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  1. Gravity Rush 2 is looking stunning on the pro

    1. Elvick_


      Looks stunning in general.

  2. Superman essentially being a sun god makes him a little OP as a game protagonist. I think we'll see a couple more characters as games, the big boys from each publisher, Spiderman and Batman are well established as game protagonists. The fact everything is being licensed for films right now and 'game of the film' titles tend to be terrible and sell badly means there might not be much appetite to damage the DC or Marvel brand with awful tie ins. We'll get plenty more lego heroes though,
  3. 9 chapters through Lego City Undercover and already had 2 chapter trophies fail to pop.  Annoyingly you can't just replay a chapter either as its more than just the levels.

  4. I'll grab Walking Dead S3 this week and probably the Bunker, mainly working on the GTA V grind at the moment.
  5. All single player GTA V trophies done, getting people to stay in online sessions for stuff like tennis without them rage quitting when you start beating them is draining me

  6. @Deceptrox 1. Mr Zsaz? 8. True or false. (The Dark Knight Rises) B ) Night Wing appeared in this movie. - true (at least its Dick Grayson future nightwing)
  7. @Deceptrox 1. Falcone 6. (S)laughter is the best medicine 8. True or false. (The Dark Knight Rises) A) Ra’s Al Ghul made a cameo. - True B ) Night Wing appeared in this movie. - true (kinda) C) Bane was the first person who was able to escape from The Pit. - False D) James Gordon chose death over exile. - True E) Batman got his back broken in this movie. - True
  8. Confirming you only need 2 play throughs, it's how I did it.
  9. Hey Billy I'm still chipping away with the occasional flawless run and grabby game attempt every week. Just failing hard.
  10. One particular Knife flight IN GTA V is breaking me right now, started Fallen Ghosts DLC for wildlands to take a breather.

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    2. Willstown


      Yep in the NE, in the movie studio between one tallish and one short building v close to the ground.

    3. Yadilie


      Yup, terrible. The only thing that saved my sanity was saving before attempting it.

    4. Willstown


      wow.  Tonight I suddenly realised I had been trying to knife flight down the wrong street... was one street too far east.  Once I fixed that they all were fairly easy!

  11. really not enjoying knife flights in GTA V, the vinewood studios one is killing me

  12. Anyone tried the Fallen Ghosts DLC for GR: Wild lands yet?  Opinions?

  13. The DLC just adds extra locations to the galaxy map, so everything works just like the rest of the main game. You wouldn't know it was DLC when in game.
  14. I'm not sure how this series could ever match the emotional gut punch that was the ending to season 1. With the last ep out tomorrow it's time to find out I guess. I'd rather have another the Wolf Among Us or Tales from the Borderlands in the future.
  15. The lack of AI team mates was my biggest bug bear in Narco Road. Looking forward to this expansion.