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  1. Trophies do seem to be ‘stuck’ and pop after others. Sniper popped after pedestrian for me and ‘who’s needs weapons’ popped when new friends did. It’s a little flakey but was able to get the plat. On pedestrian make sure you don’t remove any shields with the grapel it did this automatically on my first try
  2. Working my way through chapters by browsing hard mode games worked. Eventually I found one I was ‘missing’ thanks
  3. Just finished the campaign on hard with a full team and the hard trophy didn’t trigger. Seems buggy?
  4. On the all the roads lead to hell level chapter 4 you will walk out of the safe room and see zombies lined up in some nice rows. Don’t get to close and you can line up an easy triple headshot
  5. Nier Replicant was a joy, the grind for materials however is turning into a massive drain. 

    6 hours yesterday and not a single item I was aiming for.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Willstown


      Did you go Northern plains or Top of the shrine for Forlorn Necklaces, that’s what’s really killing me at the moment.  Also did you use hard difficulty?

    3. Willstown


      As usual as soon as you moan to the PSNP gods, RNG provides.  Just the remaining flower growing and speed run to worry about now.

    4. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      haha i used the shrine. 2hrs... ffs.

      Flower is easy.


      get 3 peach seeds, 2 pink. make a 2nd save.

      change timezone to -1100, plant seeds. save in 2nd slot. leave area. change timezone to +1300, see what flowers you have. if no white. reload save. easy. 

  6. Time to butt heads with the lady Comstock fight for a while then.

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    2. KingGuy420


      She’s weak against the Charge vigor. Probably at least need the “heal shield on charge” upgrade to make it work. But the other upgrade and the Burning Halo gear piece also make it easier. With both upgrades and the Burning Halo gear she’s dead in seconds, like 20 seconds, but still seconds lol.

    3. Willstown


      Didn't have the cash for the heal shield on charge, but still smashed her in the graveyard with this strat.  Thanks!

    4. KingGuy420


      I actually don’t even like the Charge vigor that much but I always make sure it’s leveled just for her lol.

  7. Finally got through finks private doc on 1999 mode that was rough

  8. Local co-op players can get trophies as can co-op players if you have both paid for the game. If you are on the friend pass, no trophies for you.
  9. Amazing tip, thanks so much for this
  10. I does like like Cronenberg makes Pokemon, there's a lot of body horror vibes in an otherwise innocent game
  11. Old man gamer here (40), we're just the 1st generation that has always had gaming.
  12. Ok cool, it's been a while, checking whether having a guide open was viable. A couple of the puzzles I remember being a pain getting the angle just so.
  13. can you pause while speed running this btw?
  14. Enjoying it so far, similar to the talos principle if people have played it or want more like this. This sort of walk around solving logic puzzles is the genre I’d love to see more games in
  15. Religiously checking the stats after each scavenging location got me through to the plat yesterday. What car challenges I had left were fairly easily obtainable after a quick search for locations/methods to get them done post game. Would recommend players get the challenge for boarding spike kills by farming convoys as it's a pain once they are gone.