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  1. Ok. Thx! Yep, that seems to work. Just revived myself with the medic pod in a solo run and progress popped to 32%. 16 done, 34 more to go. Thx! 👍
  2. Earned the continue trophy after the first continue … On a different note: not seeing any progress for the Rescue Ranger trophy (help 50 downed teammates). Anyone with the same issue? So for the Rescue Ranger trophy (which is evidentially coop only) I’ll just need to wait and hope it pops eventually (without seeing it actually progress)?
  3. My top 3 trophies with the least achievers ... - Badland / Roadtrip : 28 achievers - Assetto Corsa / Pro Driver : 42 achievers - Badland / Symbiosis : 55 achievers
  4. @LoveInHell, @xZoneHunter, what region are you from (if you don’t mind me asking)? I’m from Antwerp myself and I work for public transport. I have no choice but to go to work since I work at the heart of the company. My coworkers and me staying at home means no public transport ... Not that that’s what most people need right now. Numbers of passengers dropped to something between 2 and 5%.
  5. For a solution, take a look at: https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/69278-badland-impossible-power-up-guide-sticky-bounce-co-op-mode/ All credit goes to @Floriiss! Thx again for all the effort you put into it, the video guide and sharing it with all of us! 👍
  6. 2.044 hours: Neverwinter 113 hours: DriveClub 77 hours Rocket League https://psvm.co/u/NwMB6AegLF/
  7. Yeah, @xD3fianTxSouLx, got an inbox too from @Floriiss asking a few things about the game ... and a few days later about getting the plat. Congrats to the guy! Same here ... Very interested to see how he cleared it! 👍
  8. No, I did mean obtainable ... by a 'good' glitch. A glitch that could make a difficult trophy much easier to get. Why wouldn't a trophy obtained through a good glitch count ... It will immediately reflect in the rarity of that trophy ... Stays the same for everyone.
  9. Picked it up too. Belgium here ...
  10. @daftprophet, @dmland12, @Jeff, ... When it comes down to a 'ratio' or a leaderboard based on an average, it's your own choice to be up high on that leaderboard or not. If you don't care about the average leaderboard and play fun/easier games (instead of stressing out on harder games) ... well then ... that's absolutely fine. If you just care about the total rarity points ... that's cool too. Why ... ? Because you don't care about an average leaderboard ... If you do care about a leaderboard based on average points, you decide for yourself what you want to do. 'Do you play them on 1 account or do I make a 2nd one ... ? Oh, ... I want to be up high so I'll make a 2nd one and play hard games exclusively ... ' As long as there is minimum number amount of games needed to be started to be qualified for a spot on an average leaderboard, ... that's all ok. After all if you play those hard games and earn those rare trophies, why wouldn't you deserve to be placed high on that leaderboard. Speaking for myself ... I like rare trophies and would be very interested in seeing an added leaderboard with average values. Will I start up a 2nd account for it? No, I won't. I like my current account too much to start up a 2nd account. I play hard/fun/easy games all together. And if I want to go up on the average leaderboard, then I just start a game with rare trophies ... That's the choice I make. Ps: talking about SMB ... Those trophies are rare and I got a few bunch of them ... but don't forget to check out my Badland trophies. Too bad the plat is unobtainable.
  11. Just say PSNTL ... I played 115 games; ranked standard around 37k and just under 590 on the rarity leaderboard. If, ... and I stress 'if', people like the idea, it could be as good a leaderboard as any other. It's not because a certain amount of players don't like a leaderboard, it couldn't be a good (objective) leaderboard. And again ... abuse/work-arounds are almost unavoidable, ... but just as in the standard leaderboard it's up to the leader to pull those people out of the leaderboard and/or set up a specific set of rules so that those who want to be on that leaderboard (or even care about it) walk between those lines.
  12. There are work-arounds ... That's true. It's just an idea to start with. Then it could be up to the 'host' to make a specific set of rules to try and avoid such things. For example: you're on the leaderboard if you're account holds at least 10 started games. As for the games containing partial common trophies, partial UR trophies. Well, ... that's a part of the challenge, I think. If you want to get a high Rarity Ratio, you go for games with lesser common, more rare or exclusively rare trophies ...
  13. @AlcoholicDinosaw, ... what about some kind of 'ratio' ... ? I mentioned it earlier (but got no feedback). As it shows, depending on the points scaling, players with a load of common/rare trophies will lead the leaderboards ... and players with 'a bunch'of UR trophies (what this leaderboard is mostly for), but less of the other trophies, ... will stay behind. Players with less gaming time will almost always stay behind. Whether it be the normal leaderboard or the rarity leaderboard. That's why I wanted to find something so that hunters with less gaming time could compete against all others, ... including the ones that could play 24/7 as a manner of speech. With this 'ratio' I was aiming for something like total Rarity Points divided by your total amount of trophies. For me it would be: 75,806.70 / 3,994 = 18.98 Rarity Ratio The closer it goes to 1, the more common your trophies overall are. The higher up, the rarer your trophies overall are. Why did I come up with this? I for one have limited gaming time ... and during that time I mostly love to go specifically for those UR ones. With this Rarity Ratio, I would still be able to somehow 'compete' with/against other rare trophy hunters. Again this could be discussed through and through ... Just asking for general thoughts here ...
  14. A comparison between @Sly Ripper's exponential formula and the 50/Rarity formula. I'm a bit on the fence about which formula I would prefer ... Extreme rewards almost solely for the UR trophies as shown in the 50/Rarity formula (and a linear relation between the other results from the 50/Rarity-formula), ... or more points for the Very Rare / Rare trophies in comparison to the UR trophies ... which results in just a few (2 or 3) trophies with a more common rarity being as rewarding as 1 much rarer trophy ...
  15. lol ... I'm 'hardly anyone' ...