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  1. I thought it already came out a long time ago. Does this have an actual release date? You are right, guess it's for the better then
  2. Hell yeah, loved Intelligent Qube (or Kurushi in Europe) back in the day. At least one game I know for sure where I will go for the platinum.
  3. That's never going to happen unfortunately, because of licensing issues. This is why it wasn't released as PSone classic in the first place. But at least we get Tekken 2 😬
  4. Also the game itself just got a patch (around 4GB). It's probably the DLC being included to the main game, instead of a seperate download after purchasing it. Edit: I was wrong, the DLC is a seperate 2,7 GB download
  5. Doesn't sound like 3 different cars to me, and neither does it sound for other languages. Well.. everything is possible at this point 😴 But I do appreciate the effort from everyone here
  6. those were the good days
  7. And here I am, still hoping for a remake of the first Assassin's Creed..
  8. The URL is incomplete though
  9. yeah, after I got to Gold 4 I realized that every time I lose a match I need to win 1 more match to reach Gold 3. Now I need 6 wins to reach Gold 3... Can't rely on card luck or ragequitters anymore. feelsbadman.
  10. Kinda expected it when I saw the "Classic Edition" on it. It's just another way to say "low effort PC port".
  11. Can confirm, it's 1:49 am in Germany, downloading it right now
  12. Who said that he's not playing it? lol
  13. Yup, didn't expected something new here. I'm curious if there is a PS5 version coming as well, but somehow I doubt it.
  14. Damn, the RE Engine is seriously no joke. Looking forward to Capcoms new IP.
  15. I noticed it sometimes while playing Valhalla. Glad they brought it back for other games too!