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  1. Oh no! (Stupid business model, will buy it anyway)
  2. Aww man.. Now I have to play 1 more Ratalaika game to compensate this loss
  3. I think you're right lol. This could be interesting
  4. I lost so many braincells after reading this
  5. I think they did the same with Like a Dragon. I mean when it first launched in Japan. We had all the content already on disc when it launched in the west, so we didn't noticed much. (not talking about the additional jobs and cosmetics) But this time it's a global launch, so I guess some might be pissed about that business model.
  6. The first Judgment had some missable trophys, but this time I don't see any (could be wrong tho). Besides that, it's the usual stuff, so expect between 70-100 hours to plat. Really looking forward to this game.
  7. Yeah, I agree that devs care about that. Was just talking about the business side of things
  8. Completionists are not your usual consumers. Sony doesn't care about your completion rate lol
  9. Completed
  10. The only thing that's missing now is a guide with Sign Language.
  11. It's the super rare Limited Edition from Wish.com
  12. I know about Valhalla, just wasn't sure if Legion works the same. Yeah, Aiden and Wrench are really good to play with. This new mode shouldn't be that much of a problem
  13. Can't you just autopop the other version? Or at least play until the last checkpoint and then upload it to the cloud
  14. 1 whopping trophy.... I'm very proud of you Ubisoft... now go fix Valhalla