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  1. You will be fine doing just what you are doing. The Grounded and Grounded+ and the difficulties below will unlock at the same time. Check my profile. I think I did it on normal. normal+ then backwards on grounded+
  2. No not all cards, you will need to complete most of them to build good enough decks to meet some of the gold token requirements.
  3. 3rd Spyro Plat complete, 2 away from 200 now.  Thinking of making Hand of Fate 2 my milestone.

  4. Usually Multiple. Something for Longer sessions - Hand of Fate 2 / Division 2 Something for quick sessions - Spyro 3 Something to play co-op or alongside my wife - Ace Attorney / Warhammer Chaosbane
  5. Not sure you'll find that many games with DLC that offers as much value as this one. It's a massive game already and the DLC expands it further. Having AC3 already does take some of the value off of it, but you can resell that disk!
  6. If you have the Cold Hearth expansion then doing Keturah's named bounties will result in a fair few wheel gambits.
  7. Scratch my previous comment.....
  8. I was hoping for 200 this year, looks like that will be pretty easy. It's mostly tackling the horrendous backlog now. I need to get back into RDR2, with only smaller gaming sessions at the moment I've not been inclined to sink into it.
  9. Hand of Fate 2 just as savage as the 1st game if not more, I still have terrible luck with the chance games.

  10. You can grind them out with a just your friend as a 2nd player. Online though, not local. You can get the revives trophy in local co-op though
  11. Anthem trophy bugs finally fixed.  Last trophy popped, can bin that disappointment now.

    1. ruffedgz


      yea did the same, got it last night and glad to be done with it

  12. Sweet thanks for testing this out.
  13. The challenges carry over. So you can create a new pilot and go collect runes etc and have it count on top of those already gathered to get the trophy. While this is cool, its also something that prevents the weapon related trophies being obtainable if they glitch the 1st time
  14. Next batch completed. 25. Get a trophy from a game that is labelled with the theme: 'action' on PSNP Lego The Incredibles A Close Second 29. Get a trophy that is awarded for finishing a game (finishing the story line/campaign) Lego The Incredibles Where Are They Now? 20. Get 60 trophies within one month Will use 'Best Vacation Ever!' - Lego Incredibles as the unique 23. Get a trophy which has the word 'super' in the trophy name (may also be part of a longer word) Lego Incredibles The Supers have Returned! 24. Get a trophy which has the word 'hero' in the trophy name (may also be part of a longer word) Lego Incredibles Superhero of the Year 2. Get a trophy from a game that starts with the 'P' Pheonix Wright: Ace attorney trilogy First Steps 14. Get a trophy from a game which was originally released in april (year doesn't matter) (it also counts if another version of the game or remaster was released in april) Pheonix Wright: Ace attorney trilogy The First Turnabout 22. Get a trophy which has all the letters T A U R U S in the trophy name Pheonix Wright: Ace attorney trilogy Turnabout Sisters 13. Get a trophy which has the word 'king' in the trophy name (may also be part of a longer word) The Division 2 King of the Skill
  15. Latest 5 complete 40. Get a trophy from a game that has the same genre as the game from which you’ve earned your first platinum 1st plat - Lego lord of the Rings - adventure Lego: The Incredibles Better Than the BBQ! 5. Get a trophy from a game that starts with the 'L' Lego: The Incredibles The Best 6. Get a trophy every day for 7 days in a row 7th days - unique trophy pick Lego: The Incredibles Out in Public Again 18. Get a trophy from a game that you started in April 2019 Lego: The Incredibles Making the World a Better Place 38. Get a PSNP very rare or ultra rare trophy Assassins Creed Odyssey The Heir of Memories - 2.45% at time of posting