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  1. So far I've tried Arkham VR and loved it, had a mixed experience with VR worlds in the little dabble I've had with it. In particular scavengers Odyssey made me super queasy. Super hot VR and Moss are in the backulog for when I get the chance to mess with VR again.
  2. Your PSN level is based on your overall trophy score. 180 points for a plat, 90 for gold, 30 silver, 15 bronze. I think it's something like 8000 points for the each of the 1st twenty or so PSN levels? or so levels then its 10,000 points per level. If you could ever delete trophies it would reduce your level slightly. Deleting 0% games will make no difference.
  3. Started Nioh, my first souls-like game.  Time to get used to dying.

    1. LuciaRosethorn


      I hope you like it! I think it's a lot better then Dark Soul/Bloodborne, then again I like Japanese culture. =) 

  4. I met my wife on WoW many years ago, met with mutual wow friends at the same meet ups as we were opposite ends of the country at the time, played a lot more together and it went from there.
  5. Makes a huge difference on the Vita, the plat was in the bag soon after I disabled ink. Thanks for responding to your players.
  6. Did you pick up Detroit? The digital version also gives you heavy rain. Might be worth having a look at your purchased games on the PS4 library, see if you've already got it somewhere
  7. For 'not all miss' play the small maps of blast, might help. The star card to extend time on a kill is worth it. Grenade kills while the shotgun is out also count towards the 3 kills. It's the grind to 50 that is killing me on this game.
  8. If the plat comes as the credits roll on a game it has a little more satisfaction factor. If you've just completed your 200 collectible post game grind it's an anticlimax for sure.
  9. Now this has been fixed I've checked how far away I am from 50. 19 ranks seems like a massive grind ahead Whats the current best method for XP farming with all the new patches?
  10. Brief scan of the trophies, looks like a standard Quantic Dream type list. No 'all endings' doesn't mean that you won't have to see most endings anyway to get the rest of the set. I'll no doubt get this, loved Heavy Rain in the PS3 days and BTS was still fun.
  11. Started up both Hellbalde and A way out (co-op) with wife.  It's nice to start some stuff that isn't going to result in an 80 hour grind

    1. StrickenBiged


      Hellblade is awesome. Use headphones if you aren't already. 

    2. Willstown


      aye using golds, it adds a lot to the experience

    3. StrickenBiged


      Was genuinely starting to get to me by the end... those damn voices. 


      Afterwards, I highly recommend you watch the development diaries if you haven't already. It's fascinating to see how they pulled this game together: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42wG9WEl_9o&list=PLbpkF8TRYizaT6GfMcKBG-RoUOQ6BJRXp


  12. ooo the Valkyrie queen is not pleasant at all.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. StrickenBiged



      *chance* of health regen


      P.S. A runic attack will also break her block.

    3. StrickenBiged


      I see you managed to beat her. Well done mate - took me about 3 hours of attempts. 

    4. Willstown


      like you say, it's avoiding the stompy stomp, then cycling through all 4 runics to smash her.  Being a bit more careful to knock her out of the air with arrows helped as well

  13. Thoughts for Today, Small Crown Great Girros do not exist... and the Scavengers Odyssey VR world is a little vom inducing

  14. Hey man, I've seen the same thing. It's a small bug that shows Caribou as Elk when you skin them. So you think you've got the right animal, but won't count. The real Elk are a lot browner than the generally grey Caribou.
  15. Will start posting some sessions for Far Cry 5 Arcade featured map win trading, PM me if interested as well