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  1. Just the simple rage of winding up a Great sword attack and sailing past the monster....
  2. The Hidden ones was a decent little DLC but could have done with something 'new' rather than more of the same.

  3. The post 25 grind is crazy. Close to 200k to get from 29 to 30. Getting 10k a game average..... long way to go. Can only hope they bring in a little more friendly XP system
  4. Yep can confirm this works, got at least one of the streaks this way. I'd recommend playing blast, it's small maps and you'll get better bunching of troops. If necessary spend some crafting points on getting a longer time extension for the killstreak vanguard.
  5. Just 21 Levels to grind out for the Battlefront 2 plat now, hoping to make it #150 but it's a loooong grind left still

  6. "Choose your Path" is turning into a real chore, getting stuck in teams with 2 rubber banders and getting wrecked or only getting kill assists when marked.  Wish there was some way of tracking this.

    1. DJROE95


      I just kept a tally on a notepad when I was sure I got a marked kill, you can tell from all the text that pops up if you got the kill (I'm guessing you know that already). Not a very scientific method but it popped bang on my 50th tally mark :D 

      Good luck, you'll get it eventually! 

  7. Just the really grindy stuff left in Battlefront 2 now.  Still having fun though.

    1. Spaz


      All the more satisfying when the grind is at an end and you earn your trophies after many hours of hard work.

  8. Opened up the last volume of Fables Deluxe and Bill Willingham mentions in the foreword he can confirm a follow up to 'The Wolf Among' us by Telltale, has there be any other news on this?

    1. Dreakon13


      Yeah, it was officially announced over the summer.



      Coming 2018.  Along with a final, fourth season of The Walking Dead.

  9. I was getting a new 4k TV and had some bonus to play with so thought I'd take the opportunity to go for it. I would not have upgraded the PS4 before getting an appropriate display. Moved my original PS4 up to the den in the loft.
  10. Don't get me wrong it's a great game and a return to form for the series. But for non trophy hunters there isn't as compelling a reason to visit every site as there are a huge amount of locations that don't always add much to the story.
  11. Remember that's 22% rarity for PSNP users, who tend to smash trophies in Assassins Creed games as they aren't massively challenging. No horrible multiplayer grind makes this easy for a trophy hunter. The 2.7% rarity for general PSN users shows not as many people bother with the grind.
  12. HZD Frozen Wilds all done and highly enjoyable.  Not sure I have the time to go back for the new game plus and ultra hard trophies though

    1. Squirlruler


      Congrats! The NG+ ultra hard run isn't that bad. If you have the shield armor, it makes it trivial, honestly.

  13. Piece of Cake Award It's like Dark Souls: Bad Ass award: Grind of the year: King of the Internet Worst online Nothing barely touched stuff with heavy online this year Sleeper of the year: Bomb of the year: Don't have one, avoided any real stinkers this year Best Platinum of the year: Wurst Plat ov the Yeer: Most Anticipated:
  14. Maybe Bloodbourne is worth a try on a test account to see how you get on. The list you have to go so far is pretty strong though if you add the Uncharted's in there.
  15. Really enjoying AC: Origins so far but.... wow there's a lot of side quests.

    1. skateak


      Gotta pad that game time.

    2. Willstown


      they are generally pretty good and add more to the feel of the environment.  It's just a typical Ubisoft map of many many icons.

    3. skateak


      Haha. They are definitely the leading force in map cluster.