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  1. The Evil Within; Akumu mode was pretty challenging. Literally did not the post before mine, lol
  2. I got my ps4 on launch day. Bought Assassins Creed IV, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Ghosts, and Killzone Shadowfall along with it as well!
  3. I keep a Google sheet listing my entire backlog. I have it sorted so that it shows the plat/rarest trophy percentage in descending order. I use this so I can determine whether or not I can 100% a game!
  4. 2 years, and 5 months for Rayman Legends. Takes a looong time to reach that final rank, lol Especially when I took breaks in between!
  5. I am no longer trading. I want to send out a big thank you to ShawnSandiego for sending me a veteran item, and popping two trophies for me! Kudos to you bud!
  6. I would like to nominate HardXDXtraga. I would not have gotten through Soul Sacrifice with him! Lol And I like this site because I always find myself checking it. Wondering which trophy I'm going to go for next, which what my next game should be. I'm consistently checking trophy rarities, completion time, etc. Bottom line, I'm addicted to this site and I'm okay with that!
  7. I'm looking for help on two pacts specifically. The Phoenix/Griffin, and Leviathan pacts in X. I'm 1/99 and any help is greatly appreciated. I've also created a gaming session for it.
  8. I got it without the timer running out.
  9. Have they confirmed or denied being able to earn trophies in private matches?
  10. Yeah, I've done that too. I checked to make sure Battlefront was unhidden before I completed Grim Fandango. Guess it's just the waiting game now.UPDATE: Earned some more trophies from Battlefront, synced, and everything was fixed!
  11. All my trophies for Star Wars Battlefront are showing up as hidden. It shows 18% completed on my profile, but on the game page it says missing timestamp. Since then I have platinumed Grim Fandango, and all those trophies have shown up normally. So am I right in assuming this will just fix itself eventually?
  12. NA code please (:
  13. It happened to me after I used the quick save feature, it bugs your save to being stuck at 90%. Delete your game save and try again, reloading your autosave.