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I like to see myself as a gamer that puts having fun and enjoying a game on top, … but … can’t resist to let loose the trophy hunter within me from time to time to achieve a plat or 100% where possible … This can prove difficult at times, but I don't mind a challenge and I like those Ultra rare trophies every now and then ...

At the moment I’m mainly playing Neverwinter (MMORPG on PS4). From time to time I play a smaller, less grindier game on the side or try to clean up an incompleted PS3 game. Games that I started up years ago (before I started trophy hunting) which I now try to plat or complete. Other than that I occasionally start up a new game (I got from PS+) because I can’t constrain my curiosity for the game …

I own a PS3 since January 2009 and started playing Vita in August 2014. I was staying a bit behind on acquiring a PS4, but in August 2015 my wife bought it for me as a gift. Yep, ... can't describe how much I love her! <3
Having PS+ (and my backlog), … the chances of me buying a game (or DLC) have been minimized. I don’t focus on just one (or a few) specific genre(s) or game(s), … so I’m more than pleased with what PS+ has to offer.

I do the occasional boosting, … but since gaming isn’t everything my life has to offer me (a beautiful family, great friends, …), I boost ad hoc when I see others online that intend to boost the same game/trophies. It does happen, but I rarely plan boosting sessions.

If you’re interested, … just look at my games collection on TrueTrophies by clicking the link below and you’ll see the games I'm playing now, games on hold, 100% or platinum and my backlog (unactivated games which aren't listed on PSNP).
Check out my complete game collection: Zenodin's Game Collection @ TrueTrophies