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  1. #143 Just Cause 3, the wing suit challenges weren't as bad as everyone makes out.  Interesting to see how bad the DLC challenges are.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Redgrave


      The DLC challenges are more tolerable than the main ones from my experience.

    3. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

    4. ee28max


      Well done! ✅ 

      Good luck on the DLC challenges.

  2. that fight is proper brutal if ou aren't ready for it, the blood summon Bull wrecks everything, I did a normal run and a honor mode run. Didn't go near that fight in honor mode.
  3. I kept hitting that invisible wall as well, approach from the right as per the videos and use the rock to get some air pulling left as you hit it. You'll barrel roll over onto the target and avoid the wall.
  4. Just challenges and vehicle collection left in JC 3, shame the cars are horrible to drive and some of the challenges are brutal

    1. SkyesUnholy


      Good luck and get that shit done, yo. I've only just fully completed the first 2 regions myself excluding the challenges

  5. welcome to the forums
  6. there are 2 listings for it on the UK store, how many results does searching for festival of blood bring back? ones £3.99 one's £7.99 so the thing about the discount for one might be right.
  7. It still seems to work on occasion, the leaderboards were only showing people on my friends list last night but still allowed me to bag the trophy.
  8. The servers aren't going down just yet. The population is going to be pretty low once D2 drops though. You'll be boosting to get things done.
  9. welcome, enjoy your stay
  10. Character seems a bit of a Rocket Raccoon knockoff, the hand walker/tank looked interesting though. Agreed though that need to see some actual game play as the stuff on offer in the trailer looked very basic and incomplete.
  11. #140 Gravity Rush 2

  12. Gravity rush 2 challenges were way easier than expected.  The gem grind is real though,.

  13. Looks pretty similar to the 1st game with graffiti instead of photos. Agreed the pink ones look like place holder images. Pleasant surprise this is getting a plat with only 3 episodes.
  14. Above the Law GTA Online: Reach Rank 100. Up late last night to finally get this plat. hit lvl 100.... no dice. The grind continues.