month, Darksiders seems to be on here early though. Like people have said, maybe they are hoping to get a boost on season past sales to prop up the main game sales.
  4. Finally got this one last night after coming back to the game. As the 1st OP mentions the 'Plague' encounter has a huge success. You can get multiple plague encounters in the 2nd level of the Chariot challenge, grinding this seems to be the best approach.
  5. Finally finished my 200th, saved the last trophy on this one to keep it as my milestone. HAND OF FATE 2 Games Master Unlocked all trophies.
  6. Just keep playing, the level trophies can be buggy. It’ll pop at some point when you hit lvl51 or 52. Try to pop in a free roam event to make it more certain
  7. I had the same thing on Weds night. Should be fine once you pop another trophy and sync again
  8. That's..... actually not bad
  9. You will be fine doing just what you are doing. The Grounded and Grounded+ and the difficulties below will unlock at the same time. Check my profile. I think I did it on normal. normal+ then backwards on grounded+
  10. No not all cards, you will need to complete most of them to build good enough decks to meet some of the gold token requirements.
  11. 3rd Spyro Plat complete, 2 away from 200 now.  Thinking of making Hand of Fate 2 my milestone.

  12. Usually Multiple. Something for Longer sessions - Hand of Fate 2 / Division 2 Something for quick sessions - Spyro 3 Something to play co-op or alongside my wife - Ace Attorney / Warhammer Chaosbane
  13. Not sure you'll find that many games with DLC that offers as much value as this one. It's a massive game already and the DLC expands it further. Having AC3 already does take some of the value off of it, but you can resell that disk!
  14. If you have the Cold Hearth expansion then doing Keturah's named bounties will result in a fair few wheel gambits.
  15. Scratch my previous comment.....