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  1. The avatars should be available now, it was an issue with the Sony store, if you missed them previously you should get a notification from Sony to say they've been added to your account
  2. When you say can't equip any? You mean they say not active? Thats what I'm trying to explain, they will not show active, bung some in there go to the training area of expedition then put the mantle on and see if it makes a different to the gems in it.. If he decos work if you swap them for you other gems like the attack ones. I've not seen a screen shot where the deco is in your armor showing as not activate
  3. The mantle jewels only activate when you put on your mantle else they are 'not active'
  4. Am I wrong or are you selecting the vitality mantle there to put a gem in the 4slot area? If so, then you won't get the benefit from it until you put the mantle on like I said earlier. If you swap an attack jewel in your greaves with a Vitality, does it work properly?
  5. hmm ok where are you looking at this list if its in the change equipment screen it's potentially showing you what happens if you swap the armor out. is it the same in the equipment info screen, press options then its there. Can you show the actual decos ./ armour you are using rather than the skills?
  6. Not active could be because you have the decos in your mantle. They won't be active until you use the tool. Can you show a grab of your equipped decorations?
  7. Tempered MR Black Diablos.... just WOW.  I need to learn and make a shield weapon

    1. MidnightDragon


      Did it wipe the floor with you?

    2. Willstown
  8. The Knight boss in the warzones was how I got my last kills for this one.
  9. An alternative to the Insect Glaive is to use the Glider Mantle to get a mount anywhere. Clutch claw to the monster, use to jump off which will put you in glide. Then you can use a jumping attack to mount the monster as if you had just jumped off a ledge/wall.
  10. Thanks for these guides, I'm using my OP master rank goodness to go back and farm my remaining HR crowns for the base game trophies now.
  11. Its all going to hinge on what gives 'Vault rewards', this could be the new challenge style trophy.
  12. After not touching Monster Hunter for months, Icebourne is a lesson in getting spanked by Giant beasts.  Venom Toby was a treat.

  13. Not bad again this month, Darksiders seems to be on here early though. Like people have said, maybe they are hoping to get a boost on season past sales to prop up the main game sales.
  14. Finally got this one last night after coming back to the game. As the 1st OP mentions the 'Plague' encounter has a huge success. You can get multiple plague encounters in the 2nd level of the Chariot challenge, grinding this seems to be the best approach.
  15. Finally finished my 200th, saved the last trophy on this one to keep it as my milestone. HAND OF FATE 2 Games Master Unlocked all trophies.