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  1. welcome, enjoy your stay
  2. Character seems a bit of a Rocket Raccoon knockoff, the hand walker/tank looked interesting though. Agreed though that need to see some actual game play as the stuff on offer in the trailer looked very basic and incomplete.
  3. Gravity rush 2 challenges were way easier than expected.  The gem grind is real though,.

  4. Looks pretty similar to the 1st game with graffiti instead of photos. Agreed the pink ones look like place holder images. Pleasant surprise this is getting a plat with only 3 episodes.
  5. Above the Law GTA Online: Reach Rank 100. Up late last night to finally get this plat. hit lvl 100.... no dice. The grind continues.
  6. Final hit 100 in GTA online.. trophy didn't pop.  Will make sure 101 pops in freemode rather than mid event

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Willstown


      hitting 101 popped this and the plat for me when completing a cargo delivery, not sure I will go for the heist trophies as my crew has pretty much stopped playing now.

    3. NaRayquaza


      Heists are not that hard, but Setup can be. I've done 3 Heists without doing setups, just joined in random Heist finale and after the finale the Trophy popped.

    4. Stargazer2600


      Setups suck if you dont have a competent team. No one wants to do setups but EVERYONE will do the heist.

  7. changing the system, clock doesn't count as a cheat, lots of people to it for games like journey and the Batman Arkham games for the calendar man dates. Like SF-SG has said most games will run an internal playtime clock for trophies that track time played
  8. 12 more levels to grind in GTA online, feels like there's light at the end of the tunnel.

    1. ee28max


      Oh, on PS4. I wish the Run like the wind trophy was still achievable on the PS3. Wanted to start this game, but I'm afraid my profile will be infected with Flag disease, since there are so many hackers on Rockstar's servers 😦

    2. Willstown


      I'd say avoid starting it unless you are on PS4, the hacks and lack of new updates for the last gen mean you'd miss all the new interesting stuff.

  9. tried replaying the mission again?
  10. I expected this for the UK with the £ being in the dumpster at the moment, surprised the other regions are getting a hike at the same time. Might sub up for a couple of years now before the price jump prices linked on the Eurogamer page have already been hiked on the sites they link to. Still better deals but all the resellers have caught on about the price increase now.
  11. In, team name , Willstown Wanderers.
  12. Up to lvl 84 in GTA online, there last few levels are a bit of a grind with not many folks participating in the double RP events.

  13. any GTA online players that can call in a mugging on me (PS4)?

    1. BlueDragonRR


      I can. Sending you a friend request on PSN.

    2. Willstown


      thanks dude